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2009 Shank 2 Reviews

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Shank (2009)
Ozzie700 was written on December 1, 2009

Sex scene

Tom plays a gang member Wayne Virgo's character is in love with. He also seems to have some unspoken feelings for Wayne, which boil over into a brutal rape scene. Tom is mostly clothed here. He is shirtless on other occasions, and in an unsuccessful attempt to have sex with his girlfriend, you can see the upper half of his very full, muscular backside. He's sort of like a more handsome Will Mellor. He's very appealing and I hope we see more of him in future.

Mattg was written on February 20, 2010

Very hot gang leader

He plays the gang leader and buddy of the lead character. The two have an unspoken sexual tension as they are clearly both in the closet. While the lead character played by Wayne Virgo gets to explore his sexuality throughout the movie, his buddy remains closeted for the most part. We do see Bott's ass as he fucks his girlfriend during the day in a cemetery. Near the end, Bott's character finally lets out his pent-up sexuality in a typically violent way by raping young Virgo in front of the entire gang, as well as Virgo's new French lover. As such, we see both Bott's and Virgo's side asses as the brutal rape plays out.

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