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1995 Sorceress 2 Reviews
1993 Prison Heat 2 Reviews
1992 Final Judgement 1 Review
1987 Deathstalker II 1 Review
1985 Turn-On, The 2 Reviews

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1984 1st & Ten 1 Review

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1st & Ten (1984)
cecil was written on August 24, 2014

Episode 1.2

She's in bed with Geoffrey Scott and Gina Christian. She's topless, but usually has the sheets pulled up. At one point the sheets slip down and we see her breasts for a couple of seconds. This review is from the VHS version, issued by Vestron in 1985. This same episode is on the DVD complete series version put out by Tango in 2005, but the episode on this DVD is the syndicated version which is over 4 minutes shorter than the VHS version and Toni is wearing a red top throughout the bedroom scene.

Sorceress (1995)
thedoc was written on December 3, 2000

lesbian scene

This scene that another was asking about is hot. Julie Strain and Toni Naples are having a little lesbian kissing, when Rochelle Swanson walks in entranced by the two of them. They have her join and before long all the girls are kissing and sucking on breasts and rubbing up against each other. A must see scene.

Gordon was written on October 21, 2001

Lying on bed with one breast revealed

In one scene Toni is lying in bed with a guy. Her shirt is open with one breast sticking out of her black bra. She rolls over and stands up over the guy, her large breasts hanging down.

Prison Heat (1993)
GuyMannDude was written on March 6, 2001

shower scene

You get to see Toni's breasts when she's in the private shower with Chambers. The two are lathering each other up and enjoying themselves -- until Chambers pulls a knife. You don't get to see anything below the waist from either of these two here.

soulman was written on July 24, 2002

Not Too Shabby.

I'd like give her an extra 1/2*. Naples plays the usual tough lesbo head prisoner. She has only one scene which is a fairly long tit shot when she's in the shower with Chambers. Not bad, but pales in comparison to Hendrix.

Final Judgement (1992)
Immy was written on March 4, 2005

Topless on stage (0:51)

Toni has a brief cameo as a nameless stripper. She's topless on stage on her back with her legs in a "V". Nice boob shot but the camera quickly pans off her.

Deathstalker II (1987)
thedoc was written on December 11, 2000


This scene involves Toni Naples character being brought back to life by the wizard. He uses electro recovery therapy, like bringing Frankenstein's monster to life. But unlike the monster this scene is pretty hot. He gets so exctied bringing her back that a little sex scene occurs with him taking off her top and start kissing, and then suddenly his other creation gets mad after seeing them and runs off, the scene pretty much ends there. The reason for a three is because it was a short but good scene for toni naples.

Turn-On, The (1985)
BushLeague was written on May 23, 2003

Ratings upgrade

Despite having humongous 38dd silicone knockers and being very curvy, it is all muscle and ripped! (she reminds you of a live Boris fantasy girl). She shows her persian melons for a long time after being stripped out of white ceremonial gown. Her very clipped, and combed bush is in plain view. Occasionally we see her firm, round buns from the rear.

Antman was written on October 26, 1999

Full frontal scene

She is the nerdy guy's wife who gets zapped by the remote control during some sort of voodoo ceremony. She has a fairly long scene in a voodoo temple wearing nothing but a waist chain. This scene is around 30 minutes into the film.

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