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year title
1998 Double Take 1 Review
1997 Balls Up 2 Reviews
1996 Synapse 1 Review

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year title
2002 Bliss 1 Review

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Bliss (2002)
Curmudgeon was written on July 7, 2005

Naked from rear

"Bliss" is a Canadian series about (mostly) women pursuing their sexual gratification, usually without regard to the consequences. "Valentine's Day in Jail" is the first episode in the series, and in it Torri Higginson plays a teacher to inmates at a men's prison who develops an attraction for one of the convicts. On her first social visit with the convict they duck under a table and have sex while the guard is on a break, but are discovered when the guard returns. During the sex scene Torri's partner is fully naked but we only see his flank. Torri is (at least) topless, but the convict's hands and body block most of her breasts. However, after the discovery, Torri is forced to undergo a cavity search by a matron. We see her fully naked from the back as she bends down to retrieve her clothes. She's tanned, without tan lines.

Double Take (1998)
BM was written on July 11, 2002


Saying she has second thoughts, Peggy returns and seduces Connor. As he's taking her against the wall, he pulls down her dress and there is a quick flash of her left nipple. A few seconds later, there is a shot of both of her breasts being squeezed. Her breasts and face aren't shown at the same time, but it seems unlikely a minor part in a straight to video film would have a body double.

Balls Up (1997)
Curmudgeon was written on July 7, 2005

Breasts and full rear exposure

Torri and Albert Schultz are in bed together in a dimly lit bedroom. He's on top of her covering her breasts a lot, but we get decent views of both breasts a few times. Torri gets out of bed and we see her fully naked from the rear. Her breasts are small and natural, with noticeable tan lines.

duckem was written on November 8, 2000

mostly tease

Torri spends the bulk of this movie naked in bed
with Schultz in order to seduce him. However with the darkness and the bedsheets the camera shows very little. But in one scene if you freeze frame you can clearly see her nipple in the far right hand side of the frame.

Synapse (1996)
cecil was written on July 29, 2006

sex scene

Body double alert. At the hour mark, her character has a short sex scene with Matt McCoy. We watch from the side as she sits on top of him, clear side view of her right breast. But the hair is very different and completely covers the actress's face, so I'm sure it's not Torri.

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