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1994 Road To Wellville, The 4 Reviews
1989 Survival Quest 1 Review

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Road To Wellville, The (1994)
Karrde was written on July 19, 2004

In the elevator, from behind

While some of the other reviewers seem so/so about Traci, I absolutely love the closeup shot of her beautiful ass. You know you want to get up in that. The quick view of her left breast and that cute little smile just ice the cake. Have a piece.

Bevan was written on September 15, 2002

Yes, she's pretty, but.

Decent sight of her rather shapely butt, momentary side flash of breast. I'm only bothering because I'm doing the rest of the movie anyway and it's 4:45 AM.

pigeon was written on November 30, 1998

Nice imagination

Nice close shot of her nice big butt and one breast in the scene where Matthew Broderick imagines he is seeing everyone nude

Alphonse was written on September 17, 1999

breast, butt

Matthew Broderick is seeing nude women everywhere. Traci is the first. She shows her ass and then turns and gives us a shot of her left tit. It's kind of an unattractive breast, to tell the truth, but she's incredibly attractive otherwise.

Survival Quest (1989)
Immy was written on January 26, 2008

Topless (0:50)

Traci and a small group of people are on a wilderness course in the rugged mountains of California, which means bathing in the great outdoors. Dermot Mulroney comes to edge of a cliff and sees Traci waist deep in a small lake. She briefly dunks herself under then re-emerges nice and wet. We unfortunately get Dermot's far off vantage point so using the zoom feature is a must (4x is best) especially since this is Traci's only known fully topless scene.

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