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1998 Power Rangers in Space 1 Review

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Power Rangers in Space (1998)
mcjw2011 was written on January 18, 2003

No nudity...

Despite on what some people say, Tracy Lynn Cruz does NOT appear naked, in any way shape or form. People say that in the episode 'Countdown to Destruction,' when she runs to Christopher Khayman Lee (Andros), her left breast can be glimpsed briefly from the angle of her blouse. When you put the scene on slow-mo, it actually reveals that Tracy is clearly wearing a bra underneath. I don't know if it was a trick of the light for the other viewers to say that they see Tracy's breast, or something. But there is no nudity on a childrens' show... and there never will be. For those who are skeptical, a DVD that contains this particular episode will be out April 1, if you want to check it out yourselves.

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