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year title
2005 Hollywood Sins 2 Reviews
2002 Girl for Girl 4 Reviews
2002 Forbidden 6 Reviews
2002 Close Enough To Touch 4 Reviews
2002 Beauty Betrayed 3 Reviews
2001 Sexual Intentions 1 Review
2001 Killer Sex 2 Reviews
2001 Instinct to Kill 0 Reviews
2001 Hollywood Sex Fantasy 1 Review
2001 Forbidden Highway 2 Reviews
2000 Seduction of Maxine, The 1 Review
2000 House of Love 3 Reviews
2000 Fast Lane to Vegas 1 Review
2000 Fast Lane to Malibu 1 Review
1999 Web of Seduction 8 Reviews
1999 Hot Club California 1 Review
1999 Corporate Fantasy 1 Review
1997 Rod Steele 0014: You only live until you die 1 Review

nudity reviews for Tracy Ryan member submitted

Hollywood Sins (2005)
Ozzie700 was written on October 31, 2002

Fantasy and Reality

Tracy is Hal's true love, and from about :28-32 he has a fantasy of her coming into his office in a bridal veil and underwear. He tears her bra off with his teeth (quite sexy) and there are also some glimpses at her lower area here. From about 1:33-1:36 she and Hal accept fate and consummate their love. There are various breast and close vaginal views here.

Chicago was written on November 2, 2002

Edited version - 3 scenes

Ozzie's description of the unedited version basically holds true for the edited one in Tracy's first scene, which takes place at :26-:27...breasts only, however. Tracy's second scene comes at 1:15.75-1:16.5 as the guy opens her robe after kissing down her chest; he cups and kisses her breasts, making her nipples harder before he's seen on top of her, sexing her very briefly...breasts only. At 1:18.75, Tracy rolls over in bed half asleep and her breasts are viewable clearly above the covers for 8 sec.

Girl for Girl (2002)
BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Beyond the call of duty

She is credited as Tracy Angeles in this movie. She is a very tall, big busted blonde, with meat loaves for ass cheeks and very skinny thighs and knees and the very definition of an un-bearded clam shell for pussy lips. She hoses herself down during the opening credits as the camera pans and scans her. Huge hemispherical hanging breasts, very tight abs, firm no wiggle buns and puffy pussy lips from the rear. Strips naked by the pool for first well lit full length view of body, pubes cast a dark "five o' clock" shadow. She plays around in pool with guy, showing her floating devices. Then she is on the edge of the pool, where we see her tits and legs, some spread eagle puffie lipped clams shots. A brief pan along her twin loaves and another puffy lipped shot from the rear. Does reverse cowgirl during simu-sex. Another ass and lip shot (brief) when she stands out of water. Camera than scans her supine frontals from foot to toe as she lays on a raft. Brief butt cheek in thong when sitting on couch. Tits flop out of open shirt during kitchen scene. Another love scene has her strip to thong and tits and another brief spread eagle slit shot while on chair (hair seems to grow back fast!). Topless again when she pulls off shirt to seduce guy after a great, leggy mini-skirt walk across camera. Wears a see-thru nightie and shows partial butt cheek.

B-movienut was written on March 12, 2002

open credits slow motion with hose and pool scene

We get to see Tracy's amazing body in slow motion during the opening credits. She is hosing her self down with a green garden hose. You get to see hervery large voluptuous breasts and close ups of her vagina (which is totally clean shaven I might add!). You also get close ups of her perfectly firm ass, and you can also see her vagina from the ass close ups.

Then a little bit further into the movie after she gets the job as a spokesmodel, the guy who hired her takes her to his pool. He jumps in with his clothes on, but she strips out of her tight white camisole, and her skin tight spandex orange tie-dyed pants, and sexy white thong. They then have sex in the pool and we get to see several close ups of her large breasts, and then she sits on a rubber raft pool side, while he kisses her inner thigh and simulates oral. During this, her legs are spread wide open and there are close up of her vaginal lips. Very hot scene!!

thefaceman32 was written on September 27, 2003

Full frontal from Former Porn Star

Former Porn Star (AKA Avalon) has another "mainstream" appearance

00:17:00 Tracy takes some time to trick out some fantastic full-frontal flesh in the hot tub with a guy that we're thoroughly jealous of...

00:17:00 An encore full-frontal flash from Tracy when she finishes drying off and drops her towel so she can get dressed... Gratuitous Greatness has been achieved

Chicago was written on October 6, 2002

6 scenes

Max is playing a greatly edited version. At :12.5-:14.5, light auburn-haired Tracy takes off her top revealing her largish breasts and gets into the pool with the guy; the two play around before kissing and giving some better breast views at the waterline (light areola, little nipples). The scene ends with her reclining in an inflatable tube in the pool shot from above her. At :25.75-:26.5, Tracy walks around the kitchen casually talking to the guy while wearing an opened dress shirt of his...breast hints but no 'flopping out.' At :29.5-:30, Tracy drops tow to get dressed while talking to the guy...breasts only in dim lighting. At :37.25-:38.5, Tracy gets it on with the guy on the roof at night; her top comes down and the two kiss each others' bodies...breasts only. At :53.25-:53.75, she takes off her top behind a guy while at work, and aggressively puts his head on her chest. At 1:20.25-1:20.5, she's seen bouncing on a trampoline as the guy then takes off her bra...bad views here, however, through the net. Overall, pretty disappointed in the Max version--mostly head shots and obviously cut scenes--even more disappointed after reading the other reviews.

Forbidden (2002)
Chicago was written on December 14, 2002

8 scenes!

It's RARE that a softcore movie is well-acted and well-directed with decent filming and background music--this one delivers. Also, there's PLENTY of explicit nudity especially by Tracy and be sure to watch this one! At :17:10-19:45, Tracy's hubby interrupts her reading a book on the couch and takes off her top, exposing her full, natural breasts. He starts off on top but she tosses him back to take control...ass and breasts with GREAT breast bouncing and jiggles as she goes to town on him from on top. When she collapses back on him, her pubes are viewable in frame-by-frame mode. At :23:20-:25:50, Tracy's hot, skimpy outfit is taken off by her husband giving good CLOSE-up views of her breasts, thin pubes (with lips) and ass with no music through the first half of the scene (nice!). He then picks her up and carries her to the covered pool table and does her standing from behind...breasts and ass seen as her moans and screams are clearly heard before they're interrupted by Jason and Renee. Tracy then has 4 shorter scenes: :29:30 (breasts for 5 sec. from distance while in bed mostly covered); :30:20-:30:30 (ass, breasts while getting out of bed in morning); :31:10-:31:35 (doffs robe in bedroom, closer views of breasts and pubes while putting on bathing suit); :32:15-:33:30 (breasts while rubbing suntan lotion on chest by the pool, jumping on bed to wake husband...bouncing breasts). At :34-:34:30, Tracy joins her hubby who's started masturbating in the shower and makes love to him while he imagines a 3-some with Tracy and Renee...breasts and ass. Tracy finally winds down at 1:03-1:03:45 when she and Jason go at it in the front seat of an SUV in broad daylight...breasts as her head is out the window...VERY nice!

slavedriver was written on May 12, 2003

More, please

Tracy is hot in that she provides huge tits that are actually REAL! And she wants us to know she shaves well, too. And screws like champ, as this......right me.....

Buttcher was written on May 13, 2003

Well, she is naked...

I have no doubts about how wondeful Tracy looks in this flick. the other reviews were rather descriptive so i won't going beyond on that way. Now if you can't get enough of Tracy try to catch a copy of one of her hardcore films (Tracy Ryan A.k.a. Tracy Smith A.k.a. Tracy Voyek has a lusty career as former pornstar credited in several XXX movies as Allison Dark, Avalon or Jennifer Avalon)

soulman was written on December 18, 2002


I'm slowly becoming a fan of Ryan. She has the body type I like (full tits, great legs and a nice, round ass). Her scenes are numerous, so see Chicago's review for details.

Omni was written on July 14, 2005

Couldn't ask for anything more

Since this is an actually movie and not hardcore porn, it has pretty much everything in terms of nudity. Tracy has huge breasts that she's willing to bounce around.

skinnymax was written on December 23, 2002

Man is she hot!

Chicago sums it up nicely. The best part is when her hubby picks her up to take her to the pool table, we get a great shot of her lips and ass. And what an ass it is! Unfortunately I have mostly seen her edited movies...but saw this one unrated. Great bouncing REAL breasts, and ass I'd like to eat lunch off of....basically a complete package. She's worth a look in this movie, no doubt.

Close Enough To Touch (2002)
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

5 scenes

dpph does a good job of describing Tracy's first 4 scenes which come at :01.25-:01.75, :16.5-:18, :43 (20 sec.), and 1:03.75-1:05.25. Her final brief scene comes at 1:06.5-1:06.75 when her breasts are viewed close-up when she's getting hot over watching Bobby work out outside. She is pretty hot.

soulman was written on September 15, 2002

Hot Body.

Smith has the only decent nude scenes (which isn't saying much) in this chop-fest. Fantastic body. dpph review is right on but I don't think her tits are fake. If they are they're the best fakes I've ever seen. Very hot.

dpph was written on September 13, 2002

Hot girl, with many masturbation scenes

At the start of the film, she's masturbating. You don't see much though, but it's a hot scene anyway. She has a very nice look about her; sort of wholesome.

Her breasts are fake but not the sort of glaring ugly fakes you see so often in softcore films. Later she has sex with her boyfriend and ties him to the bed. You see her breasts pretty well and she rubs oil on him, the cinemax version cuts away abruptly making me think there was more after she started rubbing her chest on his. We get some nice views of her beautiful butt also.

Later, like 40 minutes into the film, she's lying in bed masturbating as she dreams of another girl. She rubs her chest and pulls her shirt up high. She's wearing thin white panties. For a scene with no nudity, it's very very hot.

About an hour into the film, she's wearing a blue mini-skirt with blue panties and a revealing shirt. She does a sexy striptease for her boyfriend in which she occasionly flicks the skirt up letting us see her butt. Then he pulls her shirt over her head and we see her blue and totally see through bra. Her breasts look great here. She then takes the blue skirt off and holds her butt out (still with the light panties on); this is a very hot moment. She looks incredible. We get some closeups of her butt here. She takes the bra off revealing her breasts.

We see a lot of her breasts here, and then her butt with no panties. Again, it seems like the cinemax version is rated and something gets cut out because the actual lovemaking is frightfully short.

Later, just after that sex scene, she masturbates looking through her telescope and walks outside wearing an incredibly sexy outfit to seduce a man.

And that's all. I gave it a three because she's very hot and because I suspect an uncensored version would have longer love scenes.

dpph was written on September 13, 2002


Edit: Sorry, the imdb listed her as Tracy Smith so I did the review under that name but looking at the film's credits, she's listed as Tracy Ryan.

Beauty Betrayed (2002)
BushLeague was written on November 16, 2002

The usual Tracy, but way less often

If you have seen her other films, you know that she is not shy at showing us the bearded clam and often. Unfortunately her talents were way under utilized in this movie. She is modelling by a motorcycle and later in a farm setting. Her lanky legs are on grand display. She gives us some thonged ass and tits and only brief bald pussy lippage.

Chicago was written on July 10, 2002

1 hot scene

Too bad we don't see more of Tracy but she's got a pretty hot scene at :18-:20 as she's doing a photo shoot, strips for the photographer and the two get it on...he kisses her breasts and she licks his lower abdomen (nice). While it's only breasts for the nudity in this...clearly more needs to be seen of her.

scanman was written on October 26, 2002

Too bad she has only one scene in this one.

Chicago has seen the censored version.
Tracy's scene is a bit dark and isn't as explicit as usual. Tracy has sex with a guy and is doing him in several posities. We see it all, but no explicit shots this time. Too bad, because Tracy's great. The explicit scenes are done by all the other girls. Tracy's scene does last over 2 minutes!

Sexual Intentions (2001)
B-movienut was written on January 8, 2002

sexon weight bench

Tracy Ryan, one of the hottest new actresses in softcore hs several sex scenes in this movie, but this is one of the better ones. She is straddling a guy doing bench presses on the weight bench with a tight white top and a cute black and white polka dot skirt. She the stands up and strips while he does the presses. First se takes off her top, then slowly her skirt, next she very erotically takes off her bra to reveal her very large and NATURAL breasts!! Then she turns around and takes off her thong panties to show her awesome ass!!! She turns around again to show full frontal. Tracy now begins to lick the guys chest and goes lower and takes off his workout shorts. Next we see her actually sitting on his face so he can give her oral. She bounces up and down a bit and moans in ecstasy. This scene gets hotter and hotter! Then she rides him with her back facing him, as she gyrates on his manhood while moaning. This goes for several minutes. Its a hard to find movie but if you do find it, it is a must-see up there with "The Key to Sex" and "Testing the Limits".

Killer Sex (2001)
superhero was written on December 7, 2002

Tracy Ryan credited as Staci Noel in this movie

2 scenes - 1st scene is a 3 way in a hot tub were she shows her breasts and ass but you don't get to see her bush. She kisses the other female alot. And the scene ends where the background music cuts out and you get to hear the splashing of the water and her moaning as she rides the guy.
2nd scene again you don't get a look at her bush. You get a brief view of her ass then basically just her right breast & her side as she rides in top of a guy on a bed. The version I had watched on Cinemax may have edited out part of some of the sex scenes to make them less explicit

Chicago was written on December 7, 2002

2 scenes

I thought it was impossible to find one person who was a worse actor than Steven Curtis...this movie staffs and directs a screenful of them, leaving viewers begging for nudity. Here credited as "Staci Noel," the woman with the most aliases in softcore has a f/f/m scene in a bathtub with Jane Smith and a doctor at :18.75-:22.5. The doc is kissing naked Jane in the tub as Tracy joins them, slipping off her bathing suit bottoms...breasts and ass seen. The two girls kiss before Jane kisses Tracy's breasts (seen close-up); the guy spanks Tracy (ass close-up) and Tracy flicks Jane's smooth areola with her tongue. Jane moves on top of the guy as Tracy is behind the guy and kissing Jane before he switches up and does Tracy reverse-seated. Jane kisses Tracy's breasts as the cheesy music ends and for the last 30 sec. Tracy thrusts the guy hard with water splashing, nice moans (no music or voice-overs) and good breast jiggles. At 1:09-1:12, Tracy is naked on top of the doctor's naked back...breasts and ass including some nice hanging breast shots. She then is seen seated facing him as he kisses her breasts close-up and there are several close pans down her body. After sex, Tracy collapses on top of him with some final kisses and they lay next to each other talking.

Instinct to Kill (2001)
Hollywood Sex Fantasy (2001)
icebag2 was written on December 28, 2008

Scoring an actor

She has the finest, long, toned, every-curve-just-right body and the sweetest face you can imagine. This is an Ideal. Just looking at her would be enough. But that’s not the point of this movie, is it? Let’s see what this body was meant for. In her one sex scene she peels off her skin-tight dress for Jared and does a thong-pantied dance for him, and oops! off come the panties to show us her hairless slit from the front and in all its puffiness from the rear, framed by her exquisite heart-shaped ass. Then it’s to the bed where she sits on Jared’s face (I’ll bet that was tempting for him not to simulate), and once she’s warmed up she slides down to ride him hard. OK, now she’s on her back, legs straight up in the air, getting royally reamed, all the while smiling that angelic smile that you can’t believe you’re seeing from such a randy woman like that, and for the grand finale, she gets it from behind, which is what we were all hoping we would get to see. Nice long scene. If you don’t like Tracy in this movie you don’t like life. Wow!

Forbidden Highway (2001)
scanman was written on April 16, 2002

Two sex scenes... all full frontal!

Tracy has two sexscenes in this movie and they're both great! She shows everything, including a couple of explicit shots. Don't miss this softcore 'masterpiece'!

thedoc was written on April 17, 2002


I have not seen this movie, but found out via the IMDB that this actress did not star in Hot Dog the movie, although she has the same name.

Seduction of Maxine, The (2000)
Chicago was written on October 27, 2002

3 scenes

The credits were confusing as to whether the lead in the movie was Stacy Noel (cited in opening credits) or Tracey Voyek (credited as 'Max' in closing credits). Either way, this review is for Maxine.

At :15.5-:18.5, a guy slides Stacy's robe off her shoulders, then takes off her bra revealing her lightly tan body and her natural D's. The scene cuts to him simu-oraling her, then her seated on top of him with nice jiggles and full grinding. He then does her on their sides from behind, she moves on top and has some more vigorous thrusts before climaxing. At 1:11-1:14, Stacy and Monique have a shared f/f, where Monique kicks it off by doffing Stacy's top and kissing her breasts before taking off her own top and revealing her fake breasts. Monique lightly licks at Stacy's breasts but misses, and simu-orals her but misses while Stacy grabs her own breasts; the two then leg hump each other but they're not very close...still some nice breast jiggles from Stacy. At 1:20.5-1:24, Stacy's bra comes off before the guy kisses down her body, simu-orals her, then moves on top. After she switches to be on top, he does her from behind and doggie-style...nice natural breast hangs, good shots of her arse and the best views of her thin mohawk from a medium distance.

House of Love (2000)
Hamilton was written on November 30, 2002

Hot Interracial Scene

Tracy walks into the room and slowly raises her dress for a black guy who is stroking himself with his pants on. Her lips are visible when the dress goes up and she slides her fingers down there. Then she licks her fingers... Hot! She walks over to the guy and starts rubbing his shaft through his pants, you can see her hand around it... She smiles and says "You are so big!" She puts a condom on the guy and then straddles him and him rides hard, her breasts bouncing wildly. He then picks her up and lays her on the bed and he gets between her legs and pounds roughly... there had to be some kind of contact here, it's so realistic. Very hot scene.

helmut was written on July 18, 2002

Two scenes

The first scene is in the bedroom of the brothel. She is a prostitue and is servicing a big black guy. She rides him in a chair showing her great breasts and then gets put onto the bed. He does her hard and puts her legs up on his shoulders. Great scene.
The second scene is a little tamer she gives a guy a hand job as he feels her up. Nice ass shot and tits again.

"when the legs go up so do the ratings"

helmut was written on July 18, 2002

Two Scenes - at the brothel

The first scene is in the bedroom of the brothel. She is a prostitue and is servicing a big black guy. She rides him in a chair showing her great breasts and then gets put onto the bed. He does her hard and puts her legs up on his shoulders. Great scene. The second scene is a little tamer she gives a guy a hand job as he feels her up. Nice ass shot and tits again. "when the legs go up so do the ratings"

Fast Lane to Vegas (2000)
TheOneAndOnlyJman was written on April 26, 2002

Better than Renee's scenes

Tracy (here she goes as Tracy Angeles) gets it on with the room service guy. No particular reeason why, just the right place at the right time. Geez, maybe I should move to Vegas and become a bellhop/room service guy. If I could get Tracy I'm there in a heartbeat. She gets it from behind pretty good. Also, the aforementioned three-way. Good stuff here.

Fast Lane to Malibu (2000)
Starduster was written on March 11, 2001

Gogd natural boobs

She has a fairly generous bustline,they look like they are 100% natural. Tha's actually a bit of a surprise since implants seem to be so common. Ryan goes topless in a love scene about 15 minutes into the show. About 50 minutes into the movie, she has some tit flashes in wet t-shirt contest, too.

Web of Seduction (1999)
Winchester was written on December 23, 1999

Too many nudes...

Sincerely, wonder if i'm talkin' about the same Tracy Smith that the other reviewer have said, because this movie is one of these extremely hot softcore movies. If she really is the true and only Tracy, the other reviewer will love this one; The movie begins with a her getting naked in the darkness and a few later making a glorious striptease-sex scene performance... The next is countless nude scenes along the movie and daring shots of her body, you gonna get tired to seeing her spreading wide her legs to camera and show her pink-shaved vagina in very clearly close ups... i seriously think these are some of the best genitalia shots ever shown.

thedoc was written on April 17, 2002


I have not seen this movie, but found out via the IMDB that this actress did not star in Hot Dog the movie, although she has the same name.

Bevan was written on February 4, 2000

No, it isn't the same smith

IMDB lists the one in Hot Dog as Tracy Smith (I); this one is Tracy Smith (V), besides whichthe movies are 15 years apart

Popmuse was written on June 18, 2001

Very, very nude for our pleasure...

Tracy is an incredibly sexy woman. She has a pretty face and an amazing hot body. In this film, she is fully naked in a number of scenes.
Her breast are big enough without being huge. They are indeed very nice, great shape. Her butt is quite attractive, too. As for her pubis and crotch, she is very closed to being fully shaved. She only had a tiny bush of blonde hair over her crack. Very sexy haircut if you ask me... We also get great views of her hairless crotch.Some of the close ups are very exicting. All the nice pink secrets of Tracy's anatomy are clearly visible.
Tracy looks pretty innocent but I think she is one of the sexiest softcore actresses around.Her great body is a very pleasurable sight indeed...

DustBowl68 was written on December 9, 2000

Consistently Lovely...

Tracy Smith is easily recognized as an "amateur" web model, appearing at more sites (and under more names) than one could easily list here (she has also appeared in several hardcore videos under the name "Avalon."). A tall, pretty, and shapely blond, she is regularly nude in this straight-to-video production distributed by Playboy. My favorite scene is her lesbian sequence in a hottub-she is shot full frontal, and her gorgeous breasts, perfect stomach and shapely rear are magnificent. In addition, she has a really sexy speaking voice, somewhat like another great straight-to-video presence, Shannon Tweed. A note of caution: look for the unrated version of this film. I can attest to the fact that the r-rated cut (as found in certain major chains) guts most of the good stuff here.

dougal was written on February 7, 2000

Don't we wish all innocents were like this...

Tracy plays the good girl in the murder plot. She has a number of excellent opportunities to show off her excellent body. She is featured in the opening credits' strip scene, followed by sex with her husband, which is interrupted. she then receives naked massages from Lauren Hays and Nancy O'Brien, though the one with Nancy goes much further. To try to kill Lauren Hays's husband, who has a heart condition, she first masturbates where she can see him, then has sex with him to finsih him off.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Various scenes

Does a change of underwear in the shadows, were no goodies are shown. Then does as strip down to garters and hose and lacie panties showing her 38DDs in good light. Does an almost lesbo scene with tits plainly visible above water. Does a strip in the window, slightly dark showing knockers and loaf shaped firm ass and back. Then is naked in chair rubbing herself, but only showing tits and darkened legs. She gets dressed and pulls skirt up over thonged but. Is sitting on couch in mini-skirt and hose. Strips out of dress to tits and thonged ass. Then has brief simu-sex with only tits showing. No bush shot, but she is a gorgeous, big busted, leggy blonde with a really nice ass, so I made allowances.

helmut was written on December 18, 2001


Tracy Smith (or Tracy Ryan or Tracy Angeles) is awesome in this movie. She has great breasts and long legs to match. The end of the movie where she masturbates and has sex with Lauren Hayes' husband in an attempt to kill him is hot. This is one of the better scenes you'll see of these type of movies.

Hot Club California (1999)
Chicago was written on November 11, 2002

6 scenes

During the opening credits, Tracy is seen on stage seductively dancing with a lightstick...brief left breast over her funky bra before 30 sec. more into it, she doffs her top giving a good view of her breasts--:00.5-:01.75.
The movie's been clearly hacked for Max's viewers, which is especially unfortunate because there's a scene before her second one in the edited version where Tracy and Ava look to have a f/f, reigniting a earlier hot girl-girl relationship--good set-up that never materializes. However, at :36-:37.75 in this version, Tracy, Ava, Jaimee and Katie doff bathing suit tops while doing a dance show by the pool club...breasts by all 4. At :42.75, Ava and Tracy are seen topless and talking in the dressing room...5 sec. breasts as they're putting on tops. At :45.25-:46.5, Tracy, Jaimee and Katie do a 3-some lapdance for a guy...breasts and some pubes. At 1:14.5-1:15, Tracy is topless, sifting through bathing suits in the dressing room; she walks to the mirror to put on make-up (slight breast jiggles) before a guy walks in on her. At 1:23.75-1:24.25, Ava and Tracy are seen topless and dancing on stage.

Corporate Fantasy (1999)
Ozzie700 was written on December 8, 2002


Tracy (as Tracy Smith) plays the shy girl, which naturally means she has the most nude scenes. From :22-:23 she shows most of her body during a Tarzan fantasy encounter with Jarod Carey. From :28-:31 she has fun with a vibrator, including a brief glimpse at her inflamed lower lips. From :42-:45 she shows everything again while getting naked with Jarod and then stopping at the last moment. From 1:00-1:04 she shows everything as Catalina uses the hot tub and lesbian bonding to cure her frigidity. Then at 1:07-1:10 she is naked in front of the fire as she finally has sex with Jarod.

Rod Steele 0014: You only live until you die (1997)
BM was written on July 4, 2002


The blond countess who is a guest at the party at the end, she is affected by the mind altering lights and music. She takes off her black dress revealing large breasts and is in the scene with Tangerina and the Rod Steele double. She just stands next to the two of them, mainly kissing Tangerina. There are also some nice shots of her butt. Later, she is laying down with the Rod Steele double who is then turned back into Dr. Fez.

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