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Tuppence Middleton
Ghostwords was written on March 28, 2013


Ms Middleton plays a motorist who has the bad luck to cross paths with one of the art thieves. At 01:22:00, we see her decomposed corpse, with the left breast visible. Not exactly sexy.

Rosario Dawson
carlos2141 was written on March 27, 2013

Rosario shows it all and i mean all :-)

Hi all just thought i would let you know i live in Scotland and i just came back a few hours ago from seeing Trance which has just been released over here in UK.It is athriller starring scottish actor james mcavoy and of course the stunning Ms Dawson.

I was enjoying the film anyway but i was stunned( and in a very good way) when about an 1 hour and 10 mins into the film there is scene where Rosario is coming out of the bedroom and at first you only see her hazy nude looking reflection on the wooden floor as she starts to walk towards james,all of a sudden as she is really close to the camera it pans up from her toes all the way to her head and you get to see an incredible close up shot of her completly bald pussy ,slit and all.

It is really well lit and even though relatively brief you get an incredible view and to top it all camera keeps rolling all the way up so we see her incredible breasts which look stunning.There is another brief scene later on where she is again completly starkers close up and we see her lovely bald pussy in close up again all be it through a slightly more hazy view.I really hope you guys over in USA/canada get to see same version i did :-).

fookmi was written on February 17, 2014

Full frontal

The beautiful goddess that is Rosario Dawson shows off everything in this film, showing her muscular, toned frame, massive breasts and incredible tight cunt.

Hornyhornyhorny was written on March 1, 2014

Nice Cunt!

In interviews she talks about the importance and meaning to the scene. In the end that's all B.S. It was a good marketing move to show off a well known actress's hot bald cunt. Rosario should be proud of this scene showing off her hot, tight, tastey looking cunt lips

georgelloyd1 was written on March 28, 2013

"How do you walk in front of everyone when you're naked?"

Perez Hilton lifted this quote from an interview with Rosario Dawson: "The hardest and scariest part about it was walking. I was trying to figure out, like, how do you walk in front of everyone when you're naked? I don't think you really plan to do that really well… Everyone's trying to be really respectful and polite and not look at you, but that almost makes it a little bit more awkward… You really get self conscious about the stupidest things."

Ghostwords was written on November 29, 2014

*Full* Frontal

I'm not sure how Ms Dawson's big reveal works on the small screen, but it was pretty stunning at the cinema. We hear an electric razor being used in the bathroom (in reality, she was waxed for the scene), then she steps out and walks towards the camera in all her glory -- and I do mean all, The only way I could have become better acquainted with her pubis is if it had been playing in Imax. She was dating the director at one point, so maybe he wanted a souvenir he could share with all of us.

mcjw2011 was written on December 17, 2014

Prefer landing strips, but Rosario shows bald is beautiful

Rosario Dawson's best ever nude scene (unless she does another one where there's a closeup of her anus and pussy from the back). She has an incredible figure, her breasts are amazing (think Marisa Tomei's rack) and her pussy is bald but gorgeous. She has nothing to be ashamed of. My motto with actors and actresses: if you got it, flaunt it. You're never gonna look that good forever, might as well have a piece left for posterity.

georgelloyd1 was written on April 29, 2013

"Can you talk about how you feel about nudity and why that scene was so important?"

Interview on, 30 March 2013: "How I feel about nudity is we’re all naked under our clothes. I’m imagining you all naked right now. (laughs) I thought it was really interesting. I haven’t done a lot of nudity in films, but this was reminiscent to Alexander. That wasn’t a sex scene or a love scene. It was almost a rape scene. It was a power dynamic struggle. There was something that in a very short period of time revealed quite a lot about these two characters – their dynamic and what was going to happen afterwards — and it was great. I remember it wasn’t originally written that way, but we developed it like that. Someone asked me if I had to describe this scene to a blind person, how would I describe it? It’s really about someone who against all odds is trying to make something happen. She is trying to make him retrieve this memory. It’s the most intimate thing that she has done to take him to the most personal, deep space in his memories. It’s a dangerous place she’s bringing him to. You don’t know if this means they have sex. All of that stuff is hypnotic suggestion. You don’t really know what’s happening in all of this, but it is a trigger. It is a piece of a puzzle, and it made a lot of sense to me. I thought it was dangerous and risky for her. It felt less so for me. It felt a lot more like it was a huge part of her and where she was going to be revealed, too, and to the story. It felt very clever which was in keeping with everything else that she had done. If it had felt like some other kind of move where it was a sexy kind of thing that she was trying, I think it would have been terrible. But it wasn’t that. It was very smart and calculated."

georgelloyd1 was written on April 29, 2013

"The worst part about it was the waxing"

Rosario Dawson discussing her nude scene on Jay Leno (NBC video):

thornhillsouthguy was written on May 8, 2015

let's not go overboard!

OK, I am giving a reluctant four star rating, not because Rosario is not nude---she most definitely is---but because her scenes are so incredibly short.
I recorded this off network TV so can only estimate how far in the scenes are.
1) About 60% in (other reviewers list at 1:10), the BIG scene, while fantastic, decently lit and showing off ALL of Rosario's assets, boobs and bush in all their glory, is also a disappointing FIVE SECONDS LONG. Had she not been fully nude, and had we not been certain it was her body, this would have rated two stars maximum.
2a/b) Around 80% in (1:35?), we have two short scenes, flashbacks with Rosario narrating, of her in bed with James McAvoy. The first is in dim light where you can make out the outlines of her body, and another shot where you can see her left breasts reasonably clearly. The nude part of this scene is also well under ten seconds.
Finally a few minutes later, there is a soft lit (but clear) scene of the two of them together, naked, him behind her (well done, Danny Boyle!), and although normally i would be suspicious since her head is not in the nude shots, I am fairly confident it is Rosario again. McAvoy gently fondles her especially in and around her beautiful shaved pubic area. But this lasts ten seconds at most. And had the first scene NOT been in the movie, I woudl have screamed "body double" which negates any rating for it.

So yes, Rosario is completely nude and we see it, for which I am very grateful. But ALL THREE SCENES TOGETHER are under a minute long, and possibly under 30 seconds. Certainly not worth buying or renting this film on that basis.

As I said, a reluctant four stars.

James McAvoy
Ghostwords was written on March 28, 2013

Duplicate review

Same review appeared twice. Tried to delete the spare, but CNDb reported a system error. Instead, I've wiped the text.

Ghostwords was written on March 28, 2013

Nothing is real

McAvoy plays Simon, an art thief who undergoes hypnosis to cure his amnesia.

1:02:00: Simon sits on a bed, apparently naked but cupping his hands in his lap.

1:09:00: Simon gets off the bed, showing full rear nudity.

1:19:00: Simon stands naked behind an equally nude woman, but all we see is his bare right hip.

Vincent Cassel
Ghostwords was written on March 28, 2013

Move along, nothing to see here

Cassel has sex with a woman at 0:54:00, but the view is distorted and we can't see anything of his body.

There are a couple of post-coital scenes (the second a flashback to the first), but all we really see is Cassel's naked right side as he moves about on the bed behind the woman.

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