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Alina Thompson
cecil was written on April 6, 2002

3 sex scenes and swimming

Three sex scenes with Reid Smith. In the first, she is wearing a sheer type thong. She is standing as he comes up behind, reaches around, and caresses her breasts. More breast exposure as she sits on top of him on the bed. The second scene is brief, close-up exposure of one breast when the wife imagines Alina and Reid in bed together. In the third, Alina gets out of a swimming pool, Reid comes up behind her and removes her top and caresses her breasts. She lies on a lounge and close up view of breasts as he kisses them and kisses her stomach. He removes her bikini bottom and we see her bare right hip and brief full frontal as he then climbs on top of her. They roll over with her on top and a good view of her rear. In the fourth scene, she removes her clothes and we see full frontal from a medium distance before she slides into the pool. More breasts and rear as she swims, some of the views underwater, before she is killed.

Pamela Jean Bryant
cecil was written on April 6, 2002

many scenes

The major nudity comes near the end of the movie when she drops her clothes and gives us a close up of her rear (including a small tattoo) before getting in a bath. Lots of breast exposure and some full frontal exposure as she lies in the bath. More full frontal as she dreams that a masked man drags her out of the bath and down the hall. More brief full frontal as James Van Patten throws her a towel and coaxes her out of the bath, then later as she dresses in front of him. Earlier in the movie is a sex scene with Christian Noble with close up of breasts as he slides off her top and kisses and caresses her breasts. One other rear exposure from a medium distance when she is dressing early in the movie. Several other incidental views of her breasts while wearing a sheer top, while dressing or undressing, couple of brief sex scenes with Reid Smith including wearing some bondage gear, and in a shower.

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