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Peter Fonda
Ozzie700 was written on October 1, 2002

Great Ass

In all of the forest scenes, Peter wears tight, tight tan pants, leaving you wanting more. That arrives at about 28 minutes into the movie. Peter is climbing out of his pool after a bad acid flashback, and, while being hugged/pulled from the water by Bruce Dern (looking very young here...everyone does), shows his smooth, milky-white, dimpled, pillowy buttocks. Then he is walking into his house and shows a quick flash of his butt again before Bruce Dern puts a towel over his waist. Peter has aged pretty well (just look at Jon Voight or Jack Nicholson to see how well), but he looks stunning here. This is a real time capsule of an era, and of a beautiful ass.

Spaceman was written on January 3, 2002

nude butt after freakout

In Peter's swimming pool scene we get a clear view of his bare ass after an acid freakout. He is completely nude although we do not see any frontal nudity. There is a few nude scenes in this film (psychadelic lovemaking and topless go-go dancers) however, CNDB does not list these actors.

Michael Blodgett
Ozzie700 was written on October 1, 2002

Not sure

IMDB credits Michael as playing Lover, but of course they may not be accurate. There is a scene in here of a man and woman having sex under heavy psychidelic lighting, so that might be him. You can't see anything, the colors and patterns are that obtrusive.

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