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year title
2004 Juego de la verdad, El 0 Reviews
2001 Lucìa y el sexo 2 Reviews

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Juego de la verdad, El (2004)
Lucìa y el sexo (2001)
Sinnema was written on July 4, 2003

Full frontal

After a night of partying with Lucia, Lorenzo (Tristan Ulloa) takes her home and undresses her, then takes his own clothes off, giving a very brief full-frontal shot. The next morning, they make love, with a couple extreme close-up shots of her hand caressing his erect penis! (His face is not shown, but since he already did a full-frontal nude shot, the penis is probably not a body double). He later does a humorous striptease, giving a brightly lit shot of his butt.

donby was written on April 15, 2003

Bedroom sex scene with erect penis, a half-hour into the movie.

Lucia strokes Tristan's erect penis ! There are two brief, but very satisfying hard-on shots. Later, we see a polaroid of him penetrating her. The way it's edited though, a dick double might have been used for all of this.-------This section of the movie tells of an idyllic holiday affair that turns into something permanent. Or does it ?!

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