Twentynine Palms' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Golubeva, Yekaterina 5 Reviews

Twentynine Palms' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wissak, David 5 Reviews

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Yekaterina Golubeva
smurfy was written on May 20, 2006

Why men go crazy

I won't reveal what everyone says here (but you've got to see to believe). What everyone did seem to miss, though, is that right before the two climatic points, Yekaterina can be seen in a hotel bathroom with only her bra on. We see her from behind on the side as she put on a long shirt.

*Spoiler: The "two climatic points" are the attacks in the desert and in the hotel room.

BushLeague was written on October 29, 2004

Desert sweethearts

She squats down to piss in front of some wind generators, you see the stream but it does not seem to be coming from the right place. Her butt cheeks are seen from the front, but darkened. When she pulls up her pants, you get a quick glimpse of the famous, French fanny. Later, she stops with her boyfriend to make love in front of some rocks. Her pretty saggy, but symmetric tata's are seen briefly, the guy blocks the shot of her butt. Afterwards, the hike up the rocks nude and she is fully naked from the rear. Her large, firm heine wiggles nicely as her ass crack rocks back and forth like a pendulum ( occasionally, her darkened p-lips peek thru her thighs as she ascends). When he is helping her descend a precarious stone, more of her 33b sag bags and her hairy pussy lips from the front. More full frontal while they sun bathe with her hand on his family jewels. When they make love in the no-tell mo-tell, she is on top of him. You see his balls under her as, but you never see his cock. More unremarkable tits, when it is over. Another fabulous fanny shot while she changes into some jeans. Later, they are stopped by some rednecks and she is stripped butt naked. You see the 3-T's(Tits, twat, and Tush). Another long rear nude scene when she crawls back to her BF. Ocassionally darkened vulva from the rear.

dav345 was written on February 26, 2005

full frontal and rear nudity, multiple occasions

You get many good looks at her nice butt, a couple of brief looks at her hairy and unkempt (but lovely) vulva, and looks at her boobs. Her first nude scene is a pissing scene in which you don't see much other than pee coming from between her legs (no details of her vagina, could be fake pee) and her butt from a distance. A little later, she and her boyfriend frolic nude on some rocks in the desert, and you get many, many looks at her nice butt and a couple of brief looks at her hairy pussy. She also puts her hand on her boyfriends schlong and leaves it there for quite a while. Later in the movie, she has sex and you see her butt from behind as she does the nasty. This sex scene is quite graphic. You can see his testicles under her butt and you see the guy pulling her butt cheeks apart. They might have really been having sex. Later still, you see her laying her head against his crotch after giving him a blowjob . Finally, some rednecks strip her down at the end and you get a brief look at her full frontal nudity and a brief look at her rear nudity. The movie is very strange but definitely worth renting for the nudity!

thefaceman32 was written on September 24, 2003

Masturbation - Full Frontal ( correct title)

NOTE: This is a review for 2003 (Twentynine Palms) NOT as was incorrectly reviewed under 2002 (29 Palms). Hopefully someday someone will be able to handle the ability to correct these errors.

Early on, Katia Golubeva pulls down her panties, crouches and pees. We see her butt from behind and the urine trickling to the ground for about a minute. In a swimming pool, Katia's nipples push hard against her one-piece suit as a guy fucks her violently for about 5 to 8 minutes. Later, she goes full-frontal while having doggy-style outdoors for 3 to 4 minutes. Afterward, she lays with her hand on the guy's penis. Several minutes after that, Katia's naked with the dude in a hotel room, where she gives him off-camera oral sex. Finally, Katia and her fella get attacked and her clothes are stripped off

bilfic was written on April 20, 2004

Abundant nudity, probably real sex

The unknown Golubeva has a beautiful face and a very nice body which is on abundant display in this film. There are several full frontal views and several showing her in the throes of passionate sex. What is remarkable about the sex in this film is that in at least one scene I'm sure that they are really fucking. This is the scene where she is on top of the male lead and he is thrusting upward, the camera looking at them from the foot of the bed. I am sure that I could see his cock going in and out. I assume that in most non-porn films the sex is simulated, which is why I say this film is unusual.

David Wissak
tushlover was written on February 19, 2008

All his nude scenes

No doubt this actor shows the goodies a lot in this movie, mostly his butt. However, I doubt if many people will find him attractive. He is skinny and has an extremely ordinary face. My 2 star rating is for quantity of nudity, not quality.

BKW was written on November 1, 2004

full frontal

David is very lean and nice-looking. During a rock-climbing scene, he shows off a short, plump weenie; very nice. It has almost no shaft, just a head. Brave guy. Kudos.

GDH was written on October 31, 2003

Frequently nude

The tall, slim Wissak is featured naked five times in this otherwise complete waste of perfectly good celluloid: first, a lengthy sequence involving sex with Katia Golubeva, nude rock-climbing and sunbathing provides many clear and close views of his backside and penis. In another sex scene with Golubeva we get a long look at his backside, then clearly see his testicles as the camera positions itself between his legs when Golubeva's on top. Third, Wissak provides side nudity before, during and after his rape by a thug. Fourth, we see his bum as he's sitting on Golubeva's body. Lastly, we see his bum as he lays face-down in the desert (although this last scene is shot from such a distance it's impossible to tell for sure whether it really is Wissak or a body double).

donby was written on November 8, 2005

Hiking in desert, climbing on rocks, sunbathing, climbing down, walking away.

Lowest rating. This is a very ordinary guy, face and body. I am stunned that another reviewer gave him such a positive review. We do see a lot of him, back & front. But it is unlikely that any of what you see will make you hot.

This is an extremely slow, long scene in an extremely slow, long movie. The director, in an interview, calls the movie "experimental" I call it a piece of sh__.

riccardoaffamato was written on July 17, 2005

nude on the rocks and fucking katya

david and his lover katya lie down on the rocks and on a number of occasions we see david's liitle dickhead among his long, dense black pubic hair. pretty and tiny, it's no wonder Katya wants to put her hand on it to protect it from the sun. when she takes her hand away it's lying back slightly, no bigger than a nut, pretty much just a head. later when they fuck and she's on top you'd believe it was inside her because what you get is his balls bouncing about and her arse-crack letting us have a look.

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