Neola Graef in The Exotic Dreams of Cassanova (1974)
xxzz was written on December 12, 2010

Tits, Ass, and Whipping Cream

During the orgy sceme in this 70's style sexplointation movie pert and comely 23 year-old Neola Graef (as the Harem girl) gets her breasts devoured by craggy faced 60 year-old Vincent Barbi (a character actor from TV and movies - served as the cafe owner in the 1958 The Blob). As Neola lays on a table Barbi removes her bra/top and squeezes her tits. The Cavalier (played by the psudonym Don De Diego) pokes her breasts with his rappier before Barbi applies whipped cream and a cherry topping to each of her D-cup natural breasts. De Diego them uses his rappier to annoint Barbi as he invites him to have at it. Barbi proceeds to lick and suck the whipped cream from her tits and as Neola giggles her tits jiggle and whobble. After using his long lizzard-like tongue to lick and vigorously suck her tits Neola turns onto her stomach (showing her blondish bush). De Diego applies whipped cream up her legs to the top of her round bubble-butt. De Diego and Barbi contest who can lick his way to her ass first. Barbi slurps the whipped cream in record time and imbeds his face into her butt crack as Neola laughs and howls with delight. The last part of the scene was cut from the movie, however. In the missing segment Barbi turns Neola over, climbs on top of her and as they make-out Barbi's long swirling tongue goes deep into her mouth. She giggles some more as the scene ends with Barbi sucking on her tit.

Valerie Rae Clark in Caligula (1979)
xxzz was written on November 11, 2010

Lucky Fellows Indeed

As mentioned by Eelsnake the guy (named Lucky Fellows - no wonder) who gets sucked off by Penthouse Pets Valerie Rae Clark and Anneka di Lorenzo has one damn big cock (reportedly 11"). Beford Anneka joins in on the fun, Valerie is seen working on Lucky Fellows' rock-stiff erection, and then, amazingly, she takes his cock all the down for an incredible deep throat. Valerie and Anneka take turns sucking on his shaft until Anneka takes over and brings him to a rousing ejaculaion. Lucky Fellows recalls "his organism being so intense I thought I'd go bonkers or just die there on the floor cushions!" He reports that he ejacuated into Anneka's mouth 4 or 5 times with streaming cum. On a side note Bob Guccione, who directed the orgy scenes, had two other Penthouse Pets do the same scene with Lucky Fellows (Guccione was not certain which scene he would use). Signe Berger and Henrietta Kelogg had the pleasure of two-timing Fellows' huge cock with Henrietta being the recipient of his enormous cum explosion. Signe and Henrietta's scene is shortened to less than 30 seconds and does not show the cum shot.

Kathy Shower in Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The (1988)
xxzz was written on May 31, 2010

Uncut scene

The European version of Tennessee Buck contains 3 minutes extra of Kathy's oil scene. The native women are actually oiling Kathy up to prepare her for the chief. That's why they oil down her entire body and work Kathy and her nipples into a frenzy. When the chief enters the hut Kathy is rolled onto her back with her butt in the air as the chief enters her from behind. When chief is finished (less than a minute) he leaves and two natives bring Kathy to her feet where she is fondled quite aggressively. They then lay Kathy down and each gets to have sex with her. Neither of the natives can keep their hands off Kathy's tits and nipples. This version is impossible to find but I remember seeing this uncut scene on cable TV in London.

Deanna Brooks in Candy Stripers (2006)
xxzz was written on May 12, 2010

Naughty Nurse

Playboy Playmate (1998) Deanna Brooks's nurse character seduces a doctor in a storage room. The doc helps himself to disrobing Deanna down to her g-string. As they lock lips he backs her to a table griping her amazing ass with both hands as he gets quite a feel in squeezing those buns.

Rachel York in Taking the Heat (1993)
xxzz was written on December 2, 2009

Great body, gorgeous face

Rachel York has been in a zillion TV shows (from soap operas to sitcoms) and a few movies. Early in her career when she was a pert 21-year-old Rachel performed her first and only nude love scene. Rachel has very slender, lithe body with large, natural breasts and a model's face. As she gyrates atop George Segal her tits sway, boucce, and flop. Unfortunately, she is holding down Segal's hands to keep him from feeling her up. As Segal is interupted by an inane phone call Rachel continues her wild gyrations and with Segal's head turned to side as he talks on the phone she goes for his exposed ear. With her tits now pressed against his chest her long pointy tongue goes into his ear and he explodes with loud moaning. In his phone conversation he explains his wailing to working out on his tradmill. Still nibbling on Segal's ear, Rachel rolls to the side and her magnificent nipples appear. This is a tremendous scene for viewing the great body of Rachel York with the only diminishing feature is not having Segal fondle those fantastic tits.

Dawn Clark in Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, The (1977)
xxzz was written on September 27, 2009

Spaghetti Feast on Tits

Buxom blonde Dawn Clark has a worthy scene at the 1hr. 19 min mark of The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington where she emerges from a pot of spaghetti to the dilight of surprised onlookers, and no one is more suprised than Senator Caruso (played by Jack Carter). Earlier in the movie, around the 30 min. mark, Dawn's breasts are displayed as she sits on a guy's lap and her large round puffy nipples look terrific. One can also view those puffy nipples in her nude sunbathing scene from Hollywood Knights. But when Dawn pops up from the pot of spaghetti her nipples are contracted and erect - must have been cold water in the pot. Mr. Skin lists Ms. Clark's breasts as natural and large and he goes to describe as her "a mongo-milk-bomber bearing blonde." As the 54 year-old Carter spots the tits on this beautiful 23 year-old he goes nuts. First he eats the spaghetti off her arms, shoulders, and neck. Then he proceeds down her chest until he eats the spaghetti off her right breast and clamps his wide-open mouth on her tit to suck off the spaghetti sauce. Even though Dawn now has her boob cleaned of the spaghetti and sauce, Jack Carter goes in for a second helping of those great tits and gets another healthy suck. After the sucking her nipples become more erect.

Roxana Zal in Strip 'n Run (2000)
xxzz was written on March 5, 2009

Perky Tits

Roxana Zal's perky tits and stand up nipples are on ample display for three scenes in this junky thriller also titled as The Thief and the Stripper or Final Reckoning. First, Roxana is forced to pull her top down to show her ripe tits to some thugs, next she does a lap dance wearing nothing but skimpy black leather shorts, and the best of the scenes involves her sex romp in bed with long time actor Martin Kove. During her bedroom scene with Kove, Roxana's small natural breasts with those pointy nipples get manhandled and when he has her on her back he slides down to suck on her left tit. When her nipple pops from his mouth it is fully erect and glistens with salvia. In the DVD deleted outtakes of this scene you can hear the grunting and groaning of Roxana and Martin. WHEW!

Allysin Chaynes in Illicit Sensations (2000)
xxzz was written on February 19, 2009

Tiny,tiny, tiny tits

Porn star turned B-movie starAllysin Chaynes (real name Andrea Kovacs)did her first cross-over in the 2000 Illicitt Sensations. This petite (5 feet) blonde beauty was born in Romania but grew up in Southern California has the tiniest, baby tits ever (measurements 32A-21-32). Later she has implants but for views of her natural A-cups see this movie and the Emmanuelle series. Allysin's first scene has her getting plowed in an office. All b's are on display as her costar gives her oral sex and plays with her delightful breasts. In another scene she has a three-some with aging porn actress Tina Tyler and she chump. Again, her infant boobs are generously felt and the guy's hands are generally between Allyson's legs. In the Emmanuelle series her almost invisible tits are constantly groped and sucked and she is given an ample dose of oral sex.

Maxine DeVille France in Tobacco Roody (1972)
xxzz was written on January 14, 2009


Maxine has one scene in this 1970's sex-farce. She plays a French gal (Daniell) who gets lost and unends up at this wacky farm. As described by Bushleage, she has saggy tits but there is something erotic about them. In fact Mr.Skin refers to Maxine as "mammorific", "stacked", and a "top-heavy titty tempress". Certainly long-standing 1960's and 70's sexploitation actor Johnny Rocco found those tits quite a treasure when he puts Maxine on her side, with him behind her, and his hands grip, squeeze, caress, and fondle those soft, rubbery tits as he and Maxine trade tongues (thus teaching him the ways of French love making).

Sharon Turner in Compromising Situations (1994)
xxzz was written on January 6, 2009

Great Body

Blond, busty model, Sharon Turner played her best friend's maid of honor in an episode titled, "The Elevator". She gives the groom one last fling before the wedding. Long time TV and B-movie actor Jeff Rector is the lucky groom who gets to screw the young and lush Ms. Turner (Rector was 37 and Turner was 22 at the time). Sharon has the model's body with long, thin limbs and big natural tits with large (tennis ball diameter) aerolas. Rector is on top of her in a bed and as soon as he unzips and pulls down her bustier he gives her breast as good suck. Sharon is panting and gyrating under him as he continues to nuzzle and suck on her tits. She then rolls on top and you can see her ass. The love making continues as her boobs bounce while she rides him and he reaches up to squeeze and kiss her tits. Sharon Turner made only a few movies as she preferred modeling to acting. Because of her thin build and big tits she gained the nickname, Lil' Big Guns.

Michelle Bauer in Chickboxer (1992)
xxzz was written on November 1, 2008

Boobs and Bush

Chickboxer is a 1992 comic farce starring B-movie Queen and former Penthouse Pet Michelle Bauer in the lead role of Greta "Chickboxer" Holtz who is a TV Superhero. While filming for her TV show Michelle has a nude scene with a rather young actor as she uses her bodily charms to gain information. As they lie in bed with Bauer's great tits out she asks if she can persuade him to talk. She then leans over to begin making out. As they kiss Michelle's long tongue goes into his mouth and closeups of her deep tongue kissing is shown. Michelle sits up on top of her costar as the TV dirctor gives instructions. Michelle's breasts get a hardy squeeze and carassing. Michelle continues to grind away until the scene's end. This is another great scene for Michelle Bauer fans.

Michelle Bauer in Spirits (1992)
xxzz was written on October 31, 2008

Nude with Erik Esstada

Former Penthouse Pet of the Month plays a nun who seduces Erik Estrada as he plays a priest. Michelle peels out of her nun's outfit, walks over to rub up against Erik, and begins licking his neck. As his willpower lapses, he gives her tits a squeeze and they go to the bed. Their makeout session is pretty intense with vigorous open mouth kissing. As Michelle has done in previous love scenes she liberally uses her very long, pointy tongue as she and Erik go at it. Michelle's tits and ass are on full display and as all Michelle Bauer fans know she has a knockout body.

Alexandra Harlan in Sex Files: Pleasure World (1998)
xxzz was written on October 5, 2008

eraser nips

Holy crap! As blonde babe Alexandra Harlan gets it on with some dude he gives her tit quite a vigorous suck. When he finally pulls away after his feeding, her nipple is so erect it could put his eye out.

Michelle Bauer in Nightmare Sisters (1988)
xxzz was written on October 1, 2008

Long Tongue

Besides the already described scenes Michelle Bauer has a noteworthy nude love scene as well. I remember reading a Michelle Bauer interview in a softcore movie magazine. As Michelle discussed various off camera antics that occur during the filming she mentioned that the girls got to talking about long tongues. As each of the actresses showed their tongues they were overly impressed with Michelle's long pointy tongue. So Michelle tells the girls that during her love scene with Matthew Phelps (JJ in the movie) she will insert her tongue all the way into his mouth and she will do her "wiggle" of the tongue. She tells the girls to take notice of his reaction when she does her tongue dance with this deep tongue kiss. Well, in the scene as they kiss you see Matthes do a little jump when Michell's tongue does it job and when they break from the kiss he moans and ad libs, "Oooh, you're tongue is sooo long. Nothing but grade USDA prime, baby". The girls got quite a hoot from Michelle's antic.

Suzanna Love in Olivia (1983)
xxzz was written on September 14, 2008

Two Scenes

Susana Love is one of those skinny girls with medium size breasts and a bubble butt. In her first scene, as reported by immy, as she is making out her costar hands are all over her bulbous rump. Her shower scene has her tits being sucked and fondled and as her lover goes down on her his hands find her butt once again. Susana is quite a looker.

Daniela Jean Rossler in Black Tie Nights (2004)
xxzz was written on May 12, 2008

Rare Softcore Scene

Daniela Jean Rossler made her living doing parts in soap operas, TV shows, TV commericals, bit parts in mainstream movies, and modeling. She is a red-haired beauty who is as cute as they come. Somehow she ends up in Black Tie Nights, a rather hard softcore TV cable series. Daniela appears on Disc 3, Episode 10 in an episode titled "The Legend" starring porn horn-dog Ron Jeremy. This edisode's premise is to find Ron a woman who truly wants sex from him as a person rather than having an adventure with a porn star legend. Comely Daniela hooks up with Jeremy simply because he IS a porn star with a huge dick. As Daniela climbs upon his lap, Ron's alter ego is sitting in a chair conversing with the ego Ron. Daniela, meanwhile, takes off her top, takes off her red bra and Ron Jeremy begins his sexing. Upon seeing her natural c-cup breasts with rosey nipples, he exclaims, "Oh, those are nice". Whereupon he grabs her tits for a deep, full squeeze and then he sucks with great vigor on her luscious boobs. When he releases her tit from his mouth her nipple is very erect and bright red. Jeremy squezzes and sucks on her tits some more and then kisses her with his very long tongue. All the while, Ron's alter ego critizes his appearance ("Ron you've got to lose weight", "You're so hairy Big Foot is looking for you") and Daniela grinds with joy on Ron's croutch. The negitive aspect of Daniela's scene is she keeps her skirt on the whole time. Otherwise, this cutie, in her one softcore scene, is not only ravished by hedgehog Ron Jeremy, but her joy and enthusiasm in having her tits felt and sucked is quite worthwhile.

Amber Ambrose in Sexy Movie (2003)
xxzz was written on April 12, 2008

One Movie Wonder

Cute blond newcomer Amber Ambrose was recuited from the modeling ranks to start an acting career. Sexy Movie,was the only movie she was in. Her performace, however, is memorable. Amber has well-shaped, natural breasts that get bared during her sex scene. Amber's costar fondles and sucks on her tits, before he slips off her panties and goes to work by giving her oral sex. The intensity of her sex scene is quite high and realistic. Too bad this is her only movie!

Amber Ambrose in Sexy Movie (2003)
xxzz was written on April 12, 2008


Katie Lohman (Playboy Playmate, April, 2001)gives a performance on the edge of porn. This petite, blond, blue-eyed goregous babe with a body to die for (34-22-32) gets worked over every way except actual penetration (at least it is not displayed). Even though Katie has fake boobs, it is definitally a classs A1 job. Previous reviewers have accurately discribed her scene. Her costar has a field day fondling and squeezing her tits (it seems like his hands never leave those great boobs), fingering her, giving her oral sex, and the two of them share extending their tongue into each other's mouth.

Lynda Bellingham in Confessions of a Driving Instructor (1976)
xxzz was written on December 19, 2007


British TV and American soap opera star (General Hospital, 1972-1979) Lynda Bellingham bares her breast in this sex comedy. Having been recently married to director Greg Smith, Bellingham insisted on a non-nude scenes only. However, Robin Askwith, being the randy horn dog he is, couldn't contain himself after getting a good feel of her clothed tit. After opening her blouse, Askwith pulls down her bra and her left tit pops out. One can notice the surprised lool on her face. Askwith then ad libs, "Gosh, how rude". Bellingham thens tucks her breast back into her bra and they continue making out.

Lynda Bellingham in Confessions of a Driving Instructor (1976)
xxzz was written on October 16, 2007

Tits in Car

Lynda Bellingham was a regular on the American soap opera General Hospital as Nurse Hilda Price (1972-1979) when the sex farce Confessions of a Driving Instructor was made. Horn dog Robin Askwith gets the "older woman" (then 28 year old Bellingham) for a sex tryst while giving a driving lesson. A fully clothed Bellingham gets felt up by Askwith, then he opens her blouse and pulls down her bra to expose her bare breasts for better fondling. The scene then ends quickly. Lynda has nice, natural breasts that are shown only in this one scene. From there she has a long established career in British TV.

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