Toby Stephens in Vexed (2010)
donby was written on May 4, 2013

Tied up in his boxers & nude before his female doctor

These comments are regarding series I.
In the first episode, he finds himself tied up in his boxers. Interesting scene.

In the third episode, before an examination of his testicles, he feels that
he must be completely naked, including no socks & shoes, before his
doctor. But the doctor's shoulder blocks us from seeing his jewels. Still,
what we see looks great !

This is an outstanding British detective series, played all out for humor.
There are lots of plot twists, & some very snappy dialogue. I don't usually
like British series, but I loved this one !

Llorenç González in El Sexo de los Ángeles (2012)
donby was written on May 4, 2013

Kissing & caressing his male friend in the shower

The big disappointment in this Spanish film is the lack of male frontals. The girls
get more exposure.

In this shower scene, Gonzalez is obviously naked. But, when discovered by
his girl friend, he covers up, something which makes no sense. We see
his bum & bush, if that is what does it for you.

Angels of Sex is the dvd title.

Álvaro Cervantes in El Sexo de los Ángeles (2012)
donby was written on May 4, 2013

Rear, getting out of bed near end of movie

While Gonzalez has the matinee-idol good looks, I was more interested in the
scruffier, more intense Cervantes. He seems more real and, therefore, sexier.

But we have to be content with one bum shot and some shirtless scenes. In a
scene at an indoor pool, I wanted to pull his trunks down !!

I don't understand the title. The dvd goes under the English title "Angels of Sex"

deon lotz in Beauty (2011)
donby was written on March 3, 2013

Getting b.j. & then entering boy friend

We see his very hairy chest, belly, & thighs. But, unfortunately, that's it. Still very provocative.

The story is of a married, middle-aged Afrikaaner, Francois, who secretly belongs to a gay
male sex club.
Very interesting up until the point where we are shown a very violent male rape . That, plus a
very abrupt non-ending are the negatives.

Pawel Delag in Quo Vadis (2001)
donby was written on January 22, 2013

Getting out of bed after sex

In this scene, our matinee-idol hero shows his backside. As he turns to the right, we see the crotch area, but it is blurry. And he walks from the room.

Even without a very clear frontal, his body is most pleasant.

This Polish version of the famous book is worth a look. It might seem strange at first to hear Romans speak in Polish (English subtitles). But, the excellent acting, combined with great attention to detail will win you over.

Soren Pilmark in Flickering Lights (2000)
donby was written on January 5, 2013

Frolicking in the Ocean

3 of the guys gambol in the sea. However, only Soren, if you pause & zoom, shows it all frontally.

While he is not young or skinny, still his jewels are provocative & healthy.

I have a pond & he can frolic there whenever he wants.

Lluis Homar in Reinas (2005)
donby was written on December 12, 2012

Getting changed

As the previous reviewer said, his middle-aged body is not likely to turn you on. Also, it must have been very cold in the studio that day.

Still, the part he plays, of a gardener who hooks up with his boss, is an appealing sort. Yes, there are too many characters in this movie, which makes it very difficult to keep them all straight.

Michael Finger in Hildes Reise (2004)
donby was written on December 9, 2012

Out of bed, then later, in shower

I agree with what the other reviewer said. Let me just add that there is a full back-side shot as Rex gets out of bed, early on in the movie.

I also would have liked to have seen Oliver, with his quiet intensity, in the all-together. We don't even get a shirtless scene here.

English title of the movie is Hilde's Journey. And I don't want to give the ending away, but most of us would not have made the same decision about the money.

Massimo Poggio in Il Compleanno (2009)
donby was written on December 9, 2012

In shower

Full backside as he takes a shower. The view is about what you would expect from a 40-year-old.

Since we do not see his face, this could be a body double. However, if he were using a body double, wouldn't he have picked a better one ?

Massimo has a handsome face. So, one years for a frontal view. Alas, no.

While the film is interesting, it has a tragic end which doesn't jibe with the rest of the picture.

David Hockney in Bigger Splash, A (1973)
donby was written on November 15, 2012


This is a very artsy, very irritating "film".
Hockney is completely hateful.

Yes, there is male nudity, but you have to wade through so much junk to get to it !

Avoid it at all costs.

Robson Green in Grafters, The (1998)
donby was written on November 11, 2012


We see a lot of his behind in various scenes in the first season. In particular, the last episode where he is having sex with his female "boss".

if you're expecting a frontal, keep expecting.

Bjorn Kjellman in Four More Years (2010)
donby was written on October 5, 2012

Jumping out of the Shower

Kjellman is an older actor, a little bit nerdy. But in 2 scenes, we see that he has much to offer.

First, we see him, after sex, in the kitchen in his boxer briefs. There is quite a bulge here.

Later, we see him sideways in the shower. We are not quite sure whether we are seeing his package or his other hand hanging down. But then, he jumps out of the shower; and, ever so briefly, his penis flies up. And we see that he is extremely "talented".

This Swedish romantic comedy is the story of 2 men, political rivals, who meet & start an affair. But will their opposing political beliefs interfere with any kind of relationship ?
Very charming from beginning to end.

Vittorio Mezzogiorno in L'Homme Blesse (1983)
donby was written on September 6, 2012

Getting into bed & walking about

Vittorio exudes testosterone & masculinity. So we almost understand the younger fellow's obsession with him. He has so much pubic hair that it's not possible to know the length of his penis. Still, he is a wonderful sight to behold.

Dark photography also obscures a lot of the nudity. But i watched the VHS version. Maybe things are clearer in the DVD.

Chris Evans in What's Your Number? (2011)
donby was written on July 30, 2012

Standing outside his apartment holding a towel

Reviewer Ghostwords is convinced that the 3 major stars used body doubles.
HOWEVER, in the extended version, Evans appears in TWO separate scenes, facing us, holding a towel in one hand. Although his jewels are covered, he is definitely nude, and it is definitely Chris Evans.

Marc-André Grondin in Goon (2011)
donby was written on July 23, 2012

Sitting on couch

No body hair, Grondin is nude sitting on the couch; however, his big hand covers what we're interested in.

This is a great, funny, involving Canadian movie.

Jurgen Delnaet in Moscow, Belgium (2008)
donby was written on July 20, 2012

After sex, in the cab of the truck

Jurgen is a very appealing red-haired actor in this Flemish romantic comedy.

After sex, a definitely naked Jurgen gets up for a kiss. We see the side of his body and some of his red pubes. But the main act is dark & not visible.

Despite this, this movie is funny, involving & definitely worth seeing.

Henrik Rafaelson in Happy Happy (2010)
donby was written on May 15, 2012

Frolicking in the Snow

Rafaelson is a tall, charismatic guy. Except for his pubes, his body is hairless.
In the scene, use of the pause & zoon will reveal nice views of his package. his penis is very healthy-looking & makes me want to book a vacation to Norway !

The story is of 2 neighboring couples who become involved in some wife-swapping. Although the story is not quite so "hapy" as the title.

Michael Fassbender in Hunger (1997)
donby was written on February 24, 2012

After-beating scene

People looking for Fassbender frontals in this film are going to be sorely disappointed.

In the after-beating scene, his crotch is in shadows and not well defined.

In the dying-in-the-hospital scene, you really just see his bush, not his penis.

Plus, this film is a downer, by any definition. It may be realistic, but that's Not entertainment..

Dylan Vox in Longhorns (2011)
donby was written on February 20, 2012

Hat on head reveal

Dylan is a little on the pudgy side, but his macho character is funny.

In a pivotal scene, he is nude but hiding his package with a black cowboy hat. Just as we are losing interest, he is challenged to "put something on" and unexpectedly puts the hat on his head, revealing the family jewels.

Kevin Held in Longhorns (2011)
donby was written on February 18, 2012

Taking clothes off

All four of the male leads eventually show it all, full frontal, the number of which is exceptional in this type of film.

Of the four, Kevin has, in my view, the sexiest body--lightly hairy, natural pubes, nice package.

The story is of several male Texas college students, supposedly straight, who engage in several kinds of homosexual activity.
There is lots of under the covers masturbation, & cross stimulation.

While no sexual acts are shown explicitly, the film is wonderfully provocative.

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