Noomi Rapace in Daisy Diamond (2007)
Creepyhead was written on April 27, 2017

Exploited Strap-on doggy style

Noomi plays the title character and is auditioning for an acting role and the lesbian producer exploits her.

Noomi is reluctant and passive aggressive to the lesbian, then the scene cuts to a side on shot of both women on a bed with Noomi on all fours and the lesbian wearing a strap on and holding on to her hips. The lesbian is a bigger lady and gives Noomi some hard thrusts making Noomi close her eyes and grimace. You see a little of Noomis small titis and the lesbians bigger tits plus a side on if both their asses.Then it changes to a frontal shot of Noomi face moving back and forward looking bored. The lesbian picks up the pace and Noomi looks like she's about to burst into tears! The lesbian then pulls on Noomis hair and spanks her ass hard in a side in shot. She then thrusts hard repeatedly and cums then rolls off. A front shot of Noomis face show she is in shock and getting her breath back.

Not a lot of good nudity but great fun to watch, only about half a minute long.

Linda Dona in Ricochet (1991)
Creepyhead was written on April 19, 2017

Linda Rapes Denzel!!

This gets 3 stars because the nudity is used in a good sex scene,

Denzel plays a cop turned assistant district attorney Nick. His arch enemy escapes prison and wants to get back at him in the worst way. He kidnaps Nick and drugs him then puts him naked and sedated on a bed. Then he brings in Wanda the prostitute played by Linda.

Linda strips off a Velcro dress and long boots to reveal her ok normal tits. Denzel begs her not to do it and she mocks his objections by saying it's turning her on. She removes the sheet and there is a shot of her butt as she climbs on Denzel straddling him. Then a long shot shows the two bad guys are filming it. We see a long shot of Linda from behind grooving on Denzel and then she begins to ride up and down moaning. She taunts Denzel about him starting to get hard. She has pale white skin and long blonde hair so looks pretty good on Denzel. It's not very long but looks good. The bad guy sends the tape to the tv stations to make the rape look consensual and anger Denzels wife. Denzel also finds out Linda had the clap and he's got it!!

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