Alice Krige in Lonely Hearts (1991)
Wolframpau was written on October 27, 2016

Hot Nipular Action

Alice is hot and sweaty in her sex scene with Leto. While we do not see her face, it's clear those long, pointy nips belong to Alice. Too bad her character bites the dust in the midst of the sex scene.

Alison Brie in Born (2007)
Wolframpau was written on July 7, 2009

Topless examining herself

There are two topless scenes, both without the face of the actress shown. I am convinced it's the fair-skinned Alison in the first one. In it she pulls down the straps of her dress to reveal a pair of exquisite breasts with pink nipples. They're a great size considering her petite frame. Compare the bony wrists and forearms of that scene with Alison in the “ALISON BRIE!!!” YouTube video and you'll see what I mean. The next scene is with Alison in the bathroom right before she takes off her robe. Those breasts look different, with darker areolae, and appear to have implants. It is said Alison used a body double, but I believe it was for the second nude scene only.

Carolyn Lowery in Tales of the City (1993)
Wolframpau was written on January 6, 2009

Opening Up In The Hotel Room

Carolyn's character picks up (or is picked up by) Paul Gross' in a bar apparently frequented by nudists. Cut to the hotel room when she introduces herself by taking off her robe, revealing a side then very brief front view of her excellent, albeit enhanced, breasts. Extra star justified if you're a Carolyn fan.

Madeline Zima in Untitled David Duchovny Show (2007)
Wolframpau was written on April 26, 2007

Topless On Top

Madeline, better known as young Gracie on The Nanny, makes a surprising splash in what's only a preview for the new Showtime series Californication. Only 21, Maddie has filled out quite nicely showing off her ample, exquisite breasts while on top of David Duchovny. This scene may be the most refreshing from a former child star since Reese Witherspoon bared all in Twilight.

Reese Witherspoon in Cruel Intentions (1999)
Wolframpau was written on November 24, 2005

Clear Ass View Leaving Pool

I'm surprised this hasn't already been covered. Reese, still in her early-20s, is wearing a see-through swimsuit and you can see all the curves of her nice-sized, firm ass as she steps out of the pool. No, it's not bare, but the suit rides up. And it's probably the closest we'll ever see backside nude as her career shoots back up again.

Kimberly Williams in Elephant Juice (1999)
Wolframpau was written on July 30, 2002

Looking down on her lying in bed

Kimberly shows off her ample-sized breasts in what has to be a surprising scene considering her roles prior to this flick. Scene gets an extra star simply because of this "Father of the Bride" cutie.

Heidi Lenhart in Red Meat (1997)
Wolframpau was written on September 17, 2000

Buns and Breasts

You may remember her in more wholesome credits, when she uses her middle name, Noelle. But in between "California Dreams" (TNBC show) and "Au Pair" (Fox Family flick), Heidi played a giggly vixen in "Red Meat". As an appetizer, her boyfriend takes off her dress to reveal in the mirror her ample right breast. In a later, darker scene, wearing gloves (!), she excitedly exits her bed to display her delicious ass. Moments later, in another dark medium shot, Heidi darts out of bed again, this time quickly twirling to show brief glimpes of her healthy breasts with small nips. Overall, a great debut of her fine body.

Cristina Ferrare in Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary (1975)
Wolframpau was written on April 29, 1999

A Rare Find

Two topless scenes: one before she (a vampire) devours some guy on a couch, the other when some woman lowers her top before a bath. Nice size breasts.

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