Lorraine Bracco in Duos sur canapé (1979)
smoothsailing was written on November 25, 2005

Lorraine fully nude talking

A lady walks into a room with Lorraine standing at the far end with her back to us and completely nude. What a fine ass she has. She then turns around but is now wearing a very small skirt. Lorrain is still nude showing us her nicely rounded beauties. Shen starts walking towards us with her lovelies and nice nipples bouncing ever so slightly and sits down on a small table. You can tell she's real proud of her pair by the way she thrusts her chest out. If your a fan of Lorrains you will have a very hard and stroking time.

Lorraine was 25 when she did this film and it's really her.


Suzanne Fields in Flesh Gordon (1974)
smoothsailing was written on October 8, 2005


If you, like me love Suzanne, Check out a movie called "TEENAGE FANTASIES". It is an explicit porn movie. Near the end of the movie is Suzanne in all of her naked glory. She strips off the clothes of a young guy, and removes all of hers. Then all the hard (and get hard) action begins, in full view, and ending with a pretty good BJ. I am going to rip this part out of the movie and call it "SUZANNE FIELDS from FLESH GORDON" Search for it on a P2P site like SHAREZA

Lindsay Wagner in Two People (1973)
smoothsailing was written on September 23, 2005

Love Scene

If your a big fan of Lindsay Wagner as I am, you will love this scene.
Peter Fonda unties the front of Lindsays dress and slowly pulls her dress down from her shoulders revealing her breasts. Next, Lindsay is shown removing her panties while Peter looks on. Then she stands in front of him while he look over her body and caresses her breast Lindsay then falles into his arms and slowly falls on her back onto the bed.
Unfortunately, she does not show her bush or buns, but her breasts are in full view throught the scene. Now granted her tits are small but they are extremely perky & pretty with very nice nipples. Lindsay was 24 when she made this movie & I think this was her only nudity.

Jennifer Connelly in Waking the Dead (2000)
smoothsailing was written on January 22, 2005

Love Scene in Bed (Deleted Scene)

Jennifer is indeed one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the movies today. For her to treat us with her nudity dserves a very definite "Thank You"

Although the movie shows a very brief but nice shot of one breast while making love with her on top, The deleted scene treats us to a lovely Jennifer, making love, on her back. Her beautiful breasts are shown in all their glory. This is probably the most shown since the "HOT SPOT"

Go to DELETED SCENES in the DVD version of this movie.

Daphne Zuniga in Last Rites (1988)
smoothsailing was written on November 20, 2004

Shower scene

Excellent shot of her coming out of the shower nude and slowly walking over to the priest who is sitting. We see her completely nude from the back showing a beautiful ass.

Unfortunately, sad to say, there is no frontal nudity.

Jill Schoelen in Stepfather, The (2009)
smoothsailing was written on November 19, 2004

Shower Scene

A very nice nude scene. You don't need slo mo to enjoy it. While getting into the shower Jill drops her robe. This is a nice shot of her lovely ass. While bathing in the shower we seen her bent over, then slowly standing and turning forward showing a beaitiful pair of tits.

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