Agostina Belli in Revolver (1973)
swellsystem was written on August 26, 2006

sock fetish

At 10m, we see from behind a woman's nice legs, wearing bright yellow socks and standing on a man's feet as he walks twords the camera. The socks go up and kick around a little and a skirt falls down. Then a nipple fills the screen, the other obstructed by an arm, before the lovely face of Agostina Belli is lowered into frame. A short passion scene follows, first with her on a bureau and then against the wall before moving across the room, both titties seen briefly along with some quality side-boobage, her off the ground all the while. Sadly, we next see her exiting the washroom, wearing a little nightie-- and the yellow socks, which are emphasized again with a sly pan as she picks up a pair of pants off the floor. She then goes and sits on the bed, cross-legged in the yellow socks, as Oliver Reed lays back smoking a cigarette.

Just "one star", but a must for Sox Fans.

Maria Rosaria Omaggio in Nightmare City (1980)
swellsystem was written on July 9, 2006


Probably One Star,Too Brief. Brief and obscure, but worth mentioning. Refreshing. It's zany zombie garbage, but it takes its time for nice >i/i< little nude scene. She looks like Joanna Pacula, with a rounder face and heavier B's. Generous Toppings. She lowers the top of her dress to reveal them, alway a great moment, before some mook takes a handful. Cut to her and her titties lying down, perfectly framed, before the guy again grabs 'em, and this time squeezes. He goes to >u/u< before it all goes to black... and we go "awwwww.". Still very nice, and it's something we don't see in genre films any more. Dramas, perhaps, dramedy if lucky.

Gabriella Hall in Summer Temptations II (2000)
swellsystem was written on May 30, 2006

title info

Is anybody both as lovable and ballable as Gabriella Hall? I'm yet to find her. Devine. This may be her best, and those in the United States are advised to look for it under the title THE SEDUCTRESS -- on DVD! In addition to the usual visual aids, you'll want to make use of the Chapter Skip function... her scenes alternate with those featuring the grotesque Shauna O'Brien, so if you watch it straight-through your body becomes confused, uncertain if it should spurt or spew.

Katherine Heigl in Side Effects (2005)
swellsystem was written on May 18, 2006

wrote the above

Blundered It. Sorry, all.

Scarlett Johansson in Match Point (2005)
swellsystem was written on May 3, 2006

38th Minute

Excellent soaked knockers, the right one in toto (complete -and perfect- areola).

Pamela Stephenson in Superman III (1983)
swellsystem was written on April 19, 2006

Enthusiasm: Yes!!

I stretch it too, but must throw in my Zero.

Kelli Summers in Spiderbabe (2003)
swellsystem was written on April 19, 2006


Please click on "Message Board", in the left column on your screen, to circle jerk.

Kristen Miller in Single White Female 2 (2005)
swellsystem was written on April 15, 2006

No Nudity

I had some hopes for this needless remake, due to one of the Finest Actresses working today (here a redhead). Alas, what most deserves mention are several nice shots with her dressed advantageously, bending over to show sweet danglers minus the targets. Other mild turn-ons include her profile in passion, her kissing another woman, and her use of profanity. The dye-job is less satisfactory.

Salma Hayek in After the Sunset (2004)
swellsystem was written on April 13, 2006

No Nudity!

That previous entry is great "jibberish" and we must above all cherish enthusiasm, and respect the differences of opinion... but the database should never be blatantly misleading! There's No Nudity here, dispite alot of delicious skin. Bikini, etc.

Famke Janssen in Don't Say a Word (2001)
swellsystem was written on April 11, 2006


You wonder why a person would review [i]Anonymously[/i] but I guess that's the sort who calls Famke "second-rate". Still, I applaud this entry: some of her semi-nudes should be mentioned, including MODEL BY DAY, but this is not among them.

Winona Ryder in Reality Bites (1994)
swellsystem was written on April 9, 2006

bouncing boobies

I'd like to second this one. Again, mostly for Celebrity value, but I like ones which challenge the very notion of "nudity". Knobs against gravity, with some teat, most of what you ask for. What puts it over is the setting-- in privacy it may be not so much, but if you saw these in public (as she is here), you'd want to explode.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in White Sands (1992)
swellsystem was written on April 4, 2006

Rating inflation

I'll most always dock two stars or more for tits without a face, but this is a glorious exception. You just want to follow the camera again and again from one to the other, and again yes this is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio with these top-flight torpedoes, soaped but not sudsy, close up in 3-D three-quarters profile, topped with puffy pink just begging to be glazed.

Joyce Mandel in Baltimore Bullet, The (1980)
swellsystem was written on April 3, 2006


This one's just "plunging neckline", usually verboten, but no viewer will want to miss her appearance (at 27m) as a waitress whose jugs are so big and round that Coburn and Boxleitner wager if they're real or fake. These and the scenes with Cisse Cameron (q.v.) are some of the best you'll find in a PG, should you need to sneak some thrills.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in January Man (1989)
swellsystem was written on April 3, 2006


The reviews of this life-affirming sequence are wildly inaccurate. This begins with her on TOP, resulting in A) some of the best "face time" you'll ever see, and B) a one-liner from Klein. (We do not see her lanterns in action in this position, however, which might have resulted in a new rating scale!! Or at least a correction in the last three years.) They only roll over for the realistic pull-out, and then we get the nice titties to finish the scene.

Auretta Gay in Zombi 2 (1979)
swellsystem was written on April 2, 2006

title info

This scene's awesome, worth seeking out-- you'll find it under the title of ZOMBIE in the United States (where ZOMBI was called DAWN OF THE DEAD).

Harriet Andersson in Sawdust And Tinsel (1953)
swellsystem was written on April 1, 2006

Harriet Andersson

I guess one look at her filmography explains why The Finest Actress ever in the world remains almost a complete unknown, but it doesn't excuse the fact. In this one she bounces above her top a couple of times during the final circus sequence to easily qualify for the database, although you'll get some stronger hard-ons earlier in the film.

Harriet Andersson in En lektion i kärlek (1954)
swellsystem was written on April 1, 2006

through a white dress darkly

Harriet has only one scene in this movie and looks young, wearing a nice white dress in stark B&W... which her fans will want to confirm does Qualify.

Rhonda Fleming in Slightly Scarlet (1956)
swellsystem was written on April 1, 2006

see-through nightgown

Not by today's standards, perhaps, but this is one of best from yesteryear, a nice Technicolor peep at the big redhead. She gets up to answer the phone and so does your pants, with her juggy form and substance, nipple and areola. Hopefully somebody adds the location time below. HELP KEEP GREAT T&A ALIVE

Daisy McCrackin in Halloween: Resurrection (2002)
swellsystem was written on March 31, 2006

aptly named

I like this one. A cute gal in a commendable performance, not only in the face of corpses and inescapable terror but inescapable inadequacy as well; everyone's here to see Bianca Kajlich. This dorky slasher flick should appeal only to those vistors to this website who are thinking more about their computers than the girls.

Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham (1988)
swellsystem was written on March 30, 2006

Susan Sarandon

No new data to impart, but with the baseball season starting, there had ought to be renewed interest in this classic film and a Zero Star review seemed in order. Susan's brief nudity is of the coy variety that only her biggest fans need strain to absorb.

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