Courtney Ford in Dexter (2006)
sonic007 was written on October 26, 2009


About twenty-two minutes in to episode five of season four (titled "Dirty Harry"), the camera starts close-up on Ms Ford's face as it contorts in ecstasy. It then pulls back to reveal her breasts glistening with sweat and her nipples erect. It then pulls back further to reveal Officer Quinn's face buried between her legs. All the while she continues to writhe and moan.
It's a very sexy performance from Ms Ford.

Rebecca Creskoff in Hung (2009)
sonic007 was written on July 13, 2009

Flat on her back on the dining room table

As Lenore, Ms Creskoff samples Ray's offerings before agreeing to recommend his services to her clients. She starts by riding him on the floor. This is shot from a distance and her ass is fully visible. Then they move to the dining room table where she lies on her back. This is a nice, well lit shot of her face and chest. Her breasts bounce and jiggle with every one of Ray's thrusts.

Amelia Jackson-Gray in Entourage (2004)
sonic007 was written on July 12, 2009

Nipple Silhouette

As Amy, she is Vince's "first ride" having sex with him in the backseat of his car for the first time after he gets his drivers license. She climbs on top of him and while he cups her left boob with his hand the profile of her naked right boob comes into view. There is a good clear outline of her protruding nipple.

Sylvia Jefferies in Eastbound & Down (2009)
sonic007 was written on February 20, 2009

Topless Wave Runner

In the premiere episode, titled "Chapter 1", Ms Jefferies spends the final scene riding a wave runner topless seated behind the lead character Kenny Powers. Much of it is in slo-motion and you get good looks at her breasts and nipples from both sides, but no good head-on looks.

Danielle James in True Blood (2008)
sonic007 was written on October 22, 2008

Reverse Cowgirl

Near the end of S01E06 ("Cold Ground"), we cut to a close-up of her moaning face and her pert pink nipples bounce into frame a few times. We then cut to an overhead shot of her riding Jason (Ryan Kwanten) reverse cowgirl style. She's hunched over holding his ankles so you don't see more of her breasts but you can see the crack of her ass.

Lynn Collins in True Blood (2008)
sonic007 was written on September 21, 2008

S01E03 - "Mine" 9/21/8

Ms Collins plays sexy waitress Dawn. While having sex with Jason (Ryan Kwanten), there are a few brief glances at her breasts in long shots but there are also two frames looking from his view down onto her where her left nipple bounces up into frame. Once they are finished, she gets out of bed briefly revealing her ass as she pulls on her panties and then her breasts are reflected in a mirror as she puts on her shirt.

Danielle Sapia in True Blood (2008)
sonic007 was written on September 8, 2008

S01E01 - "Strange Love" 9/7/8

Ms Sapia plays Maudette Pickens in a few episodes of this new HBO series.
First, at the twelve minute mark, she's shown nude sitting on her couch watching TV while being eaten out by Jason with both long shots and close-ups of her bare breasts.
Then at the 18 minute mark, they watch the sex tape she made with a vampire. In the tape, she's standing with her wrists bound and chained to the ceiling while being taken from behind. You can see her boobs bouncing but no good nipple shots.
Finally at the 21 minute mark, she's chained up in a similar fashion now with Jason behind her. Again, her boobs are bouncing furiously but her nipples never quite make it into frame.

Angela Trimbur in Entourage (2004)
sonic007 was written on November 3, 2007

"Are we gonna party?"

In Season 2, Episode 7 ("The Sundance Kids"), Ms plays corporate publicist Jen. Jen and fellow publicist Corine go hot tubbing with E and Vince. In the background, Jen takes off her robe and some side-boob is shown slightly out of focus. She gets in the tub with Corine while Vince and E continue to talk business. She interrupts them and asks it they plan to talk all night or if they want to party and her left breast comes into focus while still at a distance.

Jodie Foster in Brave One, The (2007)
sonic007 was written on September 21, 2007

Intercut undressing

After the brutal attack on Foster's Erica Bain and her fiance, she is taken unconscious to the hospital where her clothes are cut from her body to begin medical treatment. This is jarringly inter-cut with footage of the couple playfully undressing each other in happier days. Both scenes provide close-up shots of Foster's nipples which, at 44, look as great as ever.

Rachel Avery in Big Love (2006)
sonic007 was written on June 27, 2007

"I'm Rae" - Topless Introduction

From Season 2 Episode 3 "Reunion" which first aired June 25, 2007.
Around the 20 minute mark, Ms Avery comes walking through a hallway toward the camera towel drying her hair. The towel partially obscures her right breast but her left breast bounces freely. At the end of the hall, she enters the living room where she is more brightly lit and moves the towel to better expose her right breast. After an introduction, she turns and goes back up the hallway.

Markie Post in Tricks of the Trade (1988)
sonic007 was written on November 20, 2006

One frame of areola

As Markie Post gets out of the swimming pool (a little over half way through the movie), the last frame before cutting to Cindy Williams shows a dark semi-circle on her right breast that could be shadow but I think is more likely to be areola as there was no shadow in the same place in the previous frames.
At the start of this swimming pool scene, there are two frames where she opens her robe and her breast is revealed but I think it's likely covered buy so layer as there is no nipple or texture at all and it's a shade whiter than the rest of her body (could be tan lines).
Also, as she splashes through the pool in this skinny-dip scene there's nothing that can be seen through the distortion of the water.

Robyn Cohen in Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The (2004)
sonic007 was written on December 28, 2004

Constantly topless

For the first half of the movie, there is a running joke where Ms Cohen, as the script girl Anne-Marie, is always topless or in a see-through shirt. Then, for no apparent reason, the joke is dropped near the mid-point of the film and she remains clothed for the rest of the film. She has nice natural breasts and is a rather cute young woman.

Crystal Bernard in Wings (1990)
sonic007 was written on September 7, 2004

More thigh than ass

The second scene described by Mikey123 takes place in the episode titled "Is That a Ten-Foot Sandwich or Are You Just Glad to See Me?" originally airing on Nov 1, 1994. Throughout the episode, Joe and Helen try numerous times and places to have sex but are continuously interrupted. While Crystal is wearing a sexy short pink nightgown with stockings in this scene, when knocked to the ground by Antonio she reveals more thigh than ass. Add to this that it's a medium-long shot and there's very little ass to get excited about here. There's a better shot of her thigh earlier in the episode when her and Joe start to go at it on his desk. But again, as we're talking about thighs and not nipples, this shouldn't really be in the database in the first place.

Kelly Ripa in Hope & Faith (2003)
sonic007 was written on May 4, 2004

Shadow or Nipple?

This Episode replayed April 30. It's episode # 1.14 titled "The Diner Show" with a guest appearance by Kathie Lee Gifford. The scene in question is the very first scene before the opening credits. The frames in question are the first few after the shot switches from a two-shot to Kelly's close-up as she's crouching down. There is a suspicious mark that looks nipplesque. I, however, believe it to be a shadow for the following reasons. First, the costume is multi-layered with the outer layer being a very thin gauzy black layer then a pink layer that zips up the front and finally there is a tight form-fitting black bra or leotard. Due to the tightness of what is clearly visible of this third layer, I doubt the cleavage area would gape open enough to reveal a nipple. Also, if you skip ahead approx. 20 seconds to when Kelly is standing back up. There is a very clear shadow in approximately the same position on the breast that is obviously caused by the pink layer of clothing. For these reasons, I believe it is a shadow. As with all nipple/shadow debates, you'll have to see and decide for yourself.
I know this is a nudity database but while also not nude a more exciting scene of Kelly's in Hope&Faith comes in episode 1.16 titled "Charley's Baseball" with Roger Clemens guesting. Near the end of the episode she jumps into a tank of water to hide. She emerges with very alert nipples and is also wearing an exceptionally short skirt and reveals a lot of thigh.

Joanna Page in Love Actually (2003)
sonic007 was written on October 29, 2003

Simulating Sex

Ms Page has a number of nude scenes in this film, each more revealing than the last. She plays Judy, a movie stand-in. Through out the movie she must simulate the sex scene about to be filmed as grips and riggers work around her to properly light the scene. The scenes are played for laughs (and are some of the funniest in a very funny movie) but they are also very revealing and sexy.

Molly Sims in Las Vegas (2003)
sonic007 was written on September 23, 2003

Prime Time Nipple

In the first scene of the pilot of this new NBC series, Molly Sims, as Delinda Deline, is on top of Josh Duhamel, who plays her father's right-hand man Danny McCoy. The scene is shot from behind her, which allows a good look at her high butt cheeks, including some close-ups on a tattoo, but does not reveal any butt crack. Additionally, her breasts are rather clearly reflected in the large picture window in front of her. Delinda and Danny are interrupted when her father Big Ed Deline, played by James Caan, walks in. As Delinda flips her hair, turns her head and says "daddy?" you can see Ms Sims left nipple in the reflection. It only lasts for 2 frames but is a wonderful TiVo moment.

Madonna in Late Show with David Letterman (1993)
sonic007 was written on June 16, 2003

It's Lindsey from Survivor: Africa!

Dave has shown this clip on numerous occasions. It's the audition tape sent in by Survivor Aftica contestant Lindsey Richter. In not denying it's her, Madonna is simply playing along with the joke and not confirming it is her.

Now that her identity is cleared up, Lindsey is a tall, thin, attractive blonde but there's not much to see in this clip. In a longer version of this tape (which was obviously cut in this airing because it shows Lindsey's face) she rides up to the camera waering nothing but stickers over her breasts. She passes the camera and rides away giving a slight glimpse of buttcrack. The first two seasons of Survivor are on DVD and include the contestant's audition tapes. Unfortunately, with her season, they stopped releasing DVDs.

Julia Brendler in Dolphins (1999)
sonic007 was written on June 16, 2003

Swimming nude with dolphins

In this 40 minute short, Ms Brendler plays Lara; a girl whose only escape from the clinic she's locked away in is dreaming and fantasizing about the magic of the sea. There are two extended scenes that show her swimming with dolphins. She is totally nude and you see her body from many angles.
The film is available on issue three of the DVD magazine Film-Fest that features Jim Jarmusch on the cover.

Toni Basil in Breakaway (1966)
sonic007 was written on June 4, 2003

Dancing naked

Credited as Antonia Christina Basilotta, this film is a five-minute short by visual artist Bruce Conner that essentially serves as a music video for Basil's "Breakaway." Basil dances throughout the video in one of three outfits: 1) a black lingerie set, 2) a white lingerie set, 3) the all-together. While it's shot music video style with lots of quick pans, zooms, jumps, and cuts - you get many nice shots of Basil's naked breasts and backside and even some pubic hair.

Nutsa Kukhianidze in Good Thief, The (2002)
sonic007 was written on June 4, 2003

Short long shot

In a disappointingly brief scene, Nutsa Kukhianidze, as Anne, is trying on a dress in a changing room. Shot from a distance looking through the open curtain of the dressing room, she quickly pulls the dress up over her breasts. While this is her only nude scene in the film, she often dressed quite sexily. Her most noteworthy scene is teasingly dancing in her underwear on the bed that Nick Nolte's character has chained himself to.

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