Jennifer Aniston in Good Girl, The (2002)
sonic007 was written on August 21, 2002

Can't wait for the DVD!

In The Good Girl, Mrs Pitt plays Justine Last who decides to have an affair with her co-worker Holden Worther, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. They initiate their affair in a dark hotel room with him on top of her. Gyllenhaal has said "in our sex scenes I spent most of my time covering her breasts." For the most part he does a good job, but at one point he rises far enough above her to reveal the shadowy outline of her erect nipples. Even with the poor light conditions, this is a glorious scene! When this one comes out on DVD, the internet will be flooded with screen caps of these nipples. Hopefully Aniston will also become more comfortable flaunting her wares after all the positive notices she's received for this role.

David Duchovny in Full Frontal (1993)
sonic007 was written on August 2, 2002

Nude on the bed

In this scene, Duchovny is lying face up on a bed totally nude. It's a quick long shot on grainy underlit digital video. It's also a bit of a turn-off due to a plot point I'd rather not reveal. There may be something to see here, but true examination won't be possible until this one's on DVD.

Emily Mortimer in Lovely & Amazing (2001)
sonic007 was written on July 17, 2002

Photo Shoot in Sheer Top

What voyeur forgot to mention in the previous review is that in the first scene Emily's character Elizabeth is posing for a photographer. He asks her to remove her jacket revealing her breasts through a sheer top. The camera starts at a waist-up shot and slowly zooms in or her face giving the viewer plenty of time to admire her breasts. This scene is really just the appetizer to the main nude scene in the film which was already well described by voyeur. That scene has many full-length and waist-up shots from both front and back and also from the side. Overall there are many great shots of this lovely actress' amazing body.

Kata Dobó in Rollerball (2002)
sonic007 was written on June 27, 2002

Topless in locker-room

There are two shots of this sexy redhead in the locker-room scene following the first rollerball match. At the start of the scene she can be seen in the background at her locker on the left-hand side of the screen. Later she crosses in front of the camera facing forward. A nice view of nice breasts.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in Rollerball (2002)
sonic007 was written on June 27, 2002

Poorly shot and pooly lit - like the entire film

A big disapointment! Rebecca's scenes are all very shadowy and mostly shot from the side.

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Ma femme est une actrice (2001)
sonic007 was written on June 26, 2002

Quick Looks

In two or three different scenes, you get a quick glimpse at her breasts.

Ashley Judd in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)
sonic007 was written on June 26, 2002

Nipple through lace of nightgown

In a scene where Younger Vivi gets up out of bed to leave her family, she is wearing a white v-necked nightgown with a lace panel at the neckline. This lace panel slips down over Ashley Judd's left breast and you can see he nipple. It is poorly lit and rather quick.
Strangely, a few scenes later she is still in the same nightgown in a bright sun-filled room. In this scene a white gauze patch can be clearly seen through the nightgown covering her nipple. I guess they thought the nipple would not be visible in the low light of the earlier scene and there would be no need to cover it.

Robin Tunney in Cherish (2002)
sonic007 was written on June 26, 2002

Throwing off clothes while running to the shower

While trying to woo Bill, Zoe impulsively announces she must take a shower, gets up off the couch, and starts taking off her clothes while heading to the bathroom. There is a quick side view of Robin Tunney's large breasts.

Jane Longenecker in Coroner, The (1999)
sonic007 was written on June 26, 2002

Sexy blonde rides her boyfriend

Emma is on top of her boyfriend George in bed wearing a white camisole. She then takes if off and rides him until collapsing next to him in bed. You get many long looks at Jane's large breasts from both sides and a quick nipple glimpse after she collapses. The only thing missing is a nice head-on shot.
Jane also has many sexy scenes in a catholic schoolgirl uniform while held hostage by the coroner.

Dominique Swain in New Best Friend (2002)
sonic007 was written on April 17, 2002

Lesbian love scene

Approximately 45 minutes into the film, Dominique Swain and Mia Kirshner begin kissing on the bed. Kirshner removes Swain's tank top and you get many quick glimpses at Swain's breasts and nipples. Rating would be higher if the camera hadn't strayed so often to the distorting mirror above the bed throughout the scene.

Rachel True in New Best Friend (2002)
sonic007 was written on April 17, 2002

Open Robe

Rachel is standing in her robe with it open wide enough to reveal much of her immense boobs but still hides her nipples. Dominique Swain then walks up to her and kisses her.

Patricia Arquette in Human Nature (2001)
sonic007 was written on April 17, 2002

Very Hairy

Arquette plays Lila who is exceptionally hirsute. Although she frequently runs nude through the forest, her hair hides much of her body.

Miranda Otto in Human Nature (2001)
sonic007 was written on April 17, 2002

Side view sex

Otto plays Gabrielle, the faux french lab assistant. During a sex scene with Nathan (Tim Robbins), she's on top of him. Although her arm obscures her nipple, you get a good view of the side and underside of her right breast.

Elizabeth Berridge in Amadeus (1984)
sonic007 was written on April 16, 2002

Standing topless in her bloomers

About an hour in to the 180 minute R-rated "Director's Cut" version of the movie, Constanze succumbs to Salierie's demands hoping to win her husband favor. She opens her bodice and reveals her large lovely breasts. This scene is one of many reasons to see this wonderful film again.

Selma Blair in Storytelling (2001)
sonic007 was written on January 23, 2002

Sex scene obscured

In the US release of Storytelling, filmmaker Todd Solondz has voluntarily inserted a large solid red box in order to head off the MPAA's potential objections. This "scarlet box," as Solondz calls it, obscures all but the actors feet and the tops of their heads during this typically uncorfortable cringe-inducing Solondzian scene. That said, Storytelling is a very good film which offers lingering looks (as described in previous reviews) at Selma Blair's little brests.

Nicole Kidman in Birthday Girl (2001)
sonic007 was written on January 23, 2002

Best Buns in the Business

You see this beautiful woman's buns twice in this film.
In the first scene, she is lying on her stomach across the bed while her new husband is tying her to the bedframe and her buns can be seen in the background.
In the second scene, she gets up from the bed and stands at the window looking out. The camera lingers on her tight ass and long long legs. Such an apearence would only merit 1 star from someone without such a perfect posterior.
Kidman also appears in lingerie frequently throughout the film.

Rhys Ifans in Human Nature (2001)
sonic007 was written on January 23, 2002

Running through the forest

Rhys plays a feral man who lives in the forest without clothes. There are countless shots of his backside. While I found his ass somewhat scrawny and too boney, the women I saw the film with didn't seem to mind. The shadowy outline of his penis can also vaguely be made out in some scenes - particularly near the end as he returns to the forest.

Michelle Pfeiffer in Ladyhawke (1985)
sonic007 was written on January 23, 2002

Thats a blanket not a brest!

The scene in question takes place at the 48 minute 30 second mark. Isabeau has been wounded as a hawk by an arrow and, now changed back to human form, seeks treatment from Imperius the Monk. She is lying on her back nude under a pelt. The scene is shot at her head looking down her body. The pelt only comes up to the top of her breasts and some tufts of fur from the pelt lay across the tops of her breasts creating a nipple-like illusion. The DVD has both the widescreen and pan-n-scan versions on it and this illusion is visible in both.

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