Leslie Hope in Paris, France (1993)
thornhillsouthguy was written on May 12, 2015

let's not go overboard

While I am a huge fan of this page and respect the hell out of Leslie Hope for this movie, I think that overall the accolades need to be toned down just a touch. I am giving this movie four stars but just barely. Let us analyze:

Rosario Dawson in Trance (2013)
thornhillsouthguy was written on May 8, 2015

let's not go overboard!

OK, I am giving a reluctant four star rating, not because Rosario is not nude---she most definitely is---but because her scenes are so incredibly short.
I recorded this off network TV so can only estimate how far in the scenes are.
1) About 60% in (other reviewers list at 1:10), the BIG scene, while fantastic, decently lit and showing off ALL of Rosario's assets, boobs and bush in all their glory, is also a disappointing FIVE SECONDS LONG. Had she not been fully nude, and had we not been certain it was her body, this would have rated two stars maximum.
2a/b) Around 80% in (1:35?), we have two short scenes, flashbacks with Rosario narrating, of her in bed with James McAvoy. The first is in dim light where you can make out the outlines of her body, and another shot where you can see her left breasts reasonably clearly. The nude part of this scene is also well under ten seconds.
Finally a few minutes later, there is a soft lit (but clear) scene of the two of them together, naked, him behind her (well done, Danny Boyle!), and although normally i would be suspicious since her head is not in the nude shots, I am fairly confident it is Rosario again. McAvoy gently fondles her especially in and around her beautiful shaved pubic area. But this lasts ten seconds at most. And had the first scene NOT been in the movie, I woudl have screamed "body double" which negates any rating for it.

So yes, Rosario is completely nude and we see it, for which I am very grateful. But ALL THREE SCENES TOGETHER are under a minute long, and possibly under 30 seconds. Certainly not worth buying or renting this film on that basis.

As I said, a reluctant four stars.

Lauren Lee Smith in Normal (2007)
thornhillsouthguy was written on August 7, 2014

making stoned love with professor

Around 45 minutes in, Lauren Lee Smith's character is having awkward marijuana-fueled sex with her professor (Callum Keith Rennie).
A VERY brief shot of the upper part of an ass (is it Lauren's? Not clear on that) and maybe 3-4 seconds of her boobs as she rolls off of him laughing is barely enough to warrant one star. LLS is far more visible in 2005's Lie To Me and this film is NOT worth watching just to see her for that very brief time.

Lauren Lee Smith in Normal (2007)
thornhillsouthguy was written on August 7, 2014

making stoned love with professor

Around 45 minutes in, Lauren Lee Smith's character is having awkward marijuana-fueled sex with her professor (Callum Keith Rennie).
A VERY brief shot of the upper part of an ass (is it Lauren's? Not clear on that) and maybe 3-4 seconds of her boobs as she rolls off of him laughing is barely enough to warrant one star. LLS is far more visible in 2005's Lie To Me and this film is NOT worth watching just to see her for that very brief time.

Camille Sullivan in Normal (2007)
thornhillsouthguy was written on August 7, 2014

has sex with stepson but in a loving way

At about the 50 minute mark, Camille Sullivan's Elise is "caught" naked in her bedroom by stepson Jordie (Kevin Zegers). Although she covers up and asks him to leave, within a couple of moments he has gently held her, removed her towel and started kissing her before they make love gently, slowly and beautifully. The only bit of creep factor is that Elise is married to Jordie's neglectful borderline abusive father.
But the scene itself is that of two lovers kept apart finally joining together. There is kissing and caressing, although Sullivan's bottom half is not at all clearly shown, if indeed at all.
Ironically, they are almost caught buy the father (Michael Riley), who, upon seeing his wife naked in bed, figures he's got to have himself a piece (while his son is trapped in the bathroom and forced to watch). Some boobage of Sullivan's is seen in this followup scene as well.
Hard to judge this scene. Obviously two stars for clear and prolonged repeated toplessness and kissing, and if we had seen ass or bush it certainly would have rated four stars. I am giving it three because the scenes together are about 3-4 minutes which is a significant length, even if only bits of her boobs are seen after the first 30 seconds.
Not a movie worth seeing just for the nudity but a pleasant enough surprise.

Vikki Walker in Favourite Game, The (2003)
thornhillsouthguy was written on March 27, 2014

Girl undresses while "hypnotized"

A very sweet and sexy scene, Vikki's character Nellie lets herself by hypnotized by the young Leo when he was 10 and she was older (16?). He tells her she is so hot and she obediently undresses, surprising even Leo, who runs away telling her she will remember nothing. She opens her eyes watching him run away and smiles but not in an evil way.Her breasts are very clearly visible, her pussy not so much but she is clearly nude. This film, unlike most others ,IS DEFINITELY worth watching for the nudity. I have no idea why this actress' scene has been ignored other than the glitches that have plagued CNDb for the past year.

Christina Ricci in Bel Ami (2012)
thornhillsouthguy was written on March 18, 2014

always give a timestamp!

For those of you wondering "just WHEN does this occur?", the ONLY nude (actually, topless) scene occurs about 22 minutes in. Robert Pattinson starts removing his formal attire and smiles, the camera pans to a long shot of Christina lying in bed, presumably nude but with a blanket covering her pussy and genital area. This lasts maybe 3-4 seconds.
The next two minutes cut back and forth to a montage of Pattinson and Ricci dancing etc and back to their lovemaking. At ONE POINT, the camera pans down when he is on top of her kissing her and we get fewer than 10 seconds of her heaving breasts. Maybe.
For any other actress, this might be a one star scene bot for its brevity and lack of lower half nudity. As well as her breasts remaining unfondled, unless and unlicked. I give it two (1½ actually), only because it is Christina.
ABSOLUTELY not worth renting for the nudity.
And NOW you have "the rest of the story".

Marisa Tomei in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007)
thornhillsouthguy was written on December 24, 2013

overrated...and WHAT THIRD SCENE???

I just got a copy of this movie for the nudity and I have to say I am disappointed with these reviews. Don't get me wrong ; I love Marisa Tomei. But at best her nudity rates two stars.
The first scene when PSH bangs her from behind is dark. You can barely make out her tits, let alone her ass. that scene has MAYBE 40 seconds of decent nudity.
The second scene with Ethan Hawke is not sexual, where she belittles him, and has panties on the whole time.
And despite some reviews here, there is no third scene with her.
The whole movie has less than 3 minutes of nudity and half of that is in the dark. I give it two stars because it's Marisa but wonder why the reviewers here overestimate what is actually shown.

Nicholle Tom in Masters of Sex (2013)
thornhillsouthguy was written on October 8, 2013

topless on exam table

About halfway through episode 2, Nicholle Tom (almost unrecognizable from her Nanny days unless you knew it was her) , as one of the prostitutes, agrees to hop up on Dr. Masters' table as a guinea pig for his sex experiments. Clear lighting but very little titillation (no pun intended) as it is very clinical as Masters explains the properties of his glass dildo and electrodes, before the cops bust in.
A must for Nicholle Tom fans like myself, but the episode's complete nudity is focused on this (maybe) minute long non-sx scene, a HUGE letdown from Episode 1 and will turn a lot of viewers off.

Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex (2013)
thornhillsouthguy was written on October 1, 2013

Much tits, and a bit of ass

At about the 25 minute mark of the pilot episode, Lizzy as Virginia Johnson is in bed with Ethan Haas (Nicholas D'Agosto). After presumably giving him a blowjob, she subtly (and then not so subtly) asks him to go down on her. She rolls over in bed (dim but not dark lighting) and we see her breasts with erect nipples rather clearly, and when she rolls on top of him we get a brief view of her shapely ass. He then rolls her back on her back and kisses her (NOT on the breasts or at least not the nipples) and the closeup of her top half shows her breasts and nipples quite clearly. The scene appears to last well over a minute and once again, since there are not half stars (a perfect 2½ in my opinion), I decided to award the extra star for both Lizzy's ass and the length of the scene.
One scene later, we see the two of them talking in bed and another 20 or so seconds of LIzzy topless again, so the three star rating is now more reasonable.

Laura Prepon in Orange Is the New Black (2013)
thornhillsouthguy was written on September 18, 2013

you should look up the meaning of "nudity"

If they are dressed, they are not nude. YOu should edit or delete your misleading post immediately.

Marisa Tomei in Untamed Heart (1993)
thornhillsouthguy was written on July 27, 2013

which movie did you guys see?

I saw this movie for the first time, and on Encore (formerly Moviepix), which gives us, presumably, the uncut/director's cut version. At the 59 minute mark, Marisa removes her top and we CLEARLY, in good light and a closeup shot, see her lovely if smallish breasts, before Christian Slater (lucky bastard) allows her to put his hand on her left one (and moves to obscure her right). Admittedly it's only about ten seconds but it is clearly Marisa, clearly her breasts and clearly seen. This deserves a two star rating (and with another few seconds would have been worth three).

Zooey Deschanel in Your Highness (2011)
thornhillsouthguy was written on July 3, 2013

if there's no nudity....

....then don't post a review on the celebrity NUDITY Database. You waste everyone's time doing so.

April Bowlby in Two and a Half Men (2003)
thornhillsouthguy was written on June 5, 2013

Change the requirements

This is NOT the Celebrity Sexy But Clothed Database. It is the Celebrity NUDITY database. I vote that we eliminate any submissions (and certainly the call for them) where an actress appears sexy BUT IS NOT AT LEAST PARTIALLY NUDE! It ruins the site for most of us who want to see some skin! It's embarrassing, misleading, and totally time wasting!
For the record, NEVER suggest a network TV show. Some cable shows have nudity but as soon as I see a network show mentioned, I seriously go "WTF?!?!?"
PLEASE redo the "requirements" parameters!

Angie Everhart in Take Me Home Tonight (2011)
thornhillsouthguy was written on June 3, 2013

crazy comic violent sex

At about 56 minutes and then again at the 1 hour mark of this movie, Angie Everhart (looking great only about 18 months after giving birth) plays Trish Anderson, who decides to have sex with Dan Fogler's Barry Nathan character.

In the bathroom of the party's host.

With a creepy German guy watching.


Although there is less than a minute of toplessness as Trish hate-fucks Barry, her tits are amazing enough (especially since she was probably still nursing at this point), and because it IS Angie Everhart, that I will give this far-too-brief topless scene two stars.
Trish DOES put Barry's hand on her boob and kisses him, so I can understand those guys who would bump this scene to three stars as well.

Melissa Benoist in Homeland (2011)
thornhillsouthguy was written on March 14, 2013

Why is she topless??? But thank you!!

In episode 2 of season 1, Melissa plays a...harem girl in waiting???---for an Arab prince or some such and is being interviewed. She is topless and in good light for a good minute or two, although certainly not sexual in nature, the scene is eye-catching. Though why she is not nude is beyond me.

I cannot bump this to three stars, but definitely two.

Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine (2010)
thornhillsouthguy was written on March 11, 2013

not as good as you think

The previous reviewer is, in my mind, far too generous in his assessment of Michelle Wililams' nudity in this movie. To wit:
The doggy style sex scene at 30 minutes in is barely worth mentioning, hardly with watching, and absolutely NOT worth taping. I would argue that there is no actual nudity from Michelle at all other than the right half (less than half actually) of her ass cheek at the start of the scene.

At 40 minutes, Michelle is topless (it is a medium shot, waist up only) in the shower and we see her breasts for about 7-8 seconds in good light. That rates 1-2 stars, at most. When Ryan Gosling soaps up her buttocks (and I am not 100% convinced it was not a body double, but the smooth shot and angles to when we we see her face would favour her authenticity) he really only fondles her for a few seconds, and we see 3-4 seconds of ass. That is not a three-star-worthy scene.

Finally, in the "fine, you can 'rape' me if you want to" scene, about 62 minutes in, he does expose her right breast, maybe fondles/sucks it (very unclear from the footage) and has awkward sex with Michelle, but other than her right breast we see little if any of her. In fact, I count less than 45 seconds of the scene where there MIGHT be nudity that I am missing.

Overall, two stars. Tops.

C. C. Sheffield in Somewhere (2010)
thornhillsouthguy was written on February 27, 2013

topless haircut!?!?!?!

About 1:24 into this film, lead actor Stephen Dorff is making his way to yet another Hollywood-type party. He gets off the elevator and is just arriving at his hotel room/apartment when at the end of the hall, just outside on the patio, C.C. Sheffield (literally credited as "woman getting haircut") is doing just that...sitting on a chair/stool, smoking a cigarette....and completely topless. No words are even exchanged and there is no explanation for this scene, which lasts about 15 seconds. A medium shot in good light; boobs are clearly shown, but asexual (as opposed to non-sexual), as if the director said "Yeah, whatever, she's topless, she doesn't care if you see her. Take a good look and move on." And we do.
Nothing at all special about it, nothing erotic, nothing comic, just...nothing. You don't know why she's topless and after a moment you don't care.
One star.

Laura Ramsey in Somewhere (2010)
thornhillsouthguy was written on February 27, 2013

Topless Blonde with Sailor Cap

At about 1:11 of this film, Stephen Dorff, having just re-entered his hotel room with his daughter, discovers a "naked" girl (Ramsey) in his bed, wearing nothing but (as advertised) a sailor cap. Although not surprised to see her, he has no time for her now and tells her so. It is a medium shot, in good light, but all we see are Ramsey's boobs (she covers her bottom half with a sheet and her long hair ALMOST obscures her lovely large nipples).
It is not a sex scene, and the nudity is less then 10 seconds. I cannot in all fairness give this more than a two star rating.

Cerina Vincent in Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
thornhillsouthguy was written on February 25, 2013

Ass too? Not so sure...look again

I finally saw this movie again recently and while I agree the lovely Miss Vincent is indeed topless throughout, I am not convinced she shows her ass in the scene with the principal. If you look carefully and play the video at slow speed, when the "full backal" is shown, at no point do we see Cerina's face. This is a classic cheat/tease/lie/deception from filmmakers which many of us have learned to spot. Although I will not say the ass in question is NOT Cerina's, the way the scene is shot leaves room for doubt. And any director who does cheat his audience this way automatically gets downgraded. Normally the nudity would rate three stars, but this ratches it down to two.

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