Dave England in Jackass: The Movie (2002)
WileyPark was written on April 3, 2013

Ass and "Gooch"

Dave England is not necessarily the best-looking of the "Jackass" gang (which is pretty slim pickings to begin with), but he shows off his ass nicely when he applies an electric muscle stimulater to his gooch (the area between your balls and ass). We see him sitting on a sofa completely naked with his legs in the air and his hand over his crotch. The stimulator covers the gooch area, but we can actually make out his taint! Once he starts feeling the shocks, he rips the stimulator off, and for a couple of seconds (get your pause button ready) we can see his ass and taint pretty well exposed before he puts his legs down.

Gerry Dee in Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006)
WileyPark was written on December 6, 2012

Big white butt

Gerry Dee is not the most handsome guy, but he’s not bad-looking either. Toward the end of the movie, he gets pantsed after a hockey game. We see him lying on the ground, lift his legs up and flash his bare ass toward the camera (he’s wearing a jock strap) before pulling his pants back up. The shot lasts only a couple of seconds, but we get a good look at his fat, white rump. You can even make out a nice line of hair peeking out of his crack

Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike (2012)
WileyPark was written on October 22, 2012

Freeze frame

This is the kind of scene freeze frame was made for. As the previous reviewer said, McConaughey does the final striptease, and the women accidentally break his thong in the back. After this happens, McConaughey does a sommersault toward the camera. It is almost impossible to see anything at regular speed, but if you watch the scene on DVD/Blu-ray one frame at a time, you can clearly see his totally bare ass when it faces the camera and his legs are up in the air. The best part is that you can actually make out his butt hole and the bottom of his balls. Absolutely gorgeous.

Leonard Whiting in Romeo and Juliet (1968)
WileyPark was written on April 18, 2012

Completely gratuitous

Romeo and Juliet are lying in bed naked in a "morning after" scene, and in an exciting twist, Whiting is completely uncovered, exposing his smooth body and beautifully rounded butt. As he gets out of bed, we are treated to another terrific view of his ass while he stretches and opens the curtains. Between shots of Juliet, we get two more views of him standing with his ass to the camera, the last time bent over slightly to put on his pants. Whiting was stunningly handsome here, and his nudity is so utterly gratuitous that it just makes it even more exciting. I would love to be in Juliet's place, waking up to see that perfect ass staring back at me in the sunlight.

Dudley Moore in 10 (1979)
WileyPark was written on April 18, 2012

Brief butt

Moore's character spends much of his time spying through a telescope at his neighbor who has daily and nightly orgies. About 51 minutes in, Moore finally joins one of these sex parties, and we see him walking naked with two girls for about two seconds. He was in his mid 40s in this movie, and while Moore had a cute face, his body was nothing to get excited over. He's thin and undefined, and his butt is very small. Male nudity is clearly not the emphasis in this movie.

Toshirô Mifune in Seven Samurai (1954)
WileyPark was written on April 13, 2012

Classic butt

Legendary Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune has a brief semi-nude scene in this classic film. About 1:06 into the movie, Mifune removes his clothes to go fishing, stripping down to only his samurai underwear, which is basically a loin cloth with a thong in the back. As such, we see pretty much his entire bare ass while he wades in the water and scoops out a fish with his hands. As he excitedly comes out of the water, we can make out the shape of his penis through the wet, clingly loin cloth. Mifune was about 34 years old here, handsome and trim. It's always fun to see classic actors naked, and this is a great little scene.

Jacques Bonnaffé in First Name: Carmen (1983)
WileyPark was written on February 23, 2012

Full frontal

Jacques appears nude several times in this film. We see him walking around completely naked in a hotel room with his girlfriend, showing his ass briefly and his penis extensively. The best scene comes when he gets into the shower with her. In a burst of passion/anger, he begins to furiously jerk his penis in front of her. We see the head and his balls bob up and down rapidly until he cums (no fluids are seen). In the next scene, he sits down on the bed nude, and we get another quick, clear shot of his penis and pubic hair before he sits. We can still glimpse his penis and balls between his legs while he is sitting. These scenes are very well lit. "First Name: Carmen" is a very pretentious "art film," but Jacques was about 24 years old and very cute, and his nude scenes are worth seeing.

Nicholas Clay in Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981)
WileyPark was written on December 21, 2011

Beautiful ass

This has to be one of the greatest scenes of male nudity in a mainstream film. As Nicholas Clay washes himself outside, we get fantastic long and medium shots of him completely naked, mostly from behind but a few from the side, and hot close-ups of his amazing ass. As he soaps up his butt, we actually see his hands slide between his cheeks! The man is gorgeous, like a Greek statue come to life.

Later, he has sex with Lady Chatterly, and the camera pans down his back to that glorious butt again. In a more distant shot, we see him thrusting on top of her, and we get a glimpse of his balls between his legs. Mr. Clay is not shy at all, and I only wish he had played more nude scenes as explicit and revealing as these.

Steve Callahan in Role/Play (2010)
WileyPark was written on December 2, 2011

Lots of ass

42-year-old Steve Callahan spends almost the entire film either shirtless or completely naked. We get a fantastic shot of his ass at the very beginning of the movie as he gets out of bed, walks through his apartment nude, and dives into the swimming pool. Shortly afterward, we see him walk back inside. Later, there is a delicious shot of him climbing out of the pool naked, with his luscious butt in motion. He and Matthew Montgomery romp around in bed together, although here we get mostly side shots. Later still, he comes out of the shower with Matthew and stands nude for a few seconds. All of these shots are very well lit and close. His butt is big and firm, and he would get four stars if only he showed his penis.

Matthew Montgomery in Role/Play (2010)
WileyPark was written on December 2, 2011

Coffee and butt flexing

32-year-old Matthew Montgomery gets a gold star for flexing his butt cheeks while he pours a cup of coffee. I'm not sure who does this in real life, but it's a pleasure to see. Matthew's slender frame and small butt are put on display for several seconds as he walks around his kitchen and watches Steve Callahan swimming. Later, he comes out of the shower and shows his ass again. He is definitely not shy with his rump up close and in good lighting. Now if only he had gone frontal.

David Pevsner in Role/Play (2010)
WileyPark was written on December 2, 2011

Distant frontal

51-year-old David Pevsner, alas, provides the only frontal nudity in this film. I say alas not because he is unattractive -- he is actually very cute and fit -- but because the director chose to shoot it from a considerable distance. Pevsner plays an uptight landlord who spends the movie trying (in vain) to get Steve Callahan and Matthew Montgomery to keep their drawers on in the swimming pool. He finally sheds his inhibitions and jumps into the pool stark naked. From a distance, we see the side of his butt and his penis flopping briefly as he struggles to get his pants off. In the DVD commentary, the director says he chose to shoot from a distance because it looked funnier. I wish he had gone for sexy rather than funny, as Pevsner has a great body and I would love to get a closer look at his goods.

Carlo De Mejo in Teorema (1968)
WileyPark was written on September 6, 2011

Naked in bed

Carlo de Mejo appears in a small role as a young man who is picked by the film's leading lady. As she leaves him in bed, we get two VERY brief looks at him lying fully nude in bed, but we don't see much. Although he is uncovered and in good light, his legs and arms strategically cover any frontal nudity. We do get a glimpse of his ass, though. This guy is hot, but his nude scene leaves a lot to be desired.

Terence Stamp in Teorema (1968)
WileyPark was written on September 6, 2011

Removing underwear

As others have written, Stamp takes off his underwear and briefly shows his skinny ass. As he lifts his right leg, we get a glimpse of his balls, and then a fleeting look at his penis and pubic hair as he gets into bed. Stamp was a beautiful man, although he is very skinny. Sex is a major part of this mvoie, but the director (Pasolini) takes a surprisingly coy approach to the nudity. Fortunately Pasolini went much furhter in later films like "The Decameron" and "The Canterbury Tales."

Massimo Girotti in Teorema (1968)
WileyPark was written on September 6, 2011

Too distant

At the end of this extremely bizarre film, Massimo Girotti strips naked and walks across the desert. He may have been completely nude, but you'd never know because he is literally about half-a-mile away from the camera. Girotti was in his early 50s here, but still a handsome man. He's too far away from the camera to see his goods. If you really want to catch this man in his prime, check out the 1943 movie "Ossessione." While he doesn't get naked there either, he was at the height of his youthful beauty and rugged sexiness.

Mikkel Gaup in Breaking the Waves (1996)
WileyPark was written on August 14, 2011

Very brief frontal and rear

Mikkel Gaup is a very cute, boyish looking young man. He appears nude a couple of times as he and his co-workers shower. First, we see him walking around swinging from a curtain rod and kicking his legs, offering a fleeting glimpse of his penis, balls, and pubic hair. Later, as he is walking down a hallway wearing only a towel, another man rips it off of him and runs off. Mikkel chases after him, and we get a nice, well-lit but distant shot of his ass as he runs after the man.

Roef Ragas in Breaking the Waves (1996)
WileyPark was written on August 14, 2011

Wrong Actor!

This actor does not appear nude in "Breaking the Waves." The actor the other reviewers are talking about is Mikkel Gaup.

Ian McShane in Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (1970)
WileyPark was written on July 18, 2011

Brief embarrassment

Ian McShane was about 28 when he made this film, and he was slender and extremely handsome. Unfortunately, his nudity is all too brief and not very flatteringly shot. About 10 minutes in, he sneeks into a women's spa to talk to a girl, and he's only wearing a sheet. When the girl accidentally pulls the sheet off of him, he's left lying naked, ass up, on a massage table in a room full of women. We only get two shots of his bare butt as he quickly gets off the table and covers himself again with a sheet. He looks nice, but it's not enough to really recommend seeking out the movie.

Ian McShane in Ballad of Tam Lin, The (1970)
WileyPark was written on July 18, 2011

Butt in shadow

About 22 minutes in to this movie, Ian McShane stumbles out of bed naked. The room is dark except for a fire in the fireplace, and you can just barely make out his bare ass in the shadows. He then falls face down on the floor, allowing a slightly better lit but distant shot of his ass. His butt cheeks bounce a little when he lands. McShane was about 28 here, slender and handsome, but the nudity is almost worthless.

Anthony Prada in Ma saison préférée (1993)
WileyPark was written on July 16, 2011

Quick view

In an early scene, we get a quick view of Anthony Prada's ass when he is interrupted during sex. He shows his cute, hairy butt as he sits down on the bed, and if you look closely, you can just make out his balls between his legs. He's a good-looking actor, and as long as you use the pause button, this scene may be worth a look.

Daniel Auteuil in Ma saison préférée (1993)
WileyPark was written on July 16, 2011

Just a flash

As Daniel Auteuil goes for a swim, he walks by the camera and we see a quick glimpse of his butt. We then see him dive past the camera into the water, offering just a flash of butt again. It's clear that he's completely naked, but there are no frontal shots and the two ass shots barely add up to one second, so give this a pass for nudity (the movie's pretty great, though).

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