Sonja Martin in Emmanuelle 4 (1984)
rocco-rules was written on December 25, 2006

Authentic-looking cunnilingus

I'm surprised no-one described the fairly explicit oral-sex scene when some lucky guy finds Sonja swinging in the rain. During the enusing lovemaking, the guy's mouth and tongue make some real contact with her lovely labia at least twice that I could see and possibly one more time. She also shows us her love nest and anus from behind for a few seconds while mounting the guy.

Vivian Wu in Pillow Book, The (1996)
rocco-rules was written on December 10, 2006

Vag and Bung

I just watched this again and caught sight of her plips and anus for just a few frames. It occurs in the scene where Viv and Ewan are standing side-by-side, stark naked (like John and Yoko) and then Ewan lifts her up and cradles her in his arms. A careful use of the pause and frame advance button will reveal her asian treasures.

Lyn Lundgren in Please Don't Eat My Mother (1973)
rocco-rules was written on October 30, 2006

Natural redhead makes it in a car

The film opens with a young couple in the front seat of a car. The woman (Lyn) is a gorgeous redhead with natural B-cups, capped with large rosy red nipples and a red (closer to brown) bush. The guy is fairly good looking and well hung (read my first Ric review). The love scene lasts 30 minutes, intercut with several other scenes (extremely annoying), but includes : breast play, nipple licking, girl handling cock, simulated oral (mutual), spread-eagle hairy beaver shots, intense pussy-rubbing and French kissing. Total actual love-scene time is around 15 minutes. Very hot, borderline hardcore scene.

Lyn also appears in a 10-minute film short in the DVD extras, called "The Voyeur", and puts it all on display again, including more spread-beaver shots, while making love to a guy. -- Many thanks to 12-Stringer for IDing this babe .

Sage Kirkpatrick in Love Games (2001)
rocco-rules was written on October 14, 2006

brief anus and vulva

In one of the love scenes in the blue bed, when Sage climbs atop the guy, right after he licks her right nipple, the camera pulls back a foot or so and we catch a glimpse (4 or 5 frames) of her asshole and pussy from behind.

Klaus Kinski in Story of O Continued, The (1981)
rocco-rules was written on October 8, 2006

A quick wink from the brown eye

During the beginning of the love scene with Arielle Dombasle, when Klaus mounts the French beauty and lies on top of her for a moment, his butt is on display quite a bit, and even his anus and scrotum make an appearance, but you'll need the pause button to catch them. A minute later, he turns her over and buries his face between her cheeks and tosses her salad for a few seconds, then as he positions himself to mount her, you can catch a quick glimpse of his unit, dangling really low bewteen his legs (from the rear). (I'm reviewing a long clip - never seen the whole film, unfortunately).

Sharon Kelly in Shampoo (1975)
rocco-rules was written on September 11, 2006

Body-painted babe at rich hippy party

At just over an hour into the film, there's a psychedelic party in a mansion, where you can see Sharon walking around in the nude in blue, full body paint. Only her boobs are visible for about 3 seconds at medium distance in poor lighting.

Roxanne Michaels in Poetic Seduction: Dead Students Society (1998)
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

Topless in many scenes, bottomless in DVD extras

Roxanne plays the murderous poetry teacher. She's completely nude in the opening love scene and shows off her mammoth mammaries and bubble-butt for about 2 minutes. If you're quick with the pause button you can catch a glimpse of her bung-hole just in the first few seconds of the scene. For the rest of the film she appears topless in about 6 more scenes – the pants never come off. However, in the DVD extras the love scene is extended to over 8 minutes and although the emphasis is on her magnificent chest, the director had the good sense to reveal her fine behind at least 4 more times, including several close-ups of her anus and p-lips. Her lover does us the favor of spreading her lovely, round cheeks just to give us a better view. Most scenes are in good light and at medium to close distance.

Tina Krause in Poetic Seduction: Dead Students Society (1998)
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

Stripping before her mirror, then naked in the shower

Tina plays a "new" student. She spends 2 minutes stripping out of her clothes, in her bathroom, while on the phone with her soon-to-be-slaughtered boyfriend, and gives a 360 degree view of her shapely body, including pubes. Later she's taking a shower, soaping up her natural C-cups and firm, round butt, and lets us linger over her fine form for about 2 more minutes, in good light at close distance.

Misty Mundae in Poetic Seduction: Dead Students Society (1998)
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

Upskirt and tiny titties on display in love scene

Misty climbs into bed with her jock boyfriend, William Hellfire (the same guy she gave a BJ to in Vampire Strangler), and commences making out and stripping off her clothes. There's some early upskirt scenes with Misty's bulbous butt hanging out of her panties (very sexy), before the guy pulls them off. Next, off comes the sweater and the lucky bastard gets to squeeze and suck on her itty-bitties. After about 2 more minutes of heavy-petting, they get down to business, but, unfortunately, William pulls a sheet over them !?! Over the next 3 minutes all we see are Misty's little boobies, when she gets out of bed and enters the bathroom (and meets her doom). In the DVD extras, the love scene is extended to 5 minutes, but we see little extra except a brief view of her pubes. There's more kissing, squeezing and licking going on, and a few more close-ups of her tiny-tops.

Dawn Ross in Poetic Seduction: Dead Students Society (1998)
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

MILF seduction scene

Dawn is the mother of the murderous main characters, and she seduces a young man in a flashback scene very early in the film. She drops her dress top and reveals oddly-shaped, surgically-enhanced C-cups during her love scene with the boy. There's about 1 minute of exposure at medium to close distance in fairly good light.

Joseph Anthony in Poetic Seduction: Dead Students Society (1998)
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

She likes 'em big and stupid

Joseph plays Roxanne's big, muscular, dumb brother who helps her with all the mayhem. He gets naked in the opening love scene (and more so in the extended version of the same scene), and shows everything except his unit (I don’t even recall seeing pubic hair). The director seemed to like his pimply butt, 'cause there was way too much of it on screen. You also see his butt when he's banging Misty's corpse towards the end of this sorry flick. About 7 minutes total nudity in good light at medium to close distance.

Katriona Browne in Demon Within (2000)
rocco-rules was written on August 5, 2006

Topless lesbian kissing

Brunette Katriona's right boob is exposed off and on for about 30 seconds, during a lesbian kissing, hugging and neck licking scene with Emmanuelle Vaugier, about three quarters of the way thru this interesting horror flick. Her left boob also makes an appearance but for just a few seconds. She sports a nicely developed pair of D-cups (probably store-bought). You see them mostly at medium distance, but occasionally in close-up, in fair to good lighting.

Emmanuelle Vaugier in Demon Within (2000)
rocco-rules was written on August 5, 2006


In the lesbian scene, Emmanuelle's butt is in full black panties, NOT a thong. Also, you can just barely catch sight of her boobs from the side and back as she puts her robe on.

Emmanuelle Vaugier in Demon Within (2000)
rocco-rules was written on August 3, 2006

Posing for an art class

You get a quick view of her bare boobs and butt-in-thong while she poses for an art class. It's only a few seconds and at a long distance away. Later you see her butt in a thong again while she changes in front of her lesbian girlfriend.

Chelsea Mundae in Vampire's Seduction (1998)
rocco-rules was written on July 31, 2006

Topless lesbian encounter

Chelsea appears halfway thru this short film (found on side 2 of Misty's Secret DVD) and plays an older woman, initiating a couple of young girls into the joys of lesbianism. About 5 minutes into the scene, she's topless, wearing only an apron of sorts. From some angles you can see her bare butt from a high angle. She kisses and touches the other topless babes and eventually has her boobs caressed and her nipples licked. Chelsea is relatively thin in this film and rather attractive (unlike her later films). Total topless time is about 4 minutes in good light at close distance.

Tina Krause in Vampire's Seduction (1998)
rocco-rules was written on July 31, 2006

Topless vampire

Tina plays Dracoola, Dracula's lesbian daughter, who appears in several outdoor scenes topless in a black thong and cape. She plays with her boobs and talks in an Eastern European accent. About 5 minutes total toplessness in medium light at medium to close distance.

Tina Krause in Misty's Secret (2000)
rocco-rules was written on July 31, 2006

Stark naked in a lesbian bathfest

Tina is stark naked for most of this short film. She preens in a mirror while Misty bathes beside her, sneaking glances when the other isn't looking. Later she joins Misty for a long lesbianiac bath, where her boobs are thoroughly washed and her snatch is stroked to a climax (under the water). Later she and Misty have a quick lesbian encounter on a bed. Total (360 degrees) nudity lasts 20 minutes in good light at close distance. This is highly recommended for naked Tina fans - the camera lingers on her fine form for long periods of time.

Misty Mundae in Misty's Secret (2000)
rocco-rules was written on July 31, 2006

Lesbian bath

Misty is stark naked for most of this short film. She's completely naked in a bath while wathching Tina as she fixes her hair in a mirror. Later she joins Tina for a long lesbianiac bath, where we see the 3 B's once again. Later still, she and Tina have a quick lesbian encounter on a bed. Total (360 degrees) nudity lasts 15 minutes in good light at close distance.

Arline Hunter in The Faces of Torture (1988)
rocco-rules was written on July 13, 2006

Nudie-cutie from the Forties

Arline Hunter was Playboy's Miss August 1954, with a magnificent 38D bosom, gorgeous face (reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe), long, thin legs and a cute little butt with no sign of fat or cellulite (rare for a mid-50's pinup). In this 12 minute nudie-cutie short film, I think her character is supposed to be Marilyn Monroe on a picnic by herself. She strips off her dress and bra fairly quickly exposing a perfect, gravity-defying pair of mouth-watering breasts. The cameraman seeks them out at every opportunity and allows us to bath in their splendor over the next 3 or 4 minutes. Arline, picks an apple from a tree, plays with it, rolls it down her boob canyon, over her flat tummy and white-pantied pelvis. She also tries to drink a bottle of Coke while lying down and, of course, it spills all over her. We watch as she attempts to clean up the mess, rubbing her breasts all over in the process.

The director also makes a pretty good effort of showing off her long legs and firm little bum, but the focus is mainly on her mams. Over the next 5 minutes, she manages to pull the high-top panties down to just above her pubes, though a couple little curlies do manage to make an appearance. This is old-fashioned tease at its best. By around the 10 minute mark, the panties are off and the focus shifts to Arline's adorable little derriere, and eventually her (unexpectedly) trimmed, dark bush - the top couple of inches are shaved. That was a pleasant surprize - I don't often see bush in the older films. Overall, a most pleasant 12 minutes well spent. The picture quality is very high, and it's in glorious black & white. I found this gem on the "Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield" DVD extras.

Juli Ashton in Juli Ashton & Friends - Anything Goes! (2001)
rocco-rules was written on July 11, 2006

Mucho nudity

There are too many scenes to list here, but Juli is either flashing her naughty bits in public and in private, getting totally naked in all kinds of places, just waking up naked, eating lunch naked, having (carefully editted) hardcore sex with men and women and just plain old having fun in various international locales. She manages to show off every square inch of her perfect body. Her bubbly personality really makes this video worth watching.

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