Kathy Shower in Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The (1988)
TribeKing1 was written on October 15, 2016

Extended scenes

An early european version for late night TV showed Kathy being undressed by the tribe women before her oil rub ritual. They surround Kathy and two women attend to Kathy's boots and trousers removing them while two women hold Kathy's arms to steady her while another tribe woman removes her belt then rips open Kathy's shirt exposing her breasts. All Kathy can do is feebly struggle and grimaces.

The women hold Kathy down and oil her naked body. In this version the oil scene is much better and longer where you see more of Kathy being oiled up to the point where you swear Kathy is cumming.

Later in this version she is also manhandled by the chief into position with her ass up in the air where he then starts to bang her hard from behind. It's not a side view or head on but in between and after maybe ten strokes picks up as in the US version.

Kathy Shower in Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The (1988)
TribeKing1 was written on April 11, 2012

The oil rubdown scene


The rubdown scene is considered by many viewers to be the highlight of the movie. In this scene, Barbara has been stripped naked by the women of the tribe, and forced to lay down on a bed of animal skins. While she is held down, the women rub oil all over her body. The scene begins at Barbara's feet, where two women are oiling up her legs. The camera moves upwards and we see another tribal woman rubbing oil onto her abdomen. Finally, the camera moves to Baraba's head and torso, where one woman is rubbing oil onto her breasts, while another woman holds her down by pinning her arms. The scene is repeated, this time with cutouts showing the tribal women's faces as they give Barabara her rubdown.

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