Jacques Nolot in Avant que j'oublie (2007)
spanishirish was written on April 27, 2013

Quite a lot of the mature Nolot on display

This film,written by, directed by and starring French actor Jacques Nolot is a very frank and honest account of an old gay man's desires.
Nolot - a fairly handsome 60+ man - opens the film coughing and sick in bed. He is pretty much naked for the first 15 minutes as he saunters around his apartment. The lighting is dim but he goes in and out of the kitchen totally naked and you see his bare back and bum very well,
In the kitchen he s making a hot drink and you see him nude from the side with only a glimpse of penis.
But when he gets out of bed again, you get an almost close-up frontal.
The lighting - as I said- is dim(ish) but not THAT dark and you can make out his aged nude form and his pot belly on an otherwise slim body and slight man-boobs (but he is aged and supposedly ailing)

Later on there is a scene where he hires a young rent boy and both Nolot and the young 20-something actor are both nude. Nolot performs oral sex on the young man but you see it from the back view.
Then -the most surprising moment - the lad gets the old man onto all 4s and begins to fuck him from behind, quite vigorously.
Here, you see Nolot's bare bum again and nude side view as he is (supposedly) penetrated.

I thought this was a rather brave, frank film for a rspected French mature actor to make. Considering Nolot wrote and directed it he certainly didn't shy away from the nudity and (almost graphic) sex scenes.

Bruno Ganz in Satte Farben vor Schwarz (2010)
spanishirish was written on April 26, 2013

Undressing in the bathroom

Bruno comes into the bathroom and begins to take off his shirt and then his boxer shorts and ends up walking toward the mirror to look at himself, wearily.
You get to see him totally naked, his bare buttocks on display mostly for a few seconds and the very, very slightest glimpse of frontal.

Paul Campbell in Third World Cop (1999)
spanishirish was written on February 15, 2013

Opening scene -between credits

There's the opening scene of this Jamaican movie where this Paul Campbell- playing a cop called Capone. He is having sex with a lady and the hazy/romantically lit camera pans on and over is black buttocks as they go up and down. It keeps cutting back to the opening credits and the camera is more teasing when it goes back but at one point the woman has her feet wrapped around Campbell's back and ass and her heels press against his nice chocolate ass.
Then as there is a knock at the door, he rolls off the black woman and we see her tits exposed. Campbell gets up off the bed to answer the door wrapping a towel around him, but just before he does you get a further glimpse at his sexy ass. This time - for a fleeting milisecond you see his long dick for a split of a split second between his legs.
That's it really and the film isn't much good but not bad either. I suppose most won't ever have heard of it, being a Jamaican made film by a director who went on to the lesser job of second assistant camera on Hollywood movie A Perfect Getaway ten years later.

Denzel Washington in Flight (2012)
spanishirish was written on February 4, 2013

Hospital room

You get a quick glimpse at Denzel's bum as his hospital gown is open from the back.
John Goodman opens the door to greet Denzel as a nurse is helping Denzel off the bed and Wshington's beefy ass is on show for a fleeting moment.
Not much really but it is nudity so it's worth noting and adding to his resume here.

Harry Belafonte in Buck And The Preacher (1972)
spanishirish was written on February 2, 2013

Bathing in a stream

We see Belafonte bathing in a stream in this early 70s Western directed by and starring Sidney Poitier.
When Poitier attempts to steal Harry's horse, Harry gets up out of the river and we see his ass - full nudity from behind - as he walks up the rocky path to fetch his clothes and challenge Sidney P.
Not bad but not fantastic either. HB was a good looking man -and still is now in his 80s. But he was better in the 1950s.

Isaka Sawadogo in L'envahisseur (2011)
spanishirish was written on January 26, 2013

Buttocks against window

Mid way through - 45 mins exactly - this good European film Isaka - playing an African illegal immigrant is making love to Stefania Rocca's character. The camera shows them viewed from outside the window of her apartment in broad daylight making love against the window. We see a lot of Rocca as Isaka penetrates her from behind and his muscular thighs and then we see his toned black buttocks jauntily thrusting as he is against the window now, it's sexy as we see his cheeks opening and closing as he f*** Rocca.
Great erotic scene.

Stefania Rocca in L'envahisseur (2011)
spanishirish was written on January 26, 2013

Fully nude with a black hand on her crotch

Stacey is the woman black immigrant Isaka has a fling with. At the 45 min mark both Stacey and Rocca are fully nude making love against her apartment window. We see her small but juicy little tits and her slim body and there is no pussy on show as Isaka- the actor- has his hand right between her thighs pushing her against his thrusting from behind.
Very sexy and you can imagine her juicy pussy and neat little trim brazilian probably against his fingers. Then we see her from the side and her tits bouncing sexily as he fucks her some more.
Very sexy woman -aged about 39/ 40 here. Very sexy.

Isaka Sawadogo in L'envahisseur (2011)
spanishirish was written on January 26, 2013

Full frontal

In the earlier scene there was no frontal from this powerfully built mature black actor but a lot of his ass.
Here, right near the end of the film at the 1hr 23m mark he walks completely naked into the room of his lover Stacey Rocca as she sleeps in bed with her sleeping husband.
Isaka walks from the right side of the room and you see his whole defined shape from the side, - curve of his buttocks and chest and thighs, and Yes he has his willy out too.
It's not very very big for a black guy, but it's not very small either but it is a totally full frontal scene and good to watch.
The lighting is fairly good for a night bedroom scene as there is light pouring in through the large bedroom window giving the scene a hus-ish blue and you get to see his goods and even his ass again in the reflection of the window.

Stefania Rocca in L'envahisseur (2011)
spanishirish was written on January 26, 2013

Correcting names here

Sorry for my mistakes with names in Stefania Rocca's review that I just posted. I kept calling Stefania Stacey, sorry! and Said Stacey and Rocca were making love but I MEANT TO SAY Stefania and Isaka.
Again, sorry for the mistake.

George Byrd in Marriage of Maria Braun, The (1979)
spanishirish was written on January 12, 2013

Fully naked

This guy is a slightly stocky black man, fairly handsome and in his late 40s/early 50s here when the film was made.
He is having an affair with the white German woman of the title and in this scene she trips him and he is seen fully naked. There is another man watching from the doorway and he hits Maria and the black man rushes over to her and we see his ass.
Then you get a better look at his swinging dick and balls as he grapples with the white man who is fully clothed.
In all I'd say it's a good scene because it's rare to see a black older man get naked fully in a film and this was in the 1970s!

Paul Freeman in Morlang (2001)
spanishirish was written on October 12, 2012

Flailing around for his art

There are 2 scenes with the handsome mature Paul Freeman naked.
The first is when he strips off and flails around at about the 32 minute mark. He is fully naked but the camera is shot from above and you don't see much AND- you don't see it for long. But you do get flashes of his sexy grey hairy chest and his butt cheeks and as he falls to his knees, a very slight view of a small penis between his legs-. It is all from a top view.
And then we see why he was doing it- he has painted a huge portrait of himself screaming in the nude ( here you do see his penis in the full shot but it's a painting of him).

Second scene is at the 55min mark- him having sex with his wife after they find she is terminally ill. He is on top of her thrusting but it's when he rolls off of her that you see his sexy smoth butt.

Very nice for a man his age (about 58 here).But not long enough.

Susan Lynch in Morlang (2001)
spanishirish was written on October 12, 2012

Flash of beaver and bum

In an early scene in the film's opening, The lovely Susan Lynch flashes her hairy minge at Paul Freeman's camera but it's quick and very close so very dark.

A few seconds later she and the older Freeman are play-chasing each other in the fields outside their home and as they kiss and Susan rolls away from him on the ground, she gets up and you see her lovely bum cheeks, partly with splashes of mud on them.
Quick but worth meriting as Ms. Lynch is a lovey Irish girl.

Diana Kent in Morlang (2001)
spanishirish was written on October 12, 2012

Not much at all.

Would love to have seen more and you don't get to see this lovely actress naked really in this film but at the 55 mn mark when Paul Freeman rolls offher and we see his bum, you get the slightest, very slightest sight of Diana's cunt. She is laying still and crying and a naked Freeman half-spoons her and from above the camera frames them well, wel at the bottom of the screen you can see her dark minge- only just.

Pierre Arditi in L'un Reste, L'autre Part (2005)
spanishirish was written on October 11, 2012


The very very handsome mature French actor Arditi strips off after sneaking away from his Sengelase mistress and tries to quietly go to bed next to his wife but she and her sister turn the light on and expose a very naked Pierre in a very funny scene, You see his aged but nice body full body-full frontal just before he cups a hand over his penis and balls in dismay and embarrasment at the 2 ladies seeing him naked, and exposed. As he leaves the room to get a phone you see his aged but plumpish bum.Nice views all round and full on nudity.from a 60plus suave handsome, charismatic French man. And he has some very funny scenes throughout.

Aissa Maiga in L'un Reste, L'autre Part (2005)
spanishirish was written on October 11, 2012

Teasing glimpse of nipple

Was disappointed this black beauty did not show more in this film as she is absolutely sexy and gorgeous.
It takes an old grey French man to do the real nudity in this film.
Anyway -laying in bed with a sheet covering nearly all of her body- she looks on as a naked Pierre Arditi(we only see his chest in this scene,his real nudity comes soon) is on the phone to his wife.
We do see slight glimpse of her tits but they are either covered by low placed camera angle or the sheet or the subtitles.
You see her dark aerola of her nipple only just.
Later on she is in a basque and panties pulling jeans on and we get a look at her sexy curves but wish we had have seen her properly naked like her lover Pierre.
Anyway she gets 3 stars for being a stunner and sharing sexual , filthy and funny dialogue with the silver senior Pierre.

Peter Bongartz in Julia - Eine ungewöhnliche Frau (1999)
spanishirish was written on October 8, 2012

Hairy, grey mature ass

Again Peter does nudity in another episode of this German TV series.
In a later episode he is with his screen wife Christine Hoerbiger as she lays in bed -exposing very very little, just bare shoulders. He crosses the room and we see his hairy manly butt for a few seconds as Christine looks at him. Then he slipe the sheet away slightlyand you get a tiny tiny side glimpse of Hoerbiger's sexy curve (she shows nothing really and she is about 60 here) but he kisses her butt cheeks and hip and you get an almost full nude shot(his genitals covered by the curve of the wife's body
Good erotic-ish scene though. Both actors are sexy seniors.

Burt Lancaster in Cattle Annie and Little Britches (1981)
spanishirish was written on October 8, 2012

Distant glimpse of ass

Nothing notable as it's had to see really but it is Burt Lancaster afterall!
He's in a spring bathing and is ambushed. You see a lot of his chest and he has a very fetching grey beard, As he steps slightly to pull one of the men into the water- you see his ass briefly. Nothing great and he showed it clearer in other films listed for him here. But nudity is nudity and it counts lol

Burt Lancaster in Go Tell the Spartans (1978)
spanishirish was written on October 8, 2012

Full back nudity

Burt is a soldier in this film and in the climax as his character lays wounded or dead he has been stripped of his uniform and lays on a muddy hill naked, his back, ass and legs on view and his face on the ground lifeless.
He's older here than he was in The Swimmer and his body is even beefier.

Fernando Guillen in Que t'hi jugues, Mari Pili (1991)
spanishirish was written on September 12, 2012

Sexy ass

Fernando Guillen- aged about 58 here- is one of the girls lovers and is seen naked from the back in this nice little film from Ventura Pons.
Another of the girls' boyfriends walks into the kitchen and sees Guillen naked, we get a good shot of his nice back and very sexy flaccid ass, and when he turns around he covers his genitals with a bag of food. A slight glimpse again as he scuttles out of the room when the kitchen is full of people and he covers his ass half with his hands.
He is a sexy mature Spaniard and it's a good nude scene.

Sun-ye Lee in Jukeodo joha (2002)
spanishirish was written on September 3, 2012

Many ass views

Elderly Korean "actor" (not 100% sure he is an actual actor or an amatuer) makes love to his elderly Korean wife a few times in this strange, nothing-happens-really Korean film that caused quite a fuss on it's release due to the nature of the prolonged "sex scenes". Lord knows why, they are fairly tame except for one scene where she gives him oral satisfaction.

But there is a long love-making scene where you see his ass up and down on top of her.

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