Mircea Monroe in Change-Up, The (2011)
rbelkin was written on December 29, 2013


In the Blu Ray, you can see the seams where it's glued to her body. The breasts and nipples do not move as they are rigid plastic. Same with Leslie mann's "nudity." Her back and sides are exposed but nothing on the front is real so if you like a real woman wearing a "real doll" breast plate, enjoy - otherwise, it's a crappy comedy with women wearing plastic breastplates.

Leslie Mann in Change-Up, The (2011)
rbelkin was written on December 29, 2013


If you enjoy women wearing a giant plastic breast plate - this scene might be enjoyable to you. You can see the seams on the side of the plate glued to her torso on the Blu Ray. In the bathroom scene, you can see when she leans over, neither breasts move at all. Like those "real dolls" mannequins, apparently now you can just buy a super realistic breast plate with perfect C cups but not very sexy nor enticing ... I was surprises Mrs. Money Bags was willing to do nudity for a super crappy film - now, we know what kind of nudity it is as she does actually do NOT do any actual nudity in the traditional sense of revealing your ACTUAL BREASTS and NIPPLES. That is probably not her ass either (Old fashioned BD).

Dorka Gryllus in School of Senses (1996)
rbelkin was written on February 17, 2013

Nudity - Lots of Sex Scenes

This is an interesting test of your interest in nudity - the film starts with her topless but she's looks unattractive and more of documentary look and feel - very clinical - but as the film travels back in flashback, she actually starts to look attractive and even hot in certain sequences and she seems to go from an A-cup to a C-cup ... so interesting ... and her character enjoys hot/semi-violent sex (not violent as in abuse settings) so even when she's mostly clothed in the sex scenes, she seems fully committed. The lesbian scene is nice (not much going on other than touching). So, you might rate this a 1-star or a 3-star depending on whether you find it interesting the same lead actress can go from topless scenes as a homeless drug addled blotchy a-cup to a smoking hot girl ...

Kim Schraner in A Killing Spring (2002)
rbelkin was written on February 16, 2013

Flashes of Side Boob and Rear

Overall, pretty weak but there is quasi-partial nudity. She's cute as hell though the film is poorly shot and doesn't make much sense. Her big sexy scene is when she beds her co-worker though they work hard to hide her size A breasts as she rides him on top. The editor worked furiously to hide her breasts. Finally, when she turns, you can a side boob and later when she's getting dressed, more swinging side boob but she's also got pasties on her nipples. There is a bare back and partial butt crack as she starts to get dressed with her back behind the camera - there are flashes of panties as she finishes getting dressed.

Cecilia Roth in Martin (Hache) (1997)
rbelkin was written on February 16, 2013

If Topless Sunbathing is Your Thing ...

Strange but she's much more attractive clothed and wearing skimpy outfits or bikinis -she looks a little old and sun worn here but I could see if you like older "cougars," she and this role might do it for you. She's an mostly attractive cougar throughout the first part of the film - then there are a couple topless sunbathing scenes towards the end. She has that European casualness and no tan lines so to me, it's wasn't particularly sexy but more clinical but of course, if you enjoy natural C cups on a slightly older woman - here ya go. Don't confuse this with other movies named Martin.

Carolyn Seymour in Ruling Class, The (1972)
rbelkin was written on February 11, 2013

There Is Also Bush

Maybe it was not easy to see in earlier versions but on the DVD, there is a few frames of bush - as noted, most of the nudity is shot in long or medium scenes so you don't see much but she was in her mid 20's so everything is pert - as we near the end, she pulls on a robe but then pulls off her panties to climb on a chair and we get a few frames of bush - she then rubs against the poster bed corner as a giant phallus so pretty sexy and risque for the time. It's not great nudity but of interest since all her roles on ST:TNG (most notably) are of the prim & proper type, it's fun to see her nude and young.

Jessica Alba in Paranoid (2000)
rbelkin was written on January 30, 2013

Opening Credits Nudity NOT Jessica

She looks sexy in the opening credits and there is lots of nice nudity of "nameless" models getting dressed - there is one cut from Jessica to another girl pulling up her top that fools your eye for a second as they are dressed similiar and the way the cut flows but it's basically an optical illusion trick. There is another cut later on as Jessica is pulling up on a tube top and there is a shadow and probably some fabric that can appear as her aureola/nipple but it's just wishful thinking. in HD on a large screen, it's clear it's a shadow plus fabric as Jessica is very clear no nudity ever. So, good opening credit nudity of nameless models & Jessica looks sexy but no nudity.

Jane Fonda in Game Is Over, The (1966)
rbelkin was written on January 6, 2013

Fans of Jane Fonda Will Appreciate This Film More

While the nudity is not plentiful or shot very clearly, Jane is in her smoking hot days ...

There is an early sexy scene where she's wearing panties with her legs up working an exercise bike.

Then a long scene where she's sleeping with white face cream and "the guy" is dressed up as a marauder in a sex game. There are blurry shots of her tits getting out of bed - at first you think she's wearing pasties but it's only because film is soft and DVD transfer is not great. There's another couple minutes where she romps around wrapped in a sheer white curtain and you get occasional glimpses at her nipples from a distance through sheer curtains - at some point she drops them but since she's generally running, it's really only a few frames glimpses - of course, back then, it was all you could get. At the end of this scene after most of the white face cream is rubbed off, she's laying down in panties, at one point, she rolls over for the best look at her tits/nipples - again, probably about 10 frames.

Later on she's working out again in her granny panties, the guy comes in and molests her slightly but we don't really see anything.

The best scene is the pool scene - after the swim (nothing to see), as she's in her robe getting a bite to eat, she leans forward and we get clear shots of her cute pink nipples and tits - first the left and then the right - only a few seconds but sexy as hell.

The movie makes very little sense as later, there's a montage-like sequence of her getting dressed - at one point, she's cute as hell getting dressed with no bra in a see through white top - again, not very long but sexy though technically not nude. She begins to undress but it cuts away.

So, not as great as her nudity in the Vietnam movie but here, she's at least 10 years younger with pert firm young woman breasts and nipples so for fans, worth a rental for the down blouse scene and her overall sexiness though the movie makes very little sense.

Maureen McCormick in Texas Lightning (1981)
rbelkin was written on July 15, 2012

Worth It for Fans

Yea, if you're not a fan of Marcia from The Brady Bunch - it's pointless but for fans, it's worth a look. The movie is not very good and makes very little sense (the scenes with fat shirtless guys are plentiful and shot fully lit) but Maureen looks hot in her bar scenes. She was probably at her top weight here so her breasts are in the B/C-cup range. The low budget movie is a grainy transfer that is even weak on VHS - let alone DVD. The motel scenes are all dark but you can turn up the brightness and it's clear enough. And you are better off watching it on a computer so you can go frame by frame. During the sex scene with her boyfriend, she looks hot, arching her back, thrusting her chest and moaning
(his hand covers her breast but still nice). The rape scene has a couple peeks here and there but it is literally frames of nipple peek footage so frame by frame is the way to go. As the cowboys yahoos enter to fight her boyfriend, she leaps up in her lingerie to help him - a nice side butt shot and most of her right breast nearly pops out. As she falls back to a seated position, her right breast and nipple does pop out for a couple frames. One of the guys decides it would be more fun to attack her so he drops down on her. As she struggles, her right breast and nipple pops out. Again, a few frames but for Marcia Brady fans, the show of shows. At the end when she finally pushes him off, both aerolas are visible, she pulls up the right side of her lingerie but her left aerola remains visible.

Keep in mind this is NOT an HD movie where a few frames here and there are okay for most - it is a low budget low res grainy transfer so don't expect too much ...

Jennifer O'Neill in Lady Ice (1973)
rbelkin was written on July 11, 2012

Technically Nudity

She is asked to be strip searched at an airport so two bunch dyke customs women ask her to strip so that scene is decent as she's eventually down to her bra and then asked to take that off - but her hair covers her left breast so you get a little side boob but not much else. So, technically nude but not much really.

Lisa Eilbacher in Live Wire (1992)
rbelkin was written on July 11, 2012

Sex Scene So Dark It Could be a Double

She does expose her left breast in the tub. That we can be sure it's her. The next sex scene could be anyone with Pierce Brosnan. It's shot in the dark, there is ZERO dialogue (smooth jazz plays in the bg) so there's not even dialogue to match up. The breasts look a little firm. Not only is it shot nearly in the dark (why is that?) - in nearly all the scenes, the face is covered by her hair or Brosnan's hands. While I wouldn't bet my life on it - my guess is its a body double. BTW, the difference between the R and Unrated scene is very minimal. A few more entwined sexy scenes (side of butt, no extra breast shots) and one scenes where Brosnan sort of nuzzles her nipples (again, mostly in the and her face covered).

Jane Fonda in Spirits of the Dead (1968)
rbelkin was written on January 12, 2011

Down Blouse & Side Ass

Jane Fonda might've been going through her crazy phase at this time but she was smokin' hot ... there is no nudity but most of her scenes have her wearing this sheer chiffon wrap (over a weird bikini like costume) so most her legs are exposed up to her thigh and ass as she walks around. She has a makeout scene where her right nipple might make an appearance but pretty deep cleavage down blouse ... then as she's riding a horse in that chiffon-bikini outfit, you get lots of leg expose and one brief shot as she rides - her left ass cheek is definitely visible ... so if you think Jane is hot, you'll enjoy her scenes in a mostly incoherent weird EU film of that era but not really a lot of real nudity - just frames worth ... but again, if you think she's hot, you'll enjoy it - if not - then you'll want to pass.

Jennie Garth in My Brother's War (2002)
rbelkin was written on March 3, 2009

Side Boob For Seconds ...

If you turn up the brightness, you get a few seconds of her left side breast squeezed tightly against the guys chest ... for Jennie Garth fans only.

Keira Knightley in Silk (2007)
rbelkin was written on June 14, 2008

Three Brief Nude Scenes - Darkly Lit But Good Enough

Two stars only because all the scenes are darkly lit and short but still worth it - especially if you add in the two cute Japanese actresses topless or nude in this film. She has three bed scenes with her husband with him on top of her. The first bedroom scene is the darkest lit and it's mostly the side of her left breast. The second bed scene is better as he is on top of her - the third is a brief scene as her top opens while he slides his hands up and down her. She is definitely thin and only an A-cup here but still giid enough to view.

Naoko Watanabe in Silk (2007)
rbelkin was written on June 14, 2008

Excellent FFN Scene

She is a (Japanese) geisha/concubine in this period piece drama. She offers herself to the lead character. She stands and completely disrobes - FFN (medium shot). There is a decent length love making session with nice closeups of her A/B cups. Very cute.

Sei Ashina in Silk (2007)
rbelkin was written on June 14, 2008

Brief Topless Scene

She really only has one brief topless scene - as she in the hot springs, she turns and you get a brightly lit daylight view of her A.B cups before she disappears under the water. She is cut as a button though.

The regular Mr. Skin review is incorrect. She is confused with the geisha/concubine actresses who does the FFN in the sex scene. Sei, unfortunately only has the short scene in the hot springs.

Ayelet Zurer in Nina's Tragedies (2004)
rbelkin was written on May 9, 2008

Sexy Throughout - short Brief Nude Scene - Mostly Dark

She is pretty hot even when she's looking tragic - as she does throughout this movie. The movie is all in Hebrew and interesting but for serious cinema fans only - and while she looks great nude, it's a very brief scene. She is in bed with her boyfriend and most of their to and fro is in dark shadows, finally, her breasts are revealed in the light - maybe for a couple seconds. Later on, there are pregnancy b&w photos of her nude, presumably a photoshop - the nipples don't really match but the first scene is so short, it's hard to tell.

There is additional nudity - the nephew peeps in on a woman griinding away - revealing most of her ass but she's a middle aged woman (ass looks good though) but we never catch her full name ... there is also a middle aged streaker - no frontal, just ass if that's your scene ...

Rebecca Pidgeon in Edmond (2005)
rbelkin was written on November 24, 2007

Ass in Black Nylon & Black Panties

Not actual nudity but you can see her butt cheeks in black nylons and black panties. Her scene with William Macy starts with her in black bra, black panties and black nylons - she then turns to search her closet in a medium shot revealing her butt cheeks - she finds a skirt and puts that on. Then she reacts emotionally to Macy's words - never bothering to put on a shirt over her black bra - however since she is an a-cup, there isn't even a hint of cleavage until the end where her face is distraught - draining any sexy of of the scene. Long scene (3 minutes) of her yelling so if you just want to see her in bra, turn down the sound.

Mena Suvari in Edmond (2005)
rbelkin was written on November 24, 2007

Nipple See Through

As a prostitute (photo of Mena above is her scene from EDMOND), most of her scenes are her in her one piece lingerie which is mostly see through and you can see her nipples through the fabric. About a 2-minute scene. Sexy and what most TV would consider nudity/sexuality ...

CĂ©line Lomez in Silent Partner, The (1978)
rbelkin was written on November 10, 2007

Wet C Cups

Later in Gould's apartment, she is in a low cut skirt with slits that really shows off her great body. She also spends a few minutes squatting - while her legs are pressed closely together, it's a quasi upskirt but definitely a long lingering down her the very loose top part of her dress. A few seconds later, the psycho played by Chris Plummer starts beating on her and throws her towards a large fish tank - her top half is all wet and the tussle for a few seconds, you can see her gaping dress and her large C-cups wet and swaying with both nipples exposed every so slightly. Now, you have to slo mo as it's really about a 2-3 second scene with a lot of motion - him throwing her and then tussling with her - it's also quasi dark and she has a lot of hair - the scene ends badly for her character but she was a great looking woman and it's too bad she hasn't done a lot of movies ... cute face, gorgeous body.

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