Deanna Russo in Believers (2007)
gun_will_travel was written on November 12, 2008

Topless seducing paramedic

At the one hour mark into the movie, Russo removes her top and mounts the injured paramedic. Her body is covered with a weird mathematical formula tattoo. You get two quick side views of her right boob, and then see the top of her butt from behind as she rides him.

Maggie Quigley in Manhattan Midnight (2001)
gun_will_travel was written on November 10, 2007

Topless - Extended scene has surfaced

When I first saw this film there was a two-star scene halfway through the film, with bad lighting, only one breast visible, and most of her obscured by Richard Grieco. But I just saw a clip on the website of a better-lit, frontal view from the same movie. Definitely a three-star scene, now if I can just find the DVD! I think there's a Japanese release on the yesasia website that looks promising...

Paula Patton in Deja Vu (2006)
gun_will_travel was written on April 17, 2007

Gratuitous T&A

Denzel and a bunch of future-tech geeks get a great view of Paula Patton as she takes a shower. You see her phenomenal breasts and ass, though the scene is not well lit.

Leela Savasta in Masters of Horror (2005)
gun_will_travel was written on April 16, 2007

Extra nudity on DVD extras

There is extended footage of the graveyard orgy scene on the DVD extras in the one of the featurettes, with longer views of Ms. Savasta topless and getting her breasts groped, as well as another nice view of her derriere gyrating on her dead husband. Well worth the purchase price!

Kate Mara in Shooter (2007)
gun_will_travel was written on April 16, 2007

See-thru white T-shirt

About halfway through the film Mark Wahlberg pays a visit to Kate Mara, who is lounging at home in a white see-thru top. Great frontal view. She is later kidnapped, bloodily beaten, and apparently raped by Elias Koteas, but no more skin is shown.

Julianna Margulies in Ghost Ship (2002)
gun_will_travel was written on January 21, 2007


It's not Julianna Margulies, it's Francesca Rettondini, who plays the ghost.

Melissa George in Dark City (1998)
gun_will_travel was written on October 8, 2006

nude while changing

The lovely Ms. George is seen nude through a bead curtain and topless as described previously. I would just add the you get a MUCH better view in full frame than in widescreen.

Molly Sims in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special (2006)
gun_will_travel was written on February 19, 2006

$30 million?

It was probably only worth $15 million before it touched her naked nipples and vulva...

Emmanuelle Vaugier in The Sculptress (2000)
gun_will_travel was written on January 24, 2006

Nude modeling, lesbian sex scene

At about 20 minutes Ms. Vaugier is briefly seen topless from a distance while doing nude modeling for a sculpture class. At about 42 minutes she is seen topless from the side/back while briefly changing before making out with a topless stripper. While she looks great, there is not much actually seen in this movie.

Scarlett Johansson in Match Point (2005)
gun_will_travel was written on January 20, 2006

wet T-shirt

The lovely Scarlett is seen in a wet-T-shirt, nipple pokies clearly visible.

Cameron Richardson in Good Humor Man, The (2005)
gun_will_travel was written on April 22, 2005


The lovely Ms. Richardson from Point Pleasant removes her bra and flashes her B-cup delights.

Screencaps can be seen on the 4-16-05 entry at

Stacy Haiduk in Luther The Geek (1990)
gun_will_travel was written on April 20, 2005

Awesome outtakes

The DVD is indeed awesome. It's a low-budget film, so the image quality isn't great, but the 10 minutes of shower outtakes are among the best nudity bonus features ever included on disc. You see multiple takes of the same scene, including a close-up shot of Thomas Mills rubbing soap on Ms. Haiduk's spectacular natural breasts that lasts several minutes. Buy it today.

ChloƩ Winkel in Stratosphere Girl (2004)
gun_will_travel was written on April 19, 2005

Topless making love

Near the end of the film, there is a monatge featuring several quick topless glimpses. Side-angle shots, with some fondling. Ms. Winkel is absolutely stunning, looking a lot like a svelte Scarlett Johansson.

Amber Heard in Friday Night Lights (2004)
gun_will_travel was written on January 25, 2005

Get the FULLSCREEN version

The scene has the nudity cut from the widescreen version, as in many other recent releases. It looks like the studios have figured out how to make us consumers buy TWO copies of every movie; one WS to fit the TV and present the movie the same way as the theatrical release, and one FS to see the nudity. Clever!

Kristanna Loken in Gangland (2001)
gun_will_travel was written on July 6, 2003

No nudity

No KL nudity here, unfortunately. She has definitely done some nudity prior to T3, as she admits in this interview:
However, it's not in this film. Still searching!

Monet Mazur in Learning Curve, The (2001)
gun_will_travel was written on November 21, 2002

screwing in the front seat

A quick glimpse of her smallish breasts when she takes off her top having sex in a car with a guy.

Elizabeth Berridge in Amadeus (1984)
gun_will_travel was written on April 18, 2002

It's about damn time

I can't believe they waited 8 years to release the Director's Cut, and for some assinine reason they finally released it in the theater, so we would have to wait for the DVD. Better late than never, I guess! Can't wait for the DVD release of the Director's Cut to see if there's even more.

Susan Ward in In Crowd, The (2000)
gun_will_travel was written on March 17, 2002

The good stuff only in Euro version

Sorry, North Americans. Some a-hole at Warner Bros. decided that the three-star sex scene was only for Euros. Damn!

Check out the link for more info:

Amy Jo Johnson in Pursuit of Happiness (2001)
gun_will_travel was written on November 25, 2001

Topless having sex

Topless riding a guy while he grabs her ass. Kinda dark.

Thandie Newton in Leading Man, The (1996)
gun_will_travel was written on April 6, 2001

bush and bare breast with fondling

At about 55 minutes into the movie, viewers are treated to the sight of Jon Bon Jovi pulling Thandie Newton's panties halfway off, exposing a flash of close-up bush. Moments later, he pulls down the left side of her bra from behind and fondles her bare nipple. A real sleeper scene!

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