Devon Calwell in Naked News (2000)
Manny was written on May 19, 2014

Sweet Smooth Devon

Devon is one of the hottest anchors Naked News has ever had. She's gorgeous all over, and has a fantastic completely shaved pussy. I'd love to see some full nude photos of her by a professional photographer, like the other anchors got done. She's very funny as well as intelligent in her segments and a joy to watch.

Victoria Sinclair in Naked News (2000)
Manny was written on May 19, 2014

Victoria Sinclair

I've been a member on and off with Naked News over the years. I first saw Victoria back in 2001. She seemed a bit shy while stripping (she'd visibly grin in embarrassment when pulling her panties down), but over time she's the expert in stripping effortlessly. To this day she is still very erotic in her stripping.
She has small perky breasts, great ass, and a nice pussy. In the early day she sported a full bush, but when she returned as Lead Anchor she trimmed it a lot. Sometimes she has even shaved it completely bald which I wish she would do more often, because her pussy looks very nice in its shape. I wish she shaved it for her Paul Buceta nude photos.
Victoria occasionally will take her panties off before her bra, which is very erotic.

Holly Weston in Naked News (2000)
Manny was written on May 19, 2014

Holly Weston

I saw her back in 2001 when she was pregnant on the show. At the time I found this very appealing. One of the best segments was when she was wearing a feather boa, and would occasionally hold it away from her body to reveal her pussy. Nice figure, pretty, great boobs (while pregnant- they shrunk a bit after her pregnancy), and a neat little landing strip above her sweet shaved 'innie' pussy. She went completely bare down there during her pregnancy, which was awesome. I'd like to see her return to the show.

Sandra Majani in Le parfum d'Yvonne - The Perfume of Yvonne (1800)
Manny was written on July 25, 2013

One of the most erotic flirts ever

I'm writing this all from memory, as the first & last time I saw this film was almost a decade and a half ago, and have not been able to find it since. I'm busting a nut just seeing the teaser photo!

Yvonne is played by the beautiful Sandra Majani. The male lead character has been trying to seduce her, or rather, she was seducing him....
First he massages her breasts through her blouse while holding her up against a tree. Later, they start making out at a tennis match, and he slips a hand under her skirt to finger her.

Later on they are on a jetty by Lake Geneva on a sunny breezy afternoon, in what I think is the second best erotic flirts ever (the best is in the next scene). Sandra's character slips down her white panties from under her long white skirt, hands them to the man and says they are a gift for him. She stands by the rails of the jetty and as he films her with an old style film camera, she lets the wind blow up her skirt to flash her fantastic butt cheeks. Then you see a smirk on her face as she slightly leans back from the rail, allowing the wind to blow up the front of her skirt, to flash the side of her slightly trimmed hairy pussy to the man. While I don't like bush at all (a landing strip is the most I'll stand), I still think this is as hot as hell. Plus she has a decent big mound that projects from her hips- looks great in side profile.

She walks over to him and quietly says "I know a hotel where we can spend the afternoon..."
The next scene shows them in a bedroom, the afternoon sun shining in. The man is sitting on the bed, slowly unbuttoning the front of Sandra's skirt. She helps him undo the last button and push the skirt down slightly. She puts her hands on his head, he looks up at her, then pulls at the sides of her skirt to let it fall straight to her feet, revealing her pussy directly in front of his eyes. He stares in amazement while we see her shapely butt. The man is stuck for words, then launches his tongue right into her mound. He licks her out to her delight, then she climbs onto the bed to kiss him while unbuttoning his trousers. Then we see the bed creaking as they passionately have sex.

A few hours later it's night time, and they are lying back talking as he strokes her back. Then Sandra turns over to reveal her bush & breasts, as they get back to having sex.

There's a scene where Sandra is lying on a wooden floor, as the man feels her breasts. I only remember this vaguely.

Another sex scene is in Sandra's home where she grew up. She takes him up to her bedroom and said how she always wanted to have made love in her home bed. She takes her clothes off, waiting for him, then they have sex. We see her breasts really well but that's it.

If you like arty eroticism then this is great.

Tina Theberge in Valley Girl (1983)
Manny was written on July 25, 2013

More nudity than you'd think.....

When I first heard of this movie, I thought there would be no nudity at all.
I admit I've only ever seen it once, and that was on YouTube!
Yet despite that...

There's a scene where a blonde girl is making out with a guy, in a bedroom during a party. He starts to undress her and we see her breasts. The sex stops there though.

Another scene are four girls dancing around in their bras & panties at a sleepover. They clearly don't maintain their bushes at all because their pubic hair is grossly sticking out. They all must have had forests down there- It was the 80s I guess.

One of the brunettes in this scene is later shown at home talking to her boyfriend on the phone. She invites him round with the idea of sex but he declines. He ends up coming round the next day and sneaks into her house, up the stairs and gets to peek at her in the shower, through the misted up glass shower door. You can't see much due to the mist, but can make out her butt cheeks, then she turns round where you can make out her breasts & nipples, and the dark patch of her big hairy bush.
He clearly approved as he smiled at that moment.
From what I remember he then approached the glass door?

Then the mother comes home, we see clothes strewn throughout the hallway, and she finds her daughter and the boyfriend having sex in a bed. There might be a flash of breasts in this bit.

I've rated this 3 star Nudity because I was rather surprised to see bush in what I thought was a mainstream teen film during a conservative era.

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