Andrine Saether in Cellofan - med døden til følge (1998)
oldbabe was written on January 13, 2002

Full frontal and back

Andrine Sæther is a Scandivian lass with average looks and average body. In this Norwegian thriller, at about 0:24, she can be seen getting out of the shower then covered herself with a towel. Just before she is covered, we are given a moderate look of her rather flat-ish chest with small nipples and also her European pubic hair. Just as she was putting on her panties later and with her back facing us, dropped her towel to reveal a rather nice, taut and round ass for a nano-second - freeze frame alert here. Sorry to disappoint but this rather gratuitous shower nudity didn't lead to anymore gratuitous sex scene that most Hollywood thrillers of this genre would demand.

Adrienne Corri in Clockwork Orange, A (1971)
oldbabe was written on January 11, 2002

Snipped clothing

The scene occured about 0:12 into the movie and I don't think I have much to add to the two previous reviews. Except that she did have very nice and smooth body and was credited to be about 38 years old at the time of the movie as per biodata in imdb.

Shirley Jaffe in Clockwork Orange, A (1971)
oldbabe was written on January 11, 2002

Huge boobs flinging up and down, left and right.

If she was the one who was roughed up by Billie-boy's gang, then she has one pair of gargantuan tits. They can be seen flinging around as she is being assaulted and when she made her escape. Very good exposure of her body.

Meredith Baxter in My Breast (1994)
oldbabe was written on January 11, 2002

it's just a breast - a huge, huge breast.

Meredith's mature and well-developed left breast can be seen as described. In this 1994 movie, it shows us what we never could have imagined from watching "Family Ties" way back then - the fact that Meredith has such large, natural and attractive breasts. Too bad she's only doing this nudity at 47 years old (for a non-erotic cause) and never seems to be repeating another such performance.

Lynn Redgrave in Shine (1996)
oldbabe was written on January 10, 2002

Elderly Sex

Geoffrey Rush was lying on top of Lynn when they were making love. He has most of her naked 53 year old body covered but her left breast and nipple can be seen for a brief second or two. However, Geoff's body sort of cast a shadow over it such that the view was not too clear. Certainly not enough to see any wrinkle on the breast.

Amy Irving in Kleptomania (1995)
oldbabe was written on January 10, 2002

Wet, bubbly and fully nude

At about 0:51, Amy walked up from a bubble bath revealing her wet small breasts, with dark nipples and dark bush. Amy at 42 years had a very slim and desirable body plus a uniquely ravishing face as well. Although this film was only released a year earlier than "Carried Away", Amy here, looked a good five years younger than her character in the latter movie.

Patsy Kensit in Kleptomania (1995)
oldbabe was written on January 10, 2002

Younger body

This happened during the first third of the film. Patsy stripped to have a shower. Good views of her small breasts, nipples and young body. However, inspite of her youth advantage she seemed a lot less desirable than Amy Irving in this movie.

Carol Drinkwater in Clockwork Orange, A (1971)
oldbabe was written on January 9, 2002

Young and bouncy

Carol was a young 23 at the time of the movie. The scene as described, last just for a few seconds and from a medium distance but enough for us to note that her udders were heavy. Their sheer size and bounce made her so delicious. It is only after a lapse of 24 years that Carol gave us another eyeful of her naked body, this time inclusive of her bush. Viewers can judge the difference age has taken its toll on her body by watching "An awfully big adventure". At 47, her breasts had certainly elongated much, and her waist had thickened considerably. Yet she was still able to maintain a certain luscious womanly shape although with certain wrinkles here and there on her tits.

Sally Kellerman in Boris and Natasha (1992)
oldbabe was written on January 8, 2002

Senior Appeal

In the movie, Sally played the part of a eastern european spy. At about 0:20, she wore low-cut and bare-back night gown. Her still beautiful, bony and lengthy back (no bum crack) was displayed as she walked to the bed. And when she bent down to tuck in her fellow spy, Boris her droopy and still jelly-like breasts are partially exposed. Alas, it was disppointing that no nipples were slipped. She was 56 during the movie but still possesed a very lanky and sexy body. Two years later in Altman's "Ready to Wear", she did in fact bared those salivating and saggy tits in full.

Isabelle Adjani in Diabolique (1996)
oldbabe was written on January 8, 2002


The version that I saw of the film, some breasts with nipples were shown but it happened in such a flash that body double or not, it doesn't quite matter. Sigh! Isabelle is just gettin into an interesting age to be seen nude once again.

Amy Irving in Carried Away (1996)
oldbabe was written on January 8, 2002

Mature Babe

When she opened a few buttons of her blouse, after being persuaded by her lover to get nude in the living room, it sort of got my heart beat a few beats faster. That's because she didn't look particularly pretty nor sexually appealing before that plus she looked middle-agedly uninteresting and didn't looked as though she would let us see her nude. However my views changed from then on, Her rather mature face belied the fact that her body was still superbly shapely and her breats were full but medium in sized. Anyway, this is all very eroticizing from a senior actress.

Kate Capshaw in Alarmist, The (1997)
oldbabe was written on January 7, 2002

Don't be alarmed

Kate is grade A in sexual attractiveness. Her beautiful 45 year-old shape was in great form throughout the movie. She was cute and adorable even at that age. The bulb change scene was completely stimulating. BUT this is not a nude scene. This review shouldn't be here at all - I was grossly devastated that there was nothing more of Kate's great established body to be shown.

Sandahl Bergman in Possessed by the Night (1994)
oldbabe was written on January 7, 2002

Firm and full

Yes, Sandahl at age 43 still posessed the night with her firm and full body. Hope to see more of this still.

Kelly McGillis in Witness (1985)
oldbabe was written on January 6, 2002

Washing Up

Kelly, with her hair all bundled up, she was washing herself, topless but still wearing her Amish clothing bottom. At first the view is just from the back as she washes her feet, then wipes her top, et cetra. Her overall body was firm and sturdy while her arms and shoulder were unexpectedly quite muscular. As usual your bathroom has to be either doorless, ajar or with wide open windows for nude scenes to succeed. And when she realised Harrison Ford was having a peek outside she turned around a few brief moments to show him (and of course, us) her pre-surgery and moderately-sized breasts. The tits were hanging sort of centrally in her torso (why wouldn't they? but it was kind of too oddly centrally positioned as opposed to sagging). But overall, it was still extremely arousing since they are 100% natural albeit small-ish. Compare this four years later in "Cat Chaser", with more explicit scenes but with enlarged and pretentious-looking boobs.

Kelly McGillis in Cat Chaser (1989)
oldbabe was written on January 6, 2002

Loved and then Abused

First off while making out with the hero of the film, at about 0:22, Kelly's surgically enlarged breasts can be seen as described by the others. After that she wears an open-in-the-middle blouse, you can see her cleavage and her pointed nips can be made out through the dress. Then "the scene", at about 1:00 her husband forced her to strip at gunpoint and then lay on the bed which she dutifully did.
Both her surgically enlarged breasts and bush can be seen (in the version I saw). He went on to force his gun on her mouth, on her surgically enhanced right breast, and then out of view, her pubic area (maybe there's some version which graphically shows this). She ran around and get slapped and pushed. All great stuff. She is one sexy woman. However, I still prefer her pre-surgery in Witness. The tits were smaller then but looked a lot more natural and desirable.

Barbara Carrera in Point of Impact (1993)
oldbabe was written on January 5, 2002

Nicaraguan Rose

This film is also known by the name the Spanish Rose. Anyway, enough has been descibed about the various scenes. Without sounding too repetitive, all I wish to add is that the then 42-years old Barbara was really captivating for a matured lady like her. The sultry actress' body was still extremely fit, however her firm breasts, (from my untrained eyes) looked to have been surgically enhanced.

Angie Dickinson in Dressed to Kill (1980)
oldbabe was written on January 4, 2002

Gorgeous Senior

Angie was 49 years old during the movie. The opening scene has her naked showering behind the shower screens. Although the view is a bit steamy (as in misty), but her senior tits can still be seen from a distance. As the camera pans nearer, a fully naked torso with amazing breasts (implants ones) can be seen. But yes, I stongly believe this was body double work. And yes again, she can be seen topless once more later in the film, getting out of the bed after making love but again it's from a distance, and very brief. What is rather stimulating is an earlier scene where the stranger that she later slept with, was making out with her in the taxi (but no nudity shown). All that moaning and groaning, and the getting her panties off must have been extremely distracting to the driver. All said, although the nudity is not too explicit, Angie was still one gorgeous senior actress.

Marika Lagercrantz in All Things Fair (1995)
oldbabe was written on January 4, 2002

Dream Teacher

Marika is a 41 years old Swedish actress of average beauty (apologies to her fans) and has very beautifully thin body and with small breasts. At 0:42, she is fully naked as she raced her student lover to bed. It's from a medium distance but her tits and bush are clearly visible. And at one point she raised her legs and more of her private parts should be shown but the angle is too far to visualize (even with freeze frame). Her rather tiny breasts were very alluring as they jiggled up and down as she ran. At 0.59, a brief exposure of her right breast as she gets out of bed. Her light-coloured areola is comparatively large as it covered a big part of her small-ish breast. At 1:27, she was wearing an open and transparent sort of underwear, both her nipples can be seen. At 1:57, while throwing a tantrum, she pulled down one side of her bra and revealed her compact left breast and nipple once more. Most of the scenes, her teats are slightly erect.

Karin Huldt in All Things Fair (1995)
oldbabe was written on January 4, 2002

Undeveloped tits

Karin was supposed to be a teenager in the movie but her actual age is unlisted in imdb. She was rather plain-looking and her tits were...well they looked un-ripe, or under-developed. Unfortunately for her that paled in comparison with Marika's mature and seductive breasts. That's probably why Stig first rejected her.

Margaret Whitton in Secret of My Success, The (1987)
oldbabe was written on January 4, 2002

The Secret of My Body

Margaret lets the viewers in on a little secret of her body - by showing some quick flashes of her nipple whilst underwater and with robe partially covering - as described in previous review. She played an older woman who had a thing with a young Michael J. Fox. Her then 37-year old body was still superb and she was seductively sultry. But the exposure duration can be a bit more appropriate - as in much longer.

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