Jaid Barrymore in Last Days of Disco, The (1998)
oldbabe was written on January 4, 2002

Irrelevant Nudity

She is listed in imdb as Ildiko Jaid, but probably uses the Barrymore name for leveraging on daughter Drew's popularity. And she has got really large breasts. If these weren't implants (can't really tell) then that's where Drew got her genes from. Jaid was 51 at the time of the film. With such large breasts and maturity, the nudity should be another arousing older woman showcase. But somehow, she doesn't look that desirable, probably because she didn't get enough airtime in the movie before the nude scene which happened almost at the end of this rather draggy film. And the role and nudity were fairly irrelevant to the film. Plus her middle-age tummy on display, as mentioned, didn't quite help either.

Mimi Rogers in Full Body Massage (1995)
oldbabe was written on January 3, 2002

God's gift

Mimi is truly unbelievable. She has got a supremely delectable, big-gish body and amazing breasts. Both breasts are equally huge and slightly droopy - all very appeticizing. She was 39 years old when the film was released in 1995. And I believe it was filmed before the birth of her first child. Imagine how her body now (at 45)looks after the birth of her second child. Probably just a bit thicker in the waist, wider hips but with much bigger and saggier breasts and larger areola/nipple - slurrrrp. Oh, Mimi don't keep us guessing, go on do a sequel.

Reneé Soutendijk in House Call (1994)
oldbabe was written on January 3, 2002

Yummy Mummy

Reneé is an extremely attractive Dutch actress. She has a very supple and sensuous 39 (then) year-old body. And there is a sexy mole on her right cheek. The movie began as she received some obscene calls at night wearing only a tight-ish tank top-like sleeping dress. In the morning, wearing the same bra-less tank-top and only panties inside, she can be seen walking around preparing breakfast for her son. The shape of her sensual body and nipples can be made out. There is a scene the strap of the top falls down but nothing much is shown as she instantly pulls it up. She went on to shower behind a screen, just a blurred vision of her nude body. At about 0:40 (the best scene), she lays naked on her bathup, pleasuring herself and you can see her rubbing her vagina area in the water. Both her medium sized breasts, can also be seen. They are firm and her nipples are rather upward pointing. She reaches orgasm just as her young son walks in, curious of her groaning. (Why don't they ever latch the bathroom) At about 0:52, she had her top fully unbottoned and wearing only panties, her lover rubs her all over and fondles her breasts from behind. Scene is rather dark but you still get a quick peek of her breasts and right nipple as they are being squeezed. Final scene, at about 1:22 contains no real nudity. She takes of her panties, and still wearing her blouse gets a humping from her lover, while being pressed against the window. Pretty good acting in enjoying herself in this and the masturbation scene.

Mimi Rogers in Killer (1994)
oldbabe was written on January 2, 2002

Making Hot Love

Occurs about 32mins into the movie. Magnificent-looking Mimi, dressed in a black lingerie ties her partner on bed. There's a bit of S&M action as she slaps, cratches and bites her male lead. After the foreplay, she offered by saying you're going like it, lossened her bodice to reveal the cleavage of her lovely pair then started to ride the guy from the top. His lover got so excited that he managed to wriggle free and overpowered Mimi, pinning her on the bed. That's when you get to see her huge 38 - year-old boobs (amazing) as he pulls down her bodice. He then went on pumping her, with her amazingly large tits jiggling away. And from the view, my conjecture is that the huge tits look very natural. This is one hot sex scene with the hugest pair of natural boobs in display.

Mary Steenburgen in Life as a House (2001)
oldbabe was written on January 1, 2002

Slim, fit and firm ass

As described in previous reviews, Mary is interrupted in the midst of humping away with a teen-age partner. Her full naked body is in full exposure as she walks away from bed, albeit only the back and a bit of side view can be seen. She has one hot 48-year old body to boast of (although her face does somewhat look her age). Her ass is solid and on the whole slim and firm. Any virile man, 17 or 70 would get turned on by that body. Bonus scene, a couple of minutes after the nude ass scene, she tries on a set of new black lingerie while waiting for her lover. Again her lithe body is shown off.

Wipawee Charoenpura in Jan Dara (2001)
oldbabe was written on December 13, 2001

Auntie's warmth

She is the slightly older Thai actress who played the title characther's (Jan Dara's) aunt and also concubine to his father.
First scene was when she was playing the step-mom role to Jan (about 12). Jan, whose own mother had died, yearned for some motherly love by begging aunt to let him rest on her bare bosom. Aunt unwrapped herself from her one-piece Thai clothing and revealed her mid-sized bosom to Jan. Jan then proceeded to hug a naked aunt and they lied on the bed (covered by aunt's clothing). In the midst of it all, Jan's pubescent dick got aroused and aunt allowed him to proceed with a good screwing (covered by cloth).
Aunt held a new-born as Jan looked on. Aunt's right nipple is partially exposed above her one-piece clothing.
In a flashback scene, a young Jan (about 4 y.o.) watched as Dad was getting it on with aunt, while he was sleeping on the same bed. This is the clearest scene revealing both aunt's step-motherly breasts as she lied on the bed getting sexed and then urging young Jan back to sleep and not watch.
The nudity and Wipawee's body probably only fetches 2 stars but her motherly pampering adds another.

Christy Chung in Jan Dara (2001)
oldbabe was written on December 13, 2001

More step-mom action

There are many scenes of Christy having an affair with Jan Dara (her lover's young son). First scene, Jan peeped at Christy while she was taking a bath with her a clear view of her right breast and dark-brown coloured nipple. Breast is medium weight but firm and overall she has a superb body. To cool herself down, she forced the 17-year old Jan to rub ice on her back as she lied naked with her breasts resting on the couch. Poor Jan at first went all-sweaty from all this teasing, as obviously he was very much eroticized. On a second similar session, he bravely asked for a chance to fondle Christy's luscious pair which she obliged. They then proceeded to have sex. This is followed by many other sex scenes through the movie as Jan grows old. Christy is beautiful and has a real great body. In real-life she's 31 and has a five-year old daughter.

Jessica Lange in Blue Sky (1994)
oldbabe was written on December 13, 2001

Telescope needed

This scene is really from far above, you will probably need a telescope to see anything. Only plus point is that she was 45 during the film. A pleasantly mature body on display.

Jessica Lange in Titus (2000)
oldbabe was written on December 13, 2001

Way-too-quick Quick

Quick scene of one of her breasts. Way too quick, but she has got an amazing body for a 50-year old woman. Another scene has her mature breasts being groped by lover from behind but fully-clothed. Hope that this is not the last we see of her naked body as she certainly can give Susan Sarandon a fight for the mature nudity award.

Isabelle Adjani in Queen Margot (1994)
oldbabe was written on December 11, 2001

Different versions

There is definitely different versions to the movie. What I saw shows nothing, nothing at all.

Joan Chen in Temptation of a Monk (1993)
oldbabe was written on December 7, 2001

Bald performance

Joan in one of the two characters that she played in the movie was bald. And it is the baldie which gets naked and had a romp with the lead of the movie, who is a monk. Although the scene was at night, you can reasonably see her tits. Not bad but certainly not Joan Chen's best nudity.

Joan Chen in Hunted, The (1995)
oldbabe was written on December 7, 2001


The nipple exposure scene was so brief and appeared towards the early part of the movie. The beautiful Joan did not get much camera-time for the rest of the movie. This is rather disappointing, but yes, the then 34-years old Joan was beautiful.

Sigourney Weaver in Map of the World, A (1999)
oldbabe was written on December 5, 2001

Siggy Tits

Long scenes with her tits shown and a brief muff shot (the version I watched). The 50 year-old breasts were a bit saggy and can be considered modest in size. However, they looked a bit "fuller" than last seen in "Death and the Maiden" - 5 years earlier. It's probably due to middle-age weight gain than any cosmetic enhancements. In any case, the lanky Sigourney still has a body to die for - Slim, tall, beautiful and naked.

Cybill Shepherd in Last Picture Show, The (1971)
oldbabe was written on December 4, 2001

Colourless Tits

Some decent looks at Cybill's breasts in black and white. This being 1971, she looked very fresh, which would excite some. As for me, I wished she's done this twenty years later. She looks so much more attractive at a mature age.

Beverly D'Angelo in Pacific Heights (1990)
oldbabe was written on December 3, 2001

Too quick

Beverly is appetizing as always but the scene is way too short although the plus is that it occurs much early in the movie. I definitely cannot verify if there is a crack or not.

Patti LuPone in Summer of Sam (1999)
oldbabe was written on December 2, 2001

Lovely bouncing balls

Far from being wrinkled, Patti's big bouncing balls were really delicious-looking. They were big, lovely and not the least bit saggy. To have such good boobs and body at the age of 50 is truly admirable. Those bouncing lovelies looked supremely NATURAL during the scene where she ran into the kitchen. This adds another two stars. It is a shame this is perhaps the only time we will ever see those salivating fruits.

Theresa Russell in Wild Things (1998)
oldbabe was written on November 29, 2001

Another good mama

Mature siren, Theresa who plays Denise Richards' mom has a brief scene as she's on top of her lover. A brief side view of her breast with nipple showing as she rides away and then was interrupted by a phone. Nothing major in exposure but the sight of her bare body is extremely stimulating. Still looking good.

Hélène Cardona in Mumford (1999)
oldbabe was written on November 26, 2001


A gratuitous topless scene at about 40+mins, as she humps away with the lead character. Neither the tits nor the act is anything noteworthy but as usual, for completeness sake, it's in here.

Simone Kerrick in Mumford (1999)
oldbabe was written on November 25, 2001

Huge, huge hang

Yes, Simone does have a huge pair, which hangs naturally. And they look all 100% real. Unfortunately, the shot is quick and currently she does not appear to have any other movie role listed in the imdb.

Ellen Burstyn in King of Marvin Gardens, The (1972)
oldbabe was written on November 24, 2001

Fleeting Glance

As described by the previous reviewer, we are given a fleeting glance of one of Ellen's huge knockers. It was quite magnificent. She was about forty years old then. However, the movie is a real drag, just to view this scene.

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