Ryan Kwanten in True Blood (2008)
jrn was written on September 15, 2013

Hot Aussie Butt

Ryan Kwanten bares his ass A LOT in this series, mostly the first season. However, my favorite ass scene was the one from season 3, episode 1. I won't describe the scene, as other reviewers already have. I wish this hot (and talented) actor would show frontal, too, but I'll take what I can get: his ass!!
And what a nice ass it is!! It's nice and round—truly amazing!!

Paul Wesley in Wolf Lake (2001)
jrn was written on September 14, 2013

Perfect Ass!

It is in episode 8, ("Legend of Lost Lenore") His ass is really incredible. Unfortunately, the scene is pretty short. An ass that great deserves a lot more screen time. Maybe if he did, the series would have been renewed for a second season.
But, that's for the best, I suppose, he's one of the leads on The Vampire Diaries now. If only the CW could find a way to bare his fat, perfect ass.

Michael C. Hall in Dexter (2006)
jrn was written on September 14, 2013

Dexter's Ass At Last

In Dexter, season 8, episode 8 ("Are We There Yet?"), Dexter (Hall) finally shows his ass. He is having sex with Yvonne Strahovski's character (Hannah). Yvonne doesn't have any nudity, so Michael steals the scene. It's a perfect ass. The scene was only rated 3/4 stars because they are rolling around and having sex, so you only get a couple of short (but definitely visible) shots of his adorable, hot, sexy ass.

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