Tim Blake Nelson in Good Girl, The (2002)
levimike was written on November 21, 2016

An OK-looking actor

An OK-looking who does a lot of roles where he looks like a hick but cleans up real well in person. In the film, he's outside wearing just a sheet after he chases after Jennifer Aniston's character. The sheet goes away, exposing his maybe four inch penis with a nice bush and a little chest hair. He turns around to hide his package, but it's exposed for a short while. He's a small actor (I think five foot five) but , I think, fairly good looking, and this scene comes as a surprise for a mainstream film.

Robbie Benson in Running Brave (1983)
levimike was written on February 27, 2016

2008 version of the 1983 film.

Looking at several review sources for Running Brave, the later edits seemed to have clamped down on any nudity of the actors. I watched a theatre version when the film was first released, and saw a several second-long bum view of Robby's fine bum going into a shower room. The version I bought is rated PG and the butt shot is edited higher on his body and even that upper crack shot only lasts for(it seems)less than a second, before he's at a locker in his white briefs. There are several scenes when he and a few other actors are in their briefs, changing or exercising, but I can't recommend buying the PG edition for more nudity than that. Buy it for the uplifting moments, and not if you hope to see Robby's body in less than street clothes or running togs.

Pepper Fajans in Graffiti Artist, The (2004)
levimike was written on April 6, 2015

Short scene of drying off after shower

The Pepper Fajans character is the better-built, more conventionally good looking object of affection for Ruben Bansie-Snelllman’s character, and they meet at first in Seattle and stay for a short while in a
borrowed apartment there. Less than half way through the film, Peppers character has just finished a shower, and enters the sleeping room where Ruben’s character watches him towel off and in the process, sees Peppers full, very nice ass before Pepper slips his boxers back on, and goes to bed. There is another, separate erotic scene when both actors are still in their briefs, Peppers' character slips his hand down Rubens' briefs, and masterbates him, but the briefs hide anything more visible.

Benoît Ferreux in Murmur of the Heart (1971)
levimike was written on April 7, 2014

Benoit's penis

Shortly after he enters inside the water spray treatment room, he slides off his white robe in the dressing room before entering the spray area, revealing that he was wearing nothing else, and very briefly, you can see his soft 15 year old penis and balls. It's quick and filmed from mid-range. Soon he's being sprayed with a water hose and ocassionally he'll turn and show off his bum. The female attendant sees his genitals(but we don't in this exact scene) and compliments him on appearing to become a young man.

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