Marisa Tomei in Untamed Heart (1993)
ff was written on July 28, 2008

her first nude scene

there is a clip from the uncut version of Untamed Heart available in the net which shows Marisa's breasts as she allows some guy to touch her boob. The scene is brief and she has done several nude scenes since then but this scene is worth mentioning since this was her first nude scene and it has never seen the light of day until now.

Sabrina Salerno in Foto di Gioia, Le (1987)
ff was written on July 25, 2008

topless photoshoot

Sabrina has a small role as a model and she has a great topless scene during a photoshoot where two mummies try to undress her. we get several close ups of her large natural breasts. The next scene scene she in bed with a guy and we see another view of large breasts. The next scene she gets out of the shower and for no reason at all her is now that of a bee but at least we get a good frontal view of both her breasts. Then she gets attack by a swarm of bees and we get several good looks at her breasts and her butt before she dies. Pretty good nudity from Sabrina. I believe this was before she beacame famous as a pop star.

Paula Marshall in Californication (2007)
ff was written on January 14, 2008

CGI breasts

You do get to see her actual breasts from a medium distance but the closer shots were obviously CGI in the scene where she's standing naked in front of david duchovny. The second scene where you see her her butt and partial breasts were all her.

Jane Alexander in Tell Me You Love Me (2007)
ff was written on November 12, 2007

Senior sex

In episode 3 68 year old Jane Alexander is having sex with her equally old husband and you never really see anything except for the top of her breasts but the camera avoids any view of her nipples but there is in fact a brief glimpse of one nipple. In episode 6 there is a longer and more graphic sex scene with jane on top but even though she is completely naked in the scene you dont see much except for her breasts but again the camera avoid any view of her nipples.

Sonya Walger in Tell Me You Love Me (2007)
ff was written on November 12, 2007

hand job scene is fake

It was reported that the handjob scene is fake which means they used a prosthetic penis. It kinda looked like a prosthetic except the cum shot looks realistic. Anyway Sonya appears nude several times in the show but the best scene was in the pilot episode where we see her bush (she's a real blond)

Mimi Rogers in Reflections In the Dark (1994)
ff was written on July 8, 2007

side boob and a lot of stunt boobs

There are some nice close ups of breasts but they definitely belong to a body double. It is obvious because if you look at the scene you can see that the body is young and toned which we all know that Mimi has a more voloptuous and mature body. Also the breasts are smaller in comparison to Mimi's mammoth breasts. There is a slow pan showing Mimi's huge right breast in profile and not completely in view, it cuts exactly below the nipple, and to her face so this shot was definitely her.

Priscilla Barnes in Sex Sells: The Making of Touche (2005)
ff was written on May 22, 2007

Wasted opportunity

This film is a mockumentary about the making of a porn movie. Priscilla plays a veteran porn star but she has only one nude scene and thats not all there isn't much nudity in the movie either. How could anyone make a mockumentary about the porn industry and only include a few brief nude scenes?? And its obvious that the writers of this god awful movie has no clue about the adult industry. Priscilla still looks hot but you see her mostly in lingerie. The one time she is nude she is still wearing a bra but at least their cupless bra so we get a few brief flashes of her bouncing breasts and side views of her butt. There is also a shot were we see her in a thong showing her nice ass. Her body isn't tight (she is 49 years old) but she is still fit.

Lisa Jay in Sex Sells: The Making of Touche (2005)
ff was written on May 22, 2007

breasts and butt in a thong

Lisa plays a upcoming porn star. She has two semi-nude scenes the first is when they are shooting a porn film she takes off her ninja outfit but it is shot from the back so all we see is side views of her breasts with no nipple and her thonged butt as she goes down on a guy. The second scene is when she is recreating the same scene above while she's having sex with the documentary filmmaker so we get to see almost the sxact same scene but we don't get to see her butt and then she recreates the Priscilla Barnes nude scene where we see her bouncing breasts in a cupless bra you see her breasts clearly this time (mostly the left)but i'm not sure if her nipples were visible.

Rae Dawn Chong in Quest for Fire (1981)
ff was written on May 22, 2007

butt and severl brief full frontal

Although Rae is naked the entire movie the exposure isn't very revealing since she wears some body paint. We do however get to see her great butt several times even in close ups but the full nudity is only shown briefly several times throughout the entire movie. Her breasts were rather small during that time and the nipples aren't clearly shown since she is wearing body paint except for a split second side view. There was also a sex scene but its very unrevealing and unerotic.

Naomi Campbell in Sex Book Movie (1992)
ff was written on May 20, 2007

breasts and probably some brief bush

If you are familiar with Madonna's sex book this is basically the video version of that. Naomi provides some sweet supporting nudity posing next to Madonna. You mostly see her breasts but there are certain parts were there may or may not be bush visible particularly the part where Madonna is standing while Naomi is lying on the floor. She moves her legs a bit but its hard to tell since the video is grainy (they were going for a vintage look so the entire video is grainy) but overall its pretty satisfying nudity from a supermodel who is never shy about nudity.

Madonna in Sex Book Movie (1992)
ff was written on May 20, 2007

best nudity from the material girl

If you are familiar with Madonna's sex book this is is basically the video version of that. There are too many nudity from Madonna to mention but basically the whole video is Madonna running around naked including nice close ups of her breasts bush and butt for an entire hour. But my favourite scene is that infamous scene of Madonna completely naked calling for a cab. There re also some nice candid shots of Madonna nude forcing to undress a guy. There is also a a nice skinny dipping scene with some nice beaver shots.

Isabella Rossellini in Sex Book Movie (1992)
ff was written on May 20, 2007

brief butt

Isabella show the least amount of skin in this but there is a scene where she is in the pool naked with Madonna and some other girl. If you look closely you can see her butt underneath the water. There is also a nice shot of her wearing a white camisole. The video is a must have for celebrity nudity fans the only problem is the video is mostly in black and white and the video quality is grainy and some images are faded out because they were going for a vintage look.

Lena Headey in Hunger, The (1997)
ff was written on May 11, 2007

3 scenes

She enters the room wearing a see-thru dress and we can see her breasts and bush underneath but its mostly in silhoutte since the lighting is dark. The real nudity comes when she's having sex with Daniel craig in the stairway but again the lighting is dark and it is shot in a weird angle but both nipples are visible. The best nudity comes later in the episode were she is beating up daniel craig she is bottomless and i think you can see a bit of bush but again the shot is shadowy but she turns around and there is a great shot of her fantastic ass. This was during the time when she was younger and hotter.

Sofia Shinas in Hunger, The (1997)
ff was written on May 11, 2007

side-boob the rest is done by a body double

Hard to believe that Sofia Shinas would use a body double but this is clearly the case. Early on the episode she is talking on the phone wearing a robe that is slightly see-thru she removes it and we get a side view of one breast with only the slightest hint of nipple. The other scene were the guy sucks her breasts and the final sex scene were she shows breasts and ass are obviously done by a double since we never see her face in the shot.

CĂ©line Dion in Des fleurs sur la neige (1991)
ff was written on May 8, 2007

brief shot of areola

I haven't actually seen this French-Canadian mini series but I've seen a clip in which a young Celine Dion gets out of the tube and briefly shows an areola. Not much but this is probably the most we will see from her especially now that she's a famous singer and this is her only film role.

Diana Pang in Xie sha (1996)
ff was written on April 10, 2007

butt and some teasing shots of her breasts

you see her breasts as she and her boyfriend have sex in a barn but her nipples are never in sight because the guy keepps sucking them and it is always shot from the side. We are treated to a shot of her butt from a bit of a distance. The second scene is abit dark but we get some more nippleless breasts shots and a better look at her butt. There is also a wet shirt scene with her nipples are clearly visible which makes one wonder why she would go to such great lengths to hide her nipples in the nude scenes when she's willing to exposed them in a wet shirt scene. Diana Pang patterned her career after Amy Yip complete with bg fake boobs, so even if she starred in several soft-porn movies she never really bared all.

Naomie Harris in Miami Vice (2006)
ff was written on March 9, 2007

most likely body double

sorry guys but according to an interview with Naomie she says it was a body double but i've also read somewhere that it was her. Since you don't see her face on the same shot it is most likely the work of a double.

Gong Li in Miami Vice (2006)
ff was written on March 9, 2007

two topless scenes

Gong Li does her first nude scene at the age of 40 and it was quite dissappointing considering all the hype about it before the film was released. You first see her right breast in a poorly lighted love scene with Colin Farell. The scene is quick and you really only get to see a bit of areola. The second scene is when she joins Colin in the shower. You briefly see her right breast again but the shot is from the side but her dark nipple is visible.

Ling Bai in The Girls Next Door (2005)
ff was written on December 22, 2006

brief boob slip

In the episode 8 "a midsummer night's dream" they showed clips of celebs partying in the Playboy mansion. There is brief shot of Bai dancing wearing an open robe with her right breast pops briefly to say hello. I actually thought that she was a prude during her earlier days because she only showed her butt in her first two nude scenes but right now she just can't seem to keep her clothes on whether on public events or movies.

Tyra Banks in Supermodels in the Rainforest: Costa Rica (1995)
ff was written on November 22, 2006

nip slip and thonged butt

I haven't actually seen this documentary but this is the source of the clip that has been circulating around the web with tyra wearing a leaf for a bikini and exposing one nipple from the side. There is also a nice scene where she is dancing around in a white shirt and a thong showing brief flashes of her nice ass. You can find this scene on tyra's offi

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