JJ Feild in Intended, The (2002)
Reno was written on January 10, 2008

Buns in bed

Feild's character has fallen ill in this period film set in 1920s Malaysia. He's lying on his stomach, exposing a set of shapely buns. A moment or so later, we see those buns again as his strength begins to return and he manages to get out of bed and walk.

Eric Lutes in Legend of the Mummy (1998)
Reno was written on January 10, 2008

Lutes glutes

Legend of the Mummy (1997) is a product of Bram Stoker and is also known as "Bram Stoker's The Mummy". The moon and candles light the bedroom where Lutes engages in a tryst, featuring a decent shot of his rear end. The former "Caroline in the City" hunk is shot from behind, sitting in bed as he gently thrusts inside an attractive blonde actress.

Victor Arnold in Yards, The (1999)
Reno was written on January 3, 2008

Nude transaction

This scene is hot, featuring Joaquin's bare ass. But fans of this film realize that he's not alone in the scene. The other man in the nude transaction is Victor Arnold.

Francisco Perez-Bannen in Sexo con amor (2003)
Reno was written on January 3, 2008

Failure to launch bedroom scene

Perez-Bannen plays the handsome, bearded painter Valentin in this sexy comedy. The camera pans down a wall to a bed where we see his attractive, yet slightly furry glutes as he engages in a bit of foreplay with a woman. The momentum doesn't last, however, when this very sexy man reaches for then fumbles with a condom. When at last he's set, the woman has changed her mind! Mission aborted.

Patricio Contreras in Sexo con amor (2003)
Reno was written on January 3, 2008

Some skin after sex

The middle-aged actor shows no skin in the bedroom, where he makes love to a woman. But he redeems himself afterward, showing at least bum and obscured frontal in a lengthy post-coital scene featuring his mirrored reflection on a slow-moving carousel.

Alvaro Rudolphy in Sexo con amor (2003)
Reno was written on January 3, 2008

Office and bedroom sex

This actor is extremely gorgeous, but the exposure leaves you wanting more. That's because we only see naked hip as he nails a woman on a couch in his office. Later, fans are treated to a bit more skin as he struggles to have sex in a bedroom with a reluctant woman. It is obvious that he's nude: we see the side view of his buns and then more naked hip. Regardless, this hottie manages to sizzle.

Boris Quercia in Sexo con amor (2003)
Reno was written on January 3, 2008

Sex played for laughs

Boris Quercia wrote, directed and shared producer credit for this sexy comedy in which he plays a horny, frustrated butcher who longs to have sex with his wife. But the woman has issues. Whether you speak Spanish or not, you know the marriage is strained when the wife spies the man jacking off in the shower and confronts him. No skin in that scene, but be patient. This guy delivers. Even though he is not handsome in the classic sense, he is attractive and that adds to his comedic appeal. The audience gets a partial view of his furry butt when his pajama top rises as he tries to, um, invade his wife. While this effort fails, he is undaunted, trying again to mount her later in a bathtub, where he reveals more booty. But the best, most comedic sex arrives toward the end as he has sex atop a violently shaking washer with his wife's trampy visiting niece. Hysterical.

Luigi Lo Cascio in Best of Youth (2003)
Reno was written on July 26, 2006

Moonlit buns in bedroom

After drifting apart from his wife, Lo Cascio enters the dimly lit bedroom the couple share and is shown from behind climbing into bed. The moonlight from a nearby window bathes the room and his lean, sexy buttocks.

Rick Shapiro in Lucky Louie (2006)
Reno was written on June 24, 2006

Frontal and more

In an episode titled "A Mugging Story", daring actor Rick Shapiro's two scenes easily earn four stars, heck, five stars! Why? They were filmed before a live studio audience and show off a lot of the fairly attractive actor. After using the shower in (Lucky) Louie's apartment, he strolls into the kitchen where Louie is sitting and expresses gratitude for the use of the bathroom. He has wrapped a towel around him the way a woman would -- chest and privates covered. We know this scene will be funny the minute we see the guy. With his mid-section inches away from Louie's face, he starts drying his hair, causing the towel to lift, revealing a nice sized tool and sack. The look on Louie's face is priceless.

Rick Shapiro in Lucky Louie (2006)
Reno was written on June 24, 2006

More exposure (See previous review for Shapiro)

Episode: "A Mugging Story". As was mentioned in my previous review, Rick Shapiro, playing Jerry, displays his cock and balls in the first scene. What I forgot to review was this episode's final scene in which Jerry has returned to Louie's apartment for another shower. Louie hears him, but never saw the moocher enter the apartment and doesn't realize it's Jerry in the other room. He believes an intruder is in the apartment and he flees with his wife. Seconds later, Jerry emerges in the buff, helps himself to a slice of leftover pizza left out on the kitchen table and heads back to the bathroom, showing off a butt as impressive as his cock.

Louis C.K. in Lucky Louie (2006)
Reno was written on June 18, 2006

bedroom frontal

This HBO sitcom, filmed before a live audience, boasts an interesting story, and a fleeting frontal of lead actor, Louis C.K., formerly a writer for Saturday Night Live. In episode 2, "Kim's O", Louie, played by Louis C.K., is obsessed with giving his wife a mind-blowing orgasm. After hitting a homerun in the sack, the husky actor hops out of bed for a victory snack, offering up the jewels.

Andres Salcedo in Jornaleros, Los (2003)
Reno was written on June 3, 2006

Bedroom buttocks

This scene could have had four stars, but it happened to quickly. Andres Salcedo plays Quique, one of three Mexican cousins who come to the U.S. to start new lives. They each end up working as day laborers, but their lives take different courses. Quique, a handsome, closeted homosexual, meets and falls in love with a white gallery owner and the two pursue a relationship. It is during a bedroom scene that "Quique" (Salcedo) shows us a bit of arse. After he gets out of bed to pull on his trousers, the camera gives us a quick look at his very nice buttocks.

Juan Pablo Di Pace in Three (1998)
Reno was written on May 30, 2006

Ocean skinny dipping

Sultry actor Juan Pablo Di Pace strips for the camera in this film also known as "Survival Island" after being stranded on a island with a beautiful married woman. He suggests they take a dip in the ocean, then heads for the water stopping to drop his pants, revealing a toned, fit lean body. Oh, those buns. Sorry, no frontals. The camera cuts away from Di Pace to the woman as she wonders if joining him in the water is the right thing to do. Her husband, played by Billy Zane, is a very cruel and jealous man who doesn't deserve her. She makes up her mind to join Di Pace who is seen in his naked beauty diving into the water. In another scene, the woman allows Di Pace to make love to her and we are allowed partial (aw shucks!) glimpse of his nice buttocks. In the final nude scene, we see a nude Juan Pablo Di Pace as he and the woman plot to escape the island without her husband as they enjoy an evening of skinny dipping.

Lobo Sebastian in Party Animalz (2004)
Reno was written on April 14, 2006

Humiliation played for laughs

When the hosts of a Beverly Hills house party refuse to admit him, a tough East L.A. gangster named Lalo, won't take no for answer and attempts to break in. He and his two homeboys are caught by police who, instead of jailing them, escort them to a far away location, take away their clothing and leave them to find their way home. But home is the last thing on Lalo's mind. He and his homies return to the party buck nekkid. Lalo believes he has hit pay dirt when he manages to break in, but he realizes too late that the room he's entered is occupied by a horny donkey who soon makes him his bitch. The scene is hysterical.

Lobo Sebastian is an extremely handsome man with a physique to match. Check out his athletic build: a chisled chest, bubble butt and strong, muscular legs. The other two men who appear in the nude scenes with him are also very well built, with well developed chests and buttocks. You'll be hitting the pause button again and again.

Ismael Vidrio in Party Animalz (2004)
Reno was written on April 14, 2006

Humiliation played for laughs

Credited as "Lalo's Homie #1", this man who speaks very few lines makes a huge impression in other ways. Check out those buttocks and that chest.

Salvador Sanchez in Party Animalz (2004)
Reno was written on April 14, 2006

Humiliation played for laughs

As "Lalo's Homie #2", Salvador Sanchez doesn't have a lot of lines. He's mostly a nude henchman, but oh that body.

Terry Bradshaw in Failure To Launch (2006)
Reno was written on March 12, 2006

Naked room

Maybe I am a bit prejudiced, I mean I have only been lusting after this guy for just about forever. But while watching this former football idol's firm, massive flanks on the big screen, I found myself longing for a remote so that I could activate freeze frame and pause functions. Guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD. There are three nude shots of Bradshaw, each while he's enjoying his so-called naked room. The first is when his son walks in on him while he's feeding his fish, then as he walks behind the tank, then a final glimpse as he finishes his conversation with his son. This guy has nothing to be ashamed of. He's kept himself fit.

Simon Baker in Book of Love (2004)
Reno was written on October 15, 2005

Brief buns in the bedroom

Simon Baker is an incredibly beautiful man. But we get to see something other than that handsome face in this film when he begins undressing during a conversation with his wife in their bedroom. After stripping down to his tighty whities, he pauses briefly to continue the conversation, then he drops his shorts, showing off everything but his package. His arm conveniently obscures his naughty bits as he bends and steps out of his shorts. But we are treated to his backside before he reaches for a towel which he wraps around his waist.

Merab Ninidze in Nowhere in Africa (2001)
Reno was written on October 1, 2005

Buttocks in the bedroom

The first revealing footage of this man is only fair -- worth one or two stars. In this scene, he is making love to his wife and his buns are clearly discernable, even well lit, yet you wish the camera were closer. The next time we see him in the altogether is when his wife initiates lovemaking. She climbs into bed with him, pulls down the covers and slowly uncovers his buttocks. Very nice. Good lighting.

Justin Kirk in Weeds (2005)
Reno was written on September 23, 2005

Having a shag

In this new HBO comedy, Justin Kirk is banging the mother of his young nephew's brand-new friend while the two clueless lads are in another room playing a video game. Here and there he stops his enthusiastic thrusting to quiet the woman, whom he's only met moments earlier, as her joyous shrieks threaten to alert the youngsters.

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