Alanna Ubach in Hung (2009)
12-string was written on August 18, 2009

episode "The Rita Flower," 8/16/2009

Ubach plays the MILFy wife of Ray's shyster lawyer (aren't they all?) neighbor, who offers him the chance to take a hot shower (he's still living in a tent). She gets a look at Big Donny while bringing him towels, and a decent sex scene results at abt the 20 minute mark. She starts off in bra and panties, which stay on during a fairly graphic simulated blowjob, then mounts him and gets out of the undies. Most of what follows is shot from Ray's POV with her astride, fairly close, and there is lengthy footage of excellent naturals (also seen from the side). Glimpses of butt while she's getting out of the panties but rear views are mostly long shot. This is intercut with footage of Tanya crashing a party at her mom's house and reading a godawful poem, but the scene does return to the Kuntz bedchamber and Ubach topless on the bed, with a sheet over her butt. Nice rollover at one point but the exposed moments are a long shot on my 20" screen.

Overall, easily the best nekkid femme footage Hung has yet provided its viewers.

Natalie Zea in Hung (2009)
12-string was written on August 1, 2009

episode "The Pickle Jar," 8/02/2009

A few minutes into this ep, Zea's character has frantic sex with Thomas Jane in a bathroom (she's sitting on the sink cabinet). A couple of glimpses at nipple in her undone blouse, but they're pretty momentary and not particularly rewarding, unless this is the only screen nudity you're gonna get to see in this trimester. Lighting is restrained (not as dark as Rome) and angles require some neck-stretching. Sharp MILFy blonde; the 12-stringer was far more impressed by a couple of later scenes in tight britches.

Melissa Christian in Roller Blade (1985)
12-string was written on January 14, 2009

secret identity

I doubt that the nudity fazed Christian one little bit. Her alternate ID is Melanie Scott and she made numerous porn features and loops in the early 80s (also featured as a porn girl extra in Body Double). She claimed in an interview to be from Star City, WV, on the outskirts of Morgantown. Since nobody who's not from there has ever heard of the place I suppose it's true.

Anna Paquin in True Blood (2008)
12-string was written on October 11, 2008

Season 1, episode 6 (10/12/2008)

Tail end of the ep, Paquin's "Sookie" finally gives it in to the vampire. Long shot of her white nightie top coming down as she sits with him, too far to see anything whatever. Brief medium-close look at her bare right tit, as she's lying on the floor in front of the fireplace at his pad, before he fangs her. You can blink, but only once, and you'd have to have some serious emotional involvement with the performer to give it a higher rating than *.

Brenda Scott in Simon, King of the Witches (1971)
12-string was written on July 9, 2008

nostalgia for the 12-stringer

35 mins in, Scott and Andrew Prine essay a ritual of white magic that requires some sex and nudity. She's in a red robe, holding a couple of balloons. He drops her robe, but the balloons are obtrusive in the side shot. Quick glimpse of nipples. A few ticks later, there are a couple of longer-held shots while she's on her back with stiff nipples. NB, the scene goes on for about 5 minutes but she's not on camera all the time and much of the footage is shots of Prine babbling witchcraft stuff. Instead of a magic wand, he carries a magic knife, which he drops during the sexual part of the ritual, and there's a quick shot of her butt as she rolls off the altar and onto the floor, followed by a couple of further looks at her kneeling on the floor, nipples partly in shadow but exposed.

Except when she's on her back and the camera is shooting up from just above the navel, the nekkidness is brief and/or hard to see; the ritual is being conducted in a basement, with atmospheric lighting. She's playing a character who's strung-out on drugs, so she has a bit of a squirrelly look throughout. (She does strung-out pretty well -- too well, IMO.) I thought she was hot, as a '60s TV starlet, so this was a treat for me -- back when I saw it at the drive-in, 35 years ago, and again when I caught it on DVD this evening -- but if you don't know who she is, this picture really isn't worth going out of your way to find. You need to have done some serious drugs in the 60s to appreciate it.

Kimberly Hyde in Simon, King of the Witches (1971)
12-string was written on July 9, 2008

a religious object

Kim Hyde, uncredited as far as I can see, appears at 52 minutes, in a back room at the coven Simon and his buddy attend. She's lying on an altar, stark nekkid, holding a skull in each hand and with a black mezuzah covering her crotch. Exactly what she's supposed to be doing at the coven, we never find out, but when Simon's friend tries to grope her, she tells him, "Don't touch me, I'm a religious object."

Olivia Tiernan in Simon, King of the Witches (1971)
12-string was written on July 9, 2008

don't blink

Tiernan, not credited, appears in the coven scene around the 52 minute mark. There are several women in the coven at Ultra Violet's house, all of whom get nude, but it's not very well shot for voyeurs. Olivia (aka "Malta") is seen mostly from behind though there may be a quick flash of shadowed beaver when she turns around as the party breaks up. Wasn't worth the time to reverse it and run on slow-mo. She's a somewhat chunky honey-blonde with long hair. The coven members with the best exposure, and it's not that good, are a 40-something dishwater blonde and a brunette who might remind ya of Helena Kallianiotes.

Best available looks at Olivia Tiernan are in the 1972 nudie Street of a Thousand Pleasures, where she's filmed better and looks much cuter. She's in several scenes, well exposed, and yaks constantly -- I think she has all the femme dialogue in the movie, or at least the biggest part of it.

Sarah Polley in John Adams (2008)
12-string was written on April 19, 2008

Episode 7

About 8 minutes into the 7th and final episode of this HBO mini, Polley (as the daughter of John Adams) is diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoes an operation for it. She's stretched on a table, with her feet tied and chewing on a stout twig. (This is abt 1815 and the only anesthesia used for medical procedures was a stiff belt of corn whiskey -- n/a in this case, since her doctor Benjamin Rush was also an enemy of strong drink and, ergo, of every decent American as well.)

Her pink-tipped righty is exposed for an appreciable amount of time as her bodice is opened, and we see it again in another shot a minute or so later. Happily enough, we don't get to watch Rush hack it off with the small sickle he's handed for the job. Unerotic and for completists, not one-handed researchers.

Ally Walker in Tell Me You Love Me (2007)
12-string was written on November 11, 2007

episode 10, airing 11/11/2007

Really about **1/2, unless you've been waiting a long time for this. However, this episode outdoes the brief and minor titty peek of the first installment.

Close to the end of the episode, Walker and her TV hubby quarrel viciously, make up, then get it on. She loses her top, revealing rather pancakey tits, in excellent light. At one point her PJ pants dip to expose some butt crack. These people are still feeling their way back into sex, or else the actors weren't willing to go as far as other members of the cast. He guides her hand down into her PJs and, when she gets a groove going as she squirms atop him, he reaches into his own, and they masturbate together with nothing actually showing. After orgasm, they tumble onto the bed and he dry-humps her a while with both still in their PJ pants and Walker ecstaticing her way toward an Emmy nomination. Scene goes on for a few minutes and is fairly hot despite the tame skin display. Looks like this marriage is en route to salvation.

Season finale is also probably the series finale, as a renewal from HBO seems unlikely, and I have to give the producers credit for bringing some (not always happy) resolution to all of the major plot lines in the series with this episode. If the show gets renewed, it can all go on ad infinitum, but if it doesn't there is still a sense of completeness to the 10-episode run.

Margareth Lee in Asylum Erotica (1971)
12-string was written on March 24, 2007

by-line added

Above commentary by the 12-stringer, as if there was any doubt, but whose by-line vanished into cyberspace.

Margareth Lee in Asylum Erotica (1971)
12-string was written on March 23, 2007

look again

Obviously fly-me has overlooked Lee's nude scene in the film's teaser, parts of which are repeated as flashback near the end. The footage in the DVD edition is a little more revealing than in my old VHS copy on the Meteor label, from which the original review was written, but it's certainly Margaret Lee.

Lyndsey Marshal in Rome (2005)
12-string was written on March 17, 2007

episode Deus impeditio esuritori nullus, 3/18/07

In a long scene that starts around 35 mins in, Marshall (as Cleopatra) and Antony make out, bicker after being interrupted, fight a little, then engage in some sexual calisthenics up against the wall (MF). Side of Marshall's skimpy gown constantly threatens to let a tit pop into view while she writhes atop Marco at the outset but it doesn't happen. At 0:38, while humping Antony at the wall, both of her breasts are visible with her skimpy gown down and outta the way. I didn't see a nipple, and the cuts are so quick that this is more like a fair-to-middlin' 0 than an honest-to-God *.

Alice Henley in Rome (2005)
12-string was written on March 17, 2007

episode Deus impeditio esuritori nullus, 3/18/07

Henley, a frizzyhead UK actress (from some angles she has a striking resemblance to Tiffany Walker, though the hair colour is a bit diff), plays Livia, the chosen bride of Octavian. In her first ep he informs her during the engagement that he will occasionally beat her for his sexual satisfaction. In this ep, at 0:24, we enter a bedroom (brightly-lit for Rome) where she's hanging over the side of the bed, heels down, while a nekkid Octavian pumps her frantically. Longer and closer shots, and you get a good look at natural tits bouncing. She starts slapping him, hard, and then we cut to her atop him, with some additional peeks at her (right) tit while she seems to be doing something with her coochie that is illegal in most states. She flops off him and onto her back, and there's a longish shot of the two of them side by side on the bed. I can't see fuzz, and though my cable reception was a little sub-par this evening, it looks to me like she has something over her crotch, or else is oddly constructed below the navel (a Hottentot apron?).

Zuleikha Robinson in Rome (2005)
12-string was written on March 17, 2007

episode Deus impeditio esuritori nullus, 3/18/07

Robinson, an exotic Eurasian mix, had much better nudity about 3 episodes back, but I've been too busy to dig out the videotape now that I know who she is. About 10 mins into this ep, she's in bed with Pullo, who is roused to mob business. As he leans down to kiss her, he gropes her right breast, sliding the sheet down to uncover it. The earlier skin scene was much better and took place in the brightest lighting I can remember for any Rome scene of female nudity. Spoiler Alert: This episode marks Robinson's last appearance in the series.

Alison Eliott in Home Before Midnight (1979)
12-string was written on March 13, 2007

correction; can't read my own damn handwriting

An amendment to above, as I lost my place amid some chicken-scratch notes and left out one scene while misplacing another.

0:31 is Elliott's brief and not at all satisfactory topless scene on the boat to Maidenhead.

0:46 is an interior, dimmish but far from flashlight level, bedroom scene in which she's exposed to the waist and looking ecstatic while James Aubrey gives her the gift of oral pleasure just beyond the edge of the frame. Nice look at tits firm enough they don't flatten out much while she's on her back, and Aubrey gets to grope the right one a bit while the rest of him is out of frame. (Demoing her all-natural suppleness.) This and the shower room scene are the best nekkidness she does in the movie, as far as giving you a good look at it.

Debbie Linden in Home Before Midnight (1979)
12-string was written on March 12, 2007

slightly underage

Director Walker comments that Linden was "about 17" when the film was made, and this seems likely to be the case. She's seen topless at 0:09, in the cab of a lorry parked in the woods, making out with the driver. The photography is arty, with some reflection on the windshield and a greenish tint. At the very start of the scene, the buxom Linden is seen topless. She and the guy roll around a little longer, but mostly you see only the side of her breast while he's humping on her. Not a very long scene and not that revealingly shot. At 1:30 there's a short conversation between her and Alison Elliott, while they're showering after gym class. Linden is seen bare to the waist, turning around occasionally to give a couple of short but still decent (and well-lit) views of her large economy-size tits. Her beaver is out of frame, and so is her butt.

During the interview with Pete Walker, he comments that Linden was fun to work with and had no problem with her nude scene, over which we get another quick look at the start of the lorry sex scene. There are also a couple of nipple stills of her in the Photo Gallery among the extras. Cute buxom blonde, now deceased.

Alison Eliott in Home Before Midnight (1979)
12-string was written on March 12, 2007

here and there

I'm giving this a ***, but **1/2 is more like it. Elliott, probably in her early to mid 20s, plays a 14 yr old schoolgirl who has an affair with a rock songwriter and then helps prosecute him for rape when the fertilizer hits the air conditioning unit. Slightly reminiscent of Rachel Minor.

At 0:18, there's a closeup insert of her dress being opened, with fuzzy exposure of a nipple; no face. Two minutes later we see a shot of her riding the songwriter. It's somewhat long, and a bit fuzzy. There's a moment or three in which you see her tits and beaver as she grinds on him, then it closes in for another moment or three with her face and tits in frame, then fake orgasm with the camera on her face. Exposures are fairly brief, not optimal quality. At 0:46, while she and Mike are boating up to Maidenhead (this little whore's on at least her second trip), she gets out of her top at the rear of the boat. Seen in the distance, nothing great. Closer up, you see mostly bare back as she lies down to tan, but she's upside down in the frame and you can't see much of anything. At 1:30 comes the shower room scene, showering while yakking with Debbie Linden. Elliott is facing the camera in good light, bare not quite to the knee. Nice pinkies and dark fuzz, both contrasting prettily with her very pale skin tone. A minute or so later, the disco boy walks in on her while she's changing, and there's a brief tit exposure before she pulls a towel in front of herself. After this, there's nothing but drama till the end.

Pic is sort of about the dangers of fucking around with jailbait but its moral isn't very clear to me. I didn't find any of the characters very appealing, though I could have liked both the girls a lot more if they'd gotten nekkid more often and in better light.

Emily Booth in Pervirella (2002)
12-string was written on March 6, 2007

great bod in awful film

Booth is adorable in this picture, with a blonde wig and sometimes horns when she loses her amulet (and her bra) and turns into a hose beast. Sadly, she doesn't do that often enough! Fairly lengthy tit scene fairly early in, when she grows up (and then some) from newborn baby Pervirella, but it's dark and jumpy. She and her mates set out in search of an elixir for the evil Queen Victoria, of which the Oz segment best shows off Booth's body, in and out of a kini. Most of this is shot outdoors, and she loses her top a coupla times, including a scene where she goes for brief skinnydip in her thong. (12-stringer is in love, even if the movie is a decade old.) A bit of lesbian canoodling with Eileen Daly in the Amazonia sequence, with Booth's (and Daly's) tits out, but it's dark and what little ya get to see hardly seems worth the effort. OK girls-kissing footage, if that's of any interest, but not much else. For the climax, she's topless again, with the horns, and being groped on the tits from behind by the two luckiest extras in the UK. All this is kinda red-filtered and she's toward the back of the shot most of the time. Pic wants to be a midnight movie instant cult classic. (People in hell want ice water, too.) Additional nekkidness c/o a pair of extras I couldn't detect in the credits, who serve as endpieces to a map of the story's progress and are topless throughout. A really decent movie exploiting Booth's body would have no trouble pulling a ***** on the old 12-stringer's scale of 1-4.

Elsa Martinelli in Perversion Story (1969)
12-string was written on March 5, 2007

Look fast, and bring a flashlight

0:06, 3 minute bedroom scene with George, with some fleeting and shadowy glimpses of erected nipple, plus a fair shot of her ass (much in shadow) riding on him. Mostly shot artsy, through a translucent sheet silhouetty effect, and in the dark. At 0:09 a couple of very quick looks at her butt crack in pretty sheer white panties. Th-th-that's all, folks! She does, later, have what looks like it could turn into a hot G/G scene with Marisa Mell, but it doesn't. Pic is better known as One on Top of the Other, title under which I saw it at the drive-in around 1971.

Marisa Mell in Perversion Story (1969)
12-string was written on March 5, 2007

several scenes, none particularly satisfying

0:23 Does a strip act at the club, peeling while astride a motorcycle, but without actually showing anything. NB, however, that there are close to a dozen very good-looking Euro model types working topless and often G-stringed at the club, who are seen repeatedly through the sequence, for which the street exterior was shot in San Fran and the interior stuff in Rome. These are the best-shot, best-displayed nudes in the movie. The views tend to be brief, though many are repeated. The extras are all built and beautiful, and don't look a bit like the staff at any topless joint I ever visited in those days.

0:36 Long scene of George having an assignation with "Monica," the dancer Mell plays, at her pad, because she looks exactly like his dead wife (hmm). The greater part of it is tease, though we get a quick look at Mell's nipples and then her butt, while she's awkwardly shimmying out of her lime green panties. Then a bed makeout, with another look at her butt when she's astride and some dim-lit nipple flashes, followed by a longer (and fairly long) shot with both tits exposed but in shadow as she rides him some more.

0:58 Mell does a modeling session for Martinelli, with lots of lesbian ambience, though they don't actually do anything except give each other The Look. Part of this is shot through glass with a color filter. Two minutes in, the film provides longest, best-lit view of Mell's tits or any of her other parts, as she's lying on the floor being interrogated by Martinelli -- nearly a minute from the left side, and a shorter front-on look. Except for flagpole nips, though, her breasts rather flatten out due to the position, so this one is mostly of interest to celebrity nipple counters.

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