Gaby Hoffmann in Crystal Fairy (2013)
Couthon was written on December 22, 2013

Full frontal nudity of Gaby's hairy body for several minutes

Former child star Gaby Hoffmann, now 31, exposes every part of her body in a fantastic first nude role. Gaby's small breasts, pale body and rampant pubic hair won't be to everyone's taste, but it is very refreshing to see a real natural woman's body in mainstream cinema free of plastic and plucking. Gaby plays 'Crystal Fairy', or 'Crystal Hairy' as she is nicknamed, a hippie wild child who joins a group of men in search of hallucinogens in the Chilean desert. Gaby's first nude scene sees her emerge naked from the shower, walking around handing out crystals to her fellow travellers . She is tall, her body is not overweight but pale and slightly flabby, Her breasts are smallish and slightly droopy, but with lovely knobbly rose-pink areolae and small pink nipples. But what really captures attention is her massive bush of black pubic hair sprouting from between her legs. Her untamed pubes are almost as rampant as Suzannah Hamilton's in 1984, the thick furry triangle spreading to her inner thighs. We get better views of her naked body in her second major nude scene, when she goes tripping in the desert. Throwing off her clothes Gaby dances around, holding up her arms so we get fine view of her massive growth of black armpit hair, two or three inches long. Gaby has admitted in post-production interviews that she likes her body unshaven and that the hair is all her own. Her pubic hair is so thick it is difficult to see her labia, but we are treated to glimpses of her fleshy vulva as she pulls on her shoes and climbs over desert rocks. Finally Gaby goes walking along a desert road, and there is an amusing scene as she runs around naked trying to hide from a passing motorist.

Geraldine Martineau in Le Guetteur (2012)
Couthon was written on May 12, 2013

Naked running through forest

Geraldine demonstrates again her love for long scenes of full frontal nudity in this film, in which she plays Sonia, an abducted girl being freed from bandits. In the first scene, Geraldine is running along a road away from the scene of her capture, wearing just a sack before she drops this and exposes her pale naked young body. Although in her early 20s, Geraldine could pass for a teen much younger - she has elfin features and a petite body with small breasts. As she runs we get good views of her trimmed bush of blonde pubic hair around her genitals, and glimpses of her labia between her legs. We then see her in a long scene running naked through woodland, her small breasts jiggling around, and her pale pink nipples hard and erect through excitement or perhaps the cold outside. Further good views of Geraldine's blonde pubic bush and pert buttocks are offered as she runs away.

Katie McGrath in Labyrinth (2012)
Couthon was written on February 17, 2013

Breasts and naked from behind and side

Katie plays Oriane Congost in this medieval drama, a devious woman who has many lovers. In her first nude scene she is making love with her sister's husband, and we see Katie's gorgeous naked pale white body stretched out on a rug while she is penetrated from behind. Katie moans convincingly and we see her floppy breasts jiggling about beneath her as she simulates sex. After he withdraws Katie sits up, and we get excellent frontal views of her pale white breasts, which are plump but hang low and are surprisingly droopy. Her breasts have very large pale pink areolae, each crowned with a small nipple. She then lies back on the bed, but her hair strategically covers her breasts and unfortunately there are no views of her pubis. In her second nude scene disrobes in a horse shed as she waits for her lover. The scene is poorly lit but there is a good view of her curvaceous body and buttocks from behind, and a quick view of her left breast as she turns.

Laure Cavallera in La Douche (2010) (2010)
Couthon was written on October 3, 2012

Nude lovemaking in shower

Laure returns to the screen in this short film in which she plays a woman in a small urban bedsit. First we see her crouching naked in the shower looking unhappy. Laure is more mature, her body skinnier and much less curvy than when she was a teenager. We later see her pale naked body from the side, as her lover has intercourse with her in the shower. There are excellent views of her small plump breasts jiggling as she rides him, and of her hard and erect little dark pink nipples as they brush against his chest. 3 stars because no view of her genitals.

Aurore Broutin in Hors Satan (2011)
Couthon was written on August 31, 2012

Nude body in disturbing sex scene

Aurore is an unattractive woman with masculine features, a thick square jaw and thin lips, but she delights in showing off her naked body in this film. She plays a backpacker desperate for sex with a local vagabond (David Dawaele). Stripping off her clothes in a field she stands naked in front of him, her pale 29-year old body fleshy but not obese. Aurore's small breasts are floppy, and her armpits and pubic area are clearly unshaven. She sits down in the field beside the man, parting her flabby thighs so that her thick pubic hair and genitals are visible. We get great views of the folds of her fleshy labia and clitoris peeking through her dark thick pubic hair. The man agrees to her sexual call, and so she wraps her flabby thighs around him as he thrusts into her. The camera then pans to her torso, and Aurore exposes her thick sweaty hairy armpits. We get good views of her tiny dark pink nipples, the cold air making them erect and hard, and her areloae knobbly. Unfortunately this scene is unpleasant, for as she orgasms she froths at the mouth and dribbles saliva. We then see Aurore dragging her fleshy naked body through the grass into a river to wash, where there are further excellent views of her small breasts and rampant armpit hair as she bathes.

Adèle Haenel in Les Diables (2002)
Couthon was written on August 27, 2012

Autistic girl naked

Adele plays Chloe - an autistic girl who is chaperoned through life by her brother (Vincent Rottiers). Adele is frequently naked, a prelude to her enthusiasm for nudity in later films. First we see her walking full frontal naked through a dark hallway during a storm, lightning flashes occasionally highlighting her small pubescent breasts and hairless vulva. A little later she is playing splashing her brother in the water, her budding breasts jiggling around. Later, her brother pulls off her blouse to caress her plump sprouting breasts. Adele's young nipples are pink and incredibly puffy, and the director gives several close ups of them.

Adèle Haenel in Apres le sud (2011)
Couthon was written on August 27, 2012

Naked in shower and after lovemaking

We get to see almost every inch of Adele's delectable young body in this film, where she plays Amelie, a poor supermarket cashier. First we see Adele's wet naked body as she steps out of the shower. She is tall with pale white skin, and her nubile body is curvy without being fat. We get great views of Adele's natural fleshy breasts, which are not large but flop and sag slightly more than would be expected for a 22 year old. She must have been cold, because the pale pink nipples and knobbly areolae crowning each of her breasts is erect. We next see Adele with her lover, as he buries his face into her soft breasts. After intercourse Adele lies naked in his lap, her thick coarse bush of brown pubic hair in full view between her thighs. Underneath her pubes we can make out the folds of her labia. As her lover caresses her, Adele raises an arm to reveal her armpit hair - like many French girls her body is natural and she does not shave. There is also an excellent view of her right breast sagging on her chest, her erect nipple proudly standing. In a final shower scene, we get a wonderful full frontal of Adele's delicious naked wet body, the water dripping off her thick dark bush of pubic hair and her pale floppy breasts.

Honeysuckle Weeks in Wicker Tree, The (2010)
Couthon was written on July 28, 2012

Fully nude lovemaking and bathing

Honeysuckle, known for her prim and proper TV roles, finally decides to show off her naked body in this film, in which she plays a nymphomaniac. Although now the wrong side of 30, her tall, lightly tanned body is tight and muscular, but her breasts are very small. We first see her having sex with her Italian lover, riding him and groaning with orgasm. She turns over, giving a good view of her fleshy buttocks, and then raises herself off her lover, giving a wonderful full frontal view of her body. Honeysuckle's genitals are visible between her legs: she has trimmed her brown pubic bush but unfortunately seems to have a strip of paper stuck over her labia to obscure her presumably swollen vulva. She stands up and we get an excellent view of her breasts as she praises Italian men for the attention they give to the clitoris. Her petite breasts are very small - they must have stopped growing when she was 13 - and she has some of the smallest brown nipples ever seen on a woman in film. On the upside her firm breasts are very pert, and her minuscule nipples are erect in this scene. Later we see Honeysuckle bathing naked in a river, and tempting a passing horseman in to join her. Only her torso is visible above the water, but there are further great views of her little breasts as she caresses the man and encourages him to have sex with her. Finally, Honeysuckle is seen kneeling naked on a bed with her lover, asking him to come inside her again, and we get good views of her left breast and tiny delicate nipple as she talks to him.

Élodie Bouchez in Imperialists Are Still Alive!, The (2010)
Couthon was written on July 20, 2012

Full frontal nude photoshoot

Good that Elodie is as keen to show off her mature naked body as she was in her early films. In this film she poses as a guerrilla fighter for a photoshoot, completely nude except for an arabic headscarf. Her 37 year old body is not as taught as it once was, and her breasts are beginning to sag, but she is not in bad shape. First she gesticulates towards her partially shaven genitals, where her black pubic hair forms a trimmed strip around her vulva. Elodie asks whether it would not be more authentic to have had a thick wild bush for a fighter (she should know as in many of her other films her hairy pubic triangle is unshaven). She then strikes a series of poses, and later we get a closer shot of her smallish, slightly drooping breasts. She has large purple areolae, but the nipple and areola of her left breast is slightly bigger than the right.

Nora-Jane Noone in Magdalene Sisters, The (2002)
Couthon was written on July 18, 2012

Naked body inspected

Nora plays Bernadette, a wild young woman who we see exposing herself to local men. Later she strips naked with the other inmates to reveal her nude body. Nora is pretty, with black hair and a taut pale white body. Her pale breasts, surprisingly for an 18-year-old, are rather droopy and hang low, each with huge pink areolae. Nora's right breast is larger and clearly sags lower than her left one. It is Nora's hairy genitals though that attract most attention: she and Eileen Walsh are made to stand in front of the others because they have the thickest pubic hair. We get an excellent view of Nora's rampant and wild triangle of black pubic hair as she stands naked and humiliated.

Henriette Heinze in Auftauchen (2006)
Couthon was written on September 1, 2011

Full nudity and sexual activity

This wonderful film charts the sexual life of Henriette's character. First we see her masturbating nude in the shower, pushing the shower head against her hairy pudendum. We then see her stripping naked in front of her new lover. Although Henriette was 32 when this was filmed, her skinny body, small breasts and short hair make her appear younger. There are numerous close-ups of her erect mauve nipples and small areolae. In the next scene Henrietta sucks her boyfriend's penis in a park in the pouring rain before taking off her trousers and exposing her hairy vagina for him to insert his organ. We are then treated to a long scene of her having intercourse with her partner in a swimming pool. Like many German women Henrietta is unshaven, with thick armpit hair as well as a rampant bush of dark pubic hair around her genitals. We see her partner complaining about her hairy armpits in the bathroom but that doesn't stop him from then eating out her hairy vulva before having sex with her from behind. There follows a distressing scene of Henrietta having a miscarriage and ending the relationship, but the film ends on a strong note with her stark naked underwater and then her legs wrapped around a new man.

Anne-Marie Duff in Magdalene Sisters, The (2002)
Couthon was written on September 1, 2011

Full fontal nudity including hairy bush

Anne-Marie lines up naked with other girls to have her body examined. 30 year old Anne-Marie is tall and slim and we see her pale body several times from the front and side. Her breasts are fairly small but pert, with small dark pink nipples which we can see are erect from the side. Anne-Marie has a thick dark brown bush of pubic hair between her legs - she might well have won the competition for the girl with the most pussy hair.

Eileen Walsh in Magdalene Sisters, The (2002)
Couthon was written on September 1, 2011

Full frontal nudity including hairy bush

Eileen plays Crispina, a single mother. We see her standing naked with the other girls as their breasts and genitals are examined. Black-haired Eileen is moderately tall and goofy, with a pale flabby body. Her plump breasts are misshapen - her left breast is significantly larger than her right - with the result that her large, pale pink areolae point in different directions. We get several good looks at her hairy genitals - the dark hair sparse at the outside of her pubic triangle, but rampant and thick around her clitoris and vulva between her legs. She wins a competition for the woman with the most pussy hair and we see her wild dark bush again as she dresses.

Analia Couceyro in La Rabia (2008)
Couthon was written on June 1, 2011

Rough Lovemaking

Analia was 34 when this movie was made, in which she plays an adulterous wife. She is short, tanned with dark hair and jewish features. We first see her undressing with her lover (Javier Lorenzo), giving quick views of her small slightly drooping breasts and little brown nipples and areolae.

We then see her against a wall while her lover penetrates her from behind; as she turns we get an excellent view of her trimmed thick black pubic hair and the outline of fleshy wrinkled labia underneath. The camera gives then closeups of her sagging breasts and lovely little brown nipples and areolae. Her lover forces her to continue their mating, in an erotic scene tying a belt around their necks and pushes her against a wardrobe while entering her vagina from behind.

Analia's remaining sexual scenes are more disturbing as her daughter watches her mating. There are few good views of her lady parts here, only her legs wrapped around Lorenzo as he pumps his penis inside her.

Javier Lorenzo in La Rabia (2008)
Couthon was written on June 1, 2011

Erect penis

Lorenzo plays Analia's lover in several sexual scenes. He has a well shaped 30 something body, but in only one scene, about half way through the film do we see his genitals. There is a brief but clear view of his erection proudly sprouting from his pubic hair as he prepares to penetrate Analia on the bed. His penis is of average length but thick, and he looks circumcised with a large purple glans. As he gets down to have intercourse we see his fleshy scrotum between his legs.

Arta Dobroshi in Le silence de Lorna (2008)
Couthon was written on August 11, 2010

Stripping naked before lovemaking

28 year old Arta undresses and walks around naked as she suddenly decides to make love to her druggie husband. She is short with pale pasty white skin, and chunky buttocks and thighs but is not plump. Arta has trimmed her black pubic hair very short (no vulva seen), but perhaps her most striking feature is her tiny breasts, barely little swellings underneath her nipples. Her pea-sized mauve nipples are erect, but she has tiny areolae making her breasts appear even more miniscule.

Noomi Rapace in Daisy Diamond (2007)
Couthon was written on June 12, 2010

Many sexual scenes and close up of Noomi's very hairy genitals

Noomi was 27 at time of filming and plays the mother of a young baby who becomes a porn actress. She has striking features with dark brown hair and high cheekbones. We first see her auditioning with a rape scene, naked except for a rolled up sweater. Noomi has extraordinarily small breasts, flabby and beginning to sag slightly, which would barely fit an AA cup. They jiggle around as she moves and are crowned by large mauve nipples. Her breasts are too small to be convincingly playing a new mother.

In the audition scene we see Noomi's amazingly hairy genitals as she writhes around, including her long wrinkled labia underneath all the pubic hair. Noomi must be one of the hairiest women ever in film, her mousey-brown pubic hair thickly sprouts all over her inner thighs and groin.

We see her thick pubic bush andsmall saggy breasts jiggling round as she gets out of a bath angrily to stop the baby crying. It is also clear that Noomi, like many european women, has hairy armpits. In a later scene she has been told to shave her hairy body, and good closeups of her trimming her pubic hair and armpits.

Sexual scenes include her getting penetrated by a strap on by her lesbian employer and a male penetration scene. Neither offer closeups, but the sloshing noises are convincing. Finally, we see Noomi's pubic hair, now growing back, and minute breasts as she lies in a bath.

Maria Simon in Erste Ehe (2003)
Couthon was written on June 12, 2010

Strips naked on street

In an argument with her partner, 25 year old Maria rips off her clothes in the street until she is completely naked. Her pale body is not fat but well-built. Like most German women she doesn't shave her pubic hair, and we can tell she is not a natural blonde from the thick dark brown hairy bush that sprouts between her legs. Maria has very small, sightly flabby breasts, barely an A cup, each with large red-brown areolae but small nipples.

Piyumi Samaraweera in Aksharaya (2005)
Couthon was written on January 2, 2010

Huge breasts and areolae while taking bath

A rare chance to see a nude Sri Lankan woman. Piyumi Samaraweera plays a young mother who still breast feeds her 10 year old son. As they take a bath together we see her naked slim body from behind, and a much better view as she gets into the bath: huge pendulous breasts and the top of her black pubic hair. We get several long looks at Piyumi's large asymmetrical breasts and massive dark chocolate brown areolae as she lies in the bath. Her left breast and nipple are slightly larger than her right, and the nipple faces more downwards.

Laure Cavallera in Fille et l'amande, La (1996)
Couthon was written on November 21, 2009

Laure naked from behind while washing; later full-frontal with close-ups of breasts and hairy genitals

In this great short film, Laure plays a 16-year old schoolgirl who is desperate to explore her sexuality. We first see her naked washing in the morning, with glimpses of her breasts from the side. We then see her naked body from behind in a mirror, as she examines her fulsome buttocks and thighs. After a series of fantasies about making love for the first time, we see her naked again in a superb closing scene, where the camera pans down her body.
Laure is not conventionally pretty, but she is every inch the developing teen woman, smooth skin, plump breasts and buttocks, and wildly sprouting pubic hair. The camera closes in on her large swelling breasts and plump swollen pale pink nipples. We follow her hand down to her pubis, where we see her dark, unkempt, thick bush of pubic hair. Almost every hair sprouting from her genitals can be seen.

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