Olga Keyzerova in Dafnis i Khloya (1993)
slavedriver was written on August 11, 2005

DAAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!! This ultra-hottie gets fully naked at length on a couple occasions, the best being at about 28 minutes when she gets out of bed NUDE and slowly walks to a window to look outside. She suddenly starts groping her tits to rep

This is allegedly a Russian version of "Young Aphrodites" with slightly older actors. Whatever. She's fine. She's naked. Find a bootleg now and thank me later. I'll accept cash or money order for your gratitude.

Tina Faulkner in Knee Dancing (1988)
slavedriver was written on July 30, 2005

She plays the main character at about 14 or 15 years old. Brief full frontal stepping out of bathtub at the end. The scene is in black and white and it's hard to make out any lower parts, but the rack is nice and firm. Definitely worth going to

The scene is very brief and intercut with other girls/women stepping out of the tub. I'm too drunk to care what it's all about right now.

Chiah Tuck in Knee Dancing (1988)
slavedriver was written on July 30, 2005

She plays the main character at about 6 years of age. She's topless when her dad gets her to take her shirt off, then briefly full frontally nude.

Nudity is brief but pretty clear even though its in black and white, so realistically its a 2 star job since the screen time is short.

Leslie Orr in Manson Family, The (2003)
slavedriver was written on July 21, 2005

As the character "Patty", this is the only girl I can positively identify at this point in time, and she is (like MANY others in this film) nude quite often, frolicking or fucking. Definitely a nice rack on this chick: large but firm.

She probably has what would be the "centerpiece" sex scene in this film in which she is screwing a guy in the middle of a bean field. After they are done they are lying there nude and she rants to the guy about why he should join the "Family". She can also be seen nude at least 3 other times throughout the film. Lots and lots of sex and nudity in this film from numerous people. The sex scenes, though fairly graphic, aren't as erotic as they are frantic.

Candice Lefranc in C'est la vie (1990)
slavedriver was written on July 5, 2005

3 brief scenes: topless wrapping a towel around herself after a bath; wearing loose overalls with no shirt underneath for one scene; stepping out of a metal tub full of water nude but seen from the side and from medium distance (those into tan

She plays an 8 year old in the film and looks about that, which has no value for me personally but, hey, if you're into that, then there you go.
She is the only young kid in the film to show anything. Julie Bataille does not show anything so I don't know why her name is on here. Nathalie Baye shows nothing either.

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi in C'est la vie (1990)
slavedriver was written on July 5, 2005

Nothing much. She's laying on the beach on her stomach when she gets startled and jumps up, revealing her boobs for a split second before covering them up.

She plays the young girls' "governess", or Babysitter, if you will.

Marie Theisen in Other Side of Sunday, The (1996)
slavedriver was written on June 9, 2005

A nice skinny dip reminiscent of Jenny Agutter's in Walkabout, except not as graphic or lengthy. This pretty little 15/16 year old sheds her clothes and we get a full "rearal" nude shot as she walks into the water, then a couple brief butt shots

Quite a nice little bod on this Norwegian cutie. Interesting film, too. There is other nudity by an older woman who is also skinny dipping in the film, but I didn't catch her name. It definitely is NOT Berit Nesheim, because she is the director and not an actor in the film, so I don't know why her name is listed on here.

Nonie Muse in Colony, The (1998)
slavedriver was written on May 28, 2005

This typically crapola Sci-Fi channel film features the most blatant example of "pointless nudity" that I've ever seen, yet it's some of the finest. Of course, I don't believe that any nudity could be pointless but if I did then this would be th

I also recommend it because this girl, whomever she is, has to be the twin sister of Jennifer O'Dell. She looks EXACTLY like Jennifer O'Dell, I shit you not. You know how some stupid people will say "so and so looks totally like [fill in hot babe here]", and you look and there is absolutely NO likeness? Well, trust me on this one, this chick is the spitting image of Jennifer O'Dell and, based on the obvious pseudonym in use here (Nonie Muse? yeah right), I'm wondering if it really could be. The special fx they use in her scenes make it somewhat difficult to say for sure (maybe that's why they do it), so check it out and report back here!!

Colleen McDermott in Night That Never Happened, The (1997)
slavedriver was written on May 21, 2005

She's naked, screwing a guy while sitting on his lap

Towards the end of the film she's learning to do a strip tease, which gets her hot and bothered enough to screw a guy. They get it on on a couch, mostly with her on his lap. Definitely an A-cup lover's dream.

Kira Reed in Night That Never Happened, The (1997)
slavedriver was written on May 21, 2005

A goodbye fuck with her fiance before he departs to his Bachelor party. The plot of the film revolves around this dude's bachelor party. Kira plays his fiance and he begs her to fuck him before he leaves so he's not horny during it. They strip d

This film claims to be Rated R, but it can't possibly be based on some of the stuff in it.

Kirsty Lindsay in Sheena (1984)
slavedriver was written on May 8, 2005

Plays Sheena at about 10 or 11 years old

This very pretty girl is seen briefly topless as she is being taught to ride a zebra at about the 10 minute mark. When she falls off her outfit briefly hikes up to reveal a butt cheek, then she rolls over and you can see her little nubs. I doubt she has any grass on the playing field yet.

Miranda Otto in Healer, The (2002)
slavedriver was written on May 6, 2005

And now a more rational, objective review

Yes I think she has a beautiful rack, but from these reviews you'd be led to think it's on display for adequate length of time. Sadly,it is not.
You first see her right boob (sort of) when she is in bed with her estranged husband and he starts groping her. He pulls up her nightshirt to reveal her boob, grabs it, then sucks on it like the lucky bastard he is. She quickly stops him, covers up, and gets out of bed because she isn't into it.
Second, toward the end of the film, she gets jiggy with the Healer dude (a definitely unattractive sort of fellow) and they disrobe together. We get an awesome but VERY brief close-up of her great jugs as he runs his hand down BETWEEN them (not all over them), then maybe a couple half-second shots as they lie down together after it is implied that she blows him for a few seconds. Unfortunately, the sex they have is not shown, just the foreplay as described.

Claire Danes in Stage Beauty (2004)
slavedriver was written on May 6, 2005

It's about goddamn time!!!

I'd have to realistically give this One and a half stars.
She reveals one small sexy boob upon the request of her painter, but it's only for a couple seconds. The downblouse shot, when she's making out with the guy, is practically identical to the downblouse in Polish Wedding but better lit and you can actually see the full boob as she bends over. Also revealed is a side view of her ass at this time, as her gown goes up to her waist when she bends. Unfortunately, this doesn't develop into a sex scene.

Amy Jo Hearron in Hallow's End (2003)
slavedriver was written on May 4, 2005

Lesbian scene? whatever.....

1/2 star.
Extremely brief boob but totally nude while making out with Brandy Little. Real lame as lesbo scenes go. Useless.

Brandy Little in Hallow's End (2003)
slavedriver was written on May 4, 2005

Lame lesbo scene

Very brief boobs during tame, useless lesbo scene with Amy Jo. This chick looks like she's about 30, instead of the "college teen" look of the rest of them.

Camille Chen in Hallow's End (2003)
slavedriver was written on May 4, 2005

After a sex scene we sadly don't get to watch

1 and 1/2 stars.
She gets out of bed to get a beer for herself and her boyfriend, and we very briefly see her left boob--mostly from the side but with a quick nip shot--yet there are a few seconds of ass as she stands up. After she puts on a shirt we see her nipping real hard through it. She's pretty cute and has a sexy rack which needs to be revealed more.

Wendy Mahoney in Hendrix (2000)
slavedriver was written on April 30, 2005

YAY!!! More A-cups for my collection!!!

She's the short-haired blonde involved in a 3-way make-out section withe the guy playing Jimi Hendrix and another chick. A brief scene with brief nudity, but you can see her sexy small boobs for a few seconds.

Jennifer O'Dell in Nip/Tuck (2003)
slavedriver was written on August 31, 2004

Episode "Rose and Raven rosenberg". Finally a sex scene from her, albeit not as explicit as it could be considering it's on television, but she IS naked!!

She's involved in a little bit of a tag team fuck session with the two main doctor guys (I don't know their names since I don't watch it enough). First we see her at a medium distance (in the background, slightly out of focus) getting doggy-styled by one of the doctors, then it changes to her sitting atop the other doctor riding him really nicely. She's fully nude, but again it's from a medium distance, slightly out of focus (in the background), and mostly from the side/behind, sort of like her 5 o'clock position for you military types. You can see her ass when she's on top, and both times you can see her right boob from the side. A fairly brief scene, but adequate. Hottest sex that I know of on this show so far.

Mia Kirshner in Love & Human Remains (1993)
slavedriver was written on August 22, 2004

Definitely NOT a body double.

At the end of the film she gets her top ripped open to reveal one boob and there is a quick pan from her face to her chest before this happens. It's all in one shot so with a quick pause you can see it's absolutely her face. Not great skin exposure though.

Renée Humphrey in Jailbait (2000)
slavedriver was written on August 4, 2004

Obvious body double

No skin shown during sex; side view of boob after removing bra--viewed from behind and no face shown; during the shower scene the face is turned away and obscured by hair. Whoever it is has a SWEET rack though.

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