Elizabeth Olsen in Oldboy (2013)
captainspyke was written on March 4, 2015

Breasts and Butt

at around the 1:15 mark Elisabeth appears from the bathroom wrapped in a towel still a little wet from taking a shower. She kneels on the bed behind Joshua Brolin to tend to a wound on his shoulder. A few seconds later they start kissing and her towel slips off exposing her rather nice breasts. The scene continues as they have sex on the bed, giving us some nice looks at her breasts from different angles, and a few looks at her butt while riding Brolin.

roughly 20 minutes later the "bad guy" shows replays of this encounter to Brolin, as he reveals that "Marie" (Olsen's Character) is actually the daughter that Brolin's character has been searching for. A little disturbing but still nice to watch.

I give the nudity in this movie 3 stars because it was the first nude scene I've seen of the much more attractive Olsen sister, and also because it fit the story pretty well. Also it's a pretty good movie with or without the nude scenes

Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin (2013)
captainspyke was written on February 25, 2015

At last

First off the movie was agonizing, very dull, very obscure. The first couple of times Her clothes came off you really didn't get to see a whole lot or it was a long shot that made it hard to see what you were looking at. Multiple shots of her bare seat cushion which wasn't quite as nice as I had expected but still a nice view.
When finally you get to see her in her full glory, you see everything from boobs to bush. I will say I am one of the many who has been waiting eagerly for this day to come, but I will admit to feeling a bit let down. Her body doesn't look as good as expected, and the movie itself being so painful to sit through barely made it worth what we do get to see... All that aside I can't wait to see another nude appearance out of Scarlett, hopefully the next one will be sexed up a bit to give us some actual excitement when the clothes come off.

Would have given 4 stars for the quality of nudity if not for how badly I wanted to turn the movie off before getting to the "good part"

Lily Collins in Stuck in Love (2012)
captainspyke was written on February 25, 2015

A Near Miss

At the very beginning of the movie Miss Collins is talking to a guy at a party; he's trying to pick her up she tells him to stop wasting time, all she was interested in was having sex and then never seeing him again. They go to his room where she takes her shirt off, revealing her bra covered lilies, the shot cuts to behind her, then the scene ends.

Towards the end we see her sitting on a bench wearing a bikini top for about 30 seconds.

Other than a couple other actresses in a bra or sports bra, there is really nothing worth mentioning as far as nudity is concerned

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