Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm (1989)
tremors was written on August 19, 2016

Sex Scene

Nicole Kidman is forced into sex by her captor. She reluctantly submits to intercourse in a hot scene.

She is married but her husband is not around. Her captor, played by Billy Zane, wants to bed her. She appears to be aroused and enjoy the sex, even if she is not a willing participant.

The situation is like a forced sex on first date. She does not say no but only tries to get out of the situation by making lame excuses. This only makes Billy Zane try harder and he succeeds in seducing her. She does not protest at all when he removes her clothes to get her naked. She tries to make an excuse but he gets her again naked on the couch.

She looks at his arousal and lies back. She again tries to leave when her dog shows up, but it seems his hardness was too much for her to resist. She does not say no to sex even once and lets him penetrate her. From her expressions it seems he was rather big and was a snug fit in her. It was implied they had sex for quite some time. As no use of protection was shown, it was implied he came inside her.

Nicole Kidman in Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
tremors was written on August 12, 2016

Sex Scenes

Ms Kidman has a couple of scenes where we get to see her beautiful body. Everything about her is beautiful. Her breasts, ass, legs all are shown. She looks amazing lying nude beneath her costar, who is also nude. But we do not get full frontal shots of her breasts or full back shots showing her ass . Her ass is captured well by the camera in her pants, when she walks up the stairs to her hotel room and before that in a bar scene. Just wish there was a similar shot of her in nude. Also we did not get full view of her breasts or a good shot of her nipples even though she was naked. Plus the sex was lame in missionary position. Even though it was a good sex scene, camera angles could have been better.

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