Amelia Cooke in Species III (2004)
AssLover was written on February 15, 2017

Sex On Legs

Amelia Cooke is as hot with her clothes on than she is also completely nude. Amazing eyes & perfect hair style & the glasses she wears in the movie make her look of this world. Her zipper top & short skirt & black heels are an amazing prick tease as well. Her scene when she firsts meets Hastings is the sexiest scene I've ever seen & may will ever see. She is in a dorm & emerges from a shower completely nude(Full Frontal) Breasts - Bush - Ass - Legs - then walks down a corridor while stark naked passing many rooms with wet water dripping from her with this guy waiting in his doorway. She has the best ass I've ever seen for sure. He must of cummed in his pants watching this. I know I have & could get a boner on & cum everyday for the rest of my life watching this.

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