Riki Lindhome in Hell Baby (2013)
nekkidchix was written on December 20, 2013

Nude oiling up after shower

Gets out of shower after being surprised by guy who is trying to take a shower. She insists that they "lotion" each other up (looks like baby oil to me). Played for laughs. Guy plays it that he is embarassed to see her naked and be nearly undressed himself.

She is fully frontally nude. The actress has a naturally sparse blonde pubic area and appears shaved, but is not (she confirms this in an audio interview online). No close-ups of course, and the lighting is decent but not bright. Her breasts are not entirely perky, but they are nice. She is very slender and tan.

Mia Kirshner in Defiance (2013)
nekkidchix was written on July 9, 2013

All episodes

She isn't nude and doesn't show any nudity in any episodes.

Stephanie Leonadis in Defiance (2013)
nekkidchix was written on July 9, 2013

All episodes

She isn't nude and doesn't show any nudity.

Nicole Muñoz in Defiance (2013)
nekkidchix was written on July 9, 2013

All episodes

She isn't nude and doesn't show any nudity in any episodes.

Jaime Murray in Defiance (2013)
nekkidchix was written on July 9, 2013

All episodes.

She isn't nude and doesn't show any nudity.

Justina Vail in Naked Souls (1996)
nekkidchix was written on May 10, 2013

Climbing into bed in dream wearing pubic cover

Saw this in high resolution after years of thinking her pubic area was shaved bare.

In HD can make out the edges of a skin-colored glue-on pubic cover.

But she is still absolutely gorgeous and her breasts are exquisite.

Uma Thurman in Be Cool (2005)
nekkidchix was written on June 20, 2012

Alternate version bikini

Watched this on Netflix via the U.K. and she was wearing a regular bikini that covered about 80% of her ass (compared to other descriptions where she seemed to have been wearing a thong that only covered 10% of her ass). Tiny bit of sideboob in a shot from about 10 feet away and towards her feet. A couple of brief shots show the front of the bikini bottom and it's normal coverage again. I guess I need to find the other version.

Elizabeth Olsen in Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)
nekkidchix was written on April 9, 2012

On top of guy in group sex room

The previous review has an incorrect time. In the best topless scene of Ms. Olsen, the scene occurs at 1 hour 7 minutes into the movie. She is shown on her side, with cute ass cheeks showing from her panties, then she rolls on top of the guy and peels her nightie over her head, showing gorgeous breasts for a couple of seconds. Very well lit. Woot.

Shanyn Leigh in 4:44 Last Day on Earth (2011)
nekkidchix was written on March 27, 2012

Sex with visible labia

Rolling around with Willem's character. HEAVY SHADOWS make it difficult to see, however when her panties are coming off, her legs are up in the air and her back is down, the view shows the edge of her labia between her cheeks/legs. Then, as her legs come down and she turns to her left side, half of her shaved pubis is visible.
3 Stars only because there is a peek of labia. It would have been 1 star for the breasts otherwise.
Willem obviously isn't shy about groping the director's girlfriend's crotch on camera!

Melissa Jones in Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, The (2009)
nekkidchix was written on January 31, 2012

Sex...puts 'em on the glass

Having sex with the male lead, starts with shot of very large, fake breasts pressed against a glass coffee table. Many generous views of her ample boobage in good light.

Chelan Simmons in Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (2010)
nekkidchix was written on January 2, 2012

Topless skinnydipping

Very disappointing and very brief and hard to see well.

Plays one of the "terrorized" college kids. When it is suggested that they go skinnydipping it is daytime, and they head off for the water, but then the story goes off in another direction for a while and then later they are shown skinnydipping, but from a long ways off.

You can make out that she is topless and it looks like it's really Chelan Simmons, but the light is bad and it's too far. There must be some good closeups on the cutting room floor... sigh. Short scene.

Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty (2011)
nekkidchix was written on December 30, 2011

Nude regularly throughout

In 3 long scenes she is nude on a bed while different much older men fondle her body. Her lower frontal nudity is absent in these scenes pretty much, but her breasts and butt are well lit. Pretty weird and revolting in a way, but if you focus on her, you'll get through it.

At one point, she gets up from the bed and walks into a corner, does something (no spoilers!), and turns to walk back to the bed. This is where you get to see her trimmed bush. Lovely, lovely girl. There are a few more scenes of her topless and a great shot of her bare ass also.

Monique Gabrielle in Black Venus (1983)
nekkidchix was written on December 30, 2011

Pirate Wench and Stripping

Very early in the move, she is seen roleplaying as a prostitute in a brother, playing a female deck hand having her way with a pirate who is bound to a ship deck set. She bares her breasts and then strips off her pants, showing some bush as she grinds herself on his lap.

Later she is shown doing a strip in front of some other clients. Again, nude.

Brandy Grace in Girl from the Naked Eye, The (2012)
nekkidchix was written on December 30, 2011

Getting it doggy style

When her pimp boyfriend comes in she drops her rob. She is facing away from the camera and she is shown from just above the bottom of her butt to her shoulders, and the side including full sideboob. No frontal, no nipples. Funny f**k scene with them both cursing at each other and smoking.

Gina Jackson in Girl from the Naked Eye, The (2012)
nekkidchix was written on December 30, 2011

Topless with john and Jake

She is a prostitute, Honey. First she is with a john and he opens her top and gropes her breasts. Jake barges in, knocks the john unconscious, drags him out of sight, then Jake gets Honey to hide him by riding him. Some guys burst in looking for Jake. We don't see him, just her big fake breasts as she is apparently on top of him.

Angelina Valentine in Girl from the Naked Eye, The (2012)
nekkidchix was written on December 30, 2011

Topless in hallway

Plays Cimone, a prostitute. Seen standing in a doorway in the brothel, topless. Has huge fake breasts and lots of tattoos.

Rooney Mara in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The (2011)
nekkidchix was written on December 20, 2011

Various nude scenes

Contains Spoilers **************************************************************************
In the scene where she is raped by her court-appointed legal guardian, there are several views of her ass, including some where she is flailing vigorously. The scene itself is not sexy of course, but the natural beauty of her curves cannot help but be noticed. There appeared to be at least one frame where something was visible between her legs, but it was so brief that it would require a pause and frame-by-frame to discern. *************************************************
Later, she comes onto Mikael in the cabin and she drops her boy-short underwear and a quarter-frontal view. Yes, no bush is visible, because she is obviously shaved enough so that there would be no bush visible. There is no obvious labia, but (and it may have been just a momentary personal visual glitch) I had the impression that they had digitally obscured her genital area. Don't quote me on that. Just watch it in HD later. ***************************************************
There are multiple, generous, views of her breasts. And they are beautiful. She has some piercings, but they aren't obnoxious and I was really struck by the perfection of the shape of her breasts. They really don't try to hide them. *************************************************
Generally, all the nudity was well-lit. I would call it full nudity even though there was no bush, because she didn't have a bush to show. Miss Rooney Mara really went all-out for the part. Bravo!

Sandra Bullock in The Proposal (2009)
nekkidchix was written on October 16, 2011

Coming out of the shower

She comes out of the shower naked, blocking full nudity with strategic placement of arms and props and furniture. About one frame of the front of her abdomen (no pubic hair) as she falls into him.

Kristen Miller in Dexter (2006)
nekkidchix was written on September 23, 2011

Topless with Dexter

In Season 6 episode number 1, Kristen appears as Trisha, a former classmate of Dexter. Dexter meets her at his class reunion, where she pursues him and he tries to avoid her, not realizing that she is hitting on him.
Finally, around 44 minutes into the episode, Trisha pulls him into an empty, somewhat-lit classroom, drops her dress, and gives Dexter an off-camera blowjob.

The light is enough to see her beautiful body and cute breasts. The initial shot of her sliding her dress down is pretty close-up but not as well lit. She keeps her panties on. The subsequent shot of her standing after finishing her job is better-lit, but a medium-long shot.All in all, a pretty good topless debut from a beautiful actress who waited a long time to show her body.

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