Mary Stuart Masterson in Dogtown (1997)
rovingeye was written on July 21, 2004


Are you insane? Maybe you should have paid closer attention. Mary keeps her bra on the entire time during the "sex" scene. There is NO nudity whatsoever in this flick.

Julie Benz in Darkdrive (1996)
rovingeye was written on November 9, 2000

Nice Breasts & Ass

This is one beautiful woman! Currently playing the character Darla on "Angel", Julie is seen in a topless sex scene with Ken Oldandt. There are some brief side of her breast scenes, but also a frontal topless scene where she displays her very nice breasts (you'll have to use the pause button to really enjoy). There are also brief glimpses of her ass as she sits on Olandt. Very nice surprise to find...

Jessica Alba in Paranoid (2000)
rovingeye was written on October 16, 2000

Don't Believe The Rumors

Forget what you're reading on the 'net...Jessica is NOT nude in the DVD version of this flick. In the very early beginning, she removes her top while her back is to the camera, and you see a fleeting shot of the side of her right breast. No nipple. And, later in the movie....well, that's it. Don't be conned by the hucksters on ebay who list the flick with a "nudity" description. Yes...there is nudity. is not by Jessica. Note how NONE of the descriptions indicate Jessica is nude...simply that there is nudity in the film. She is incredibly cute, however, and is in the film wearing nothing but a sweatshirt. Leg fans take note.

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe in Teacher's Pet (2000)
rovingeye was written on September 9, 2000

Big Tease

Jodi Lynn is sexy throughout this straight to cable flick, but does not ante up when it's time to display her flesh. There are two sex scenes where Jodi Lynn takes off her top, but never shows her breasts. In the first scene, however, she straddles a guy in her thong underwear, so a good portion of her bare ass is shown. Overall...though...very disappointing. Oh...what could have been...

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Heartbreakers (2001)
rovingeye was written on August 22, 2000

Only A Rumor's only a rumor, but word has it that Jennifer has a topless scene in this upcoming flick, to be released in 2001. If it's true, the rating of course ZOOMS to a ****. I didn't believe the Katie Holmes "Gift" rumors at first, either, but early reviewers have confirmed that she has a topless scene in that flick. So...let's keep our fingers crossed. First possibly Jennifer? LIFE IS GOOD.

Christina Applegate in Kiss of Fire (1998)
rovingeye was written on August 5, 2000

Another Disappointment

Christina has to be one of the biggest teases in Hollywood, and each potential nude role leads to disappointment after disappointment. I wish they'd stop offering her these types of parts, and give them to acctresses who will do the role justice. Christina plays an erotic dancer in this one, and though she display a fair amount of skin (during a striptease, in a bikini, in underwear), there is never a nude scene by her. She even has a sex scene where she keeps her bra on...even though the guy she is with repeatedly kisses her breasts. How realistic is this? We all know in reality this guy would tear her bra immediately off. Scenes like this piss me off, and I'm tired of Ms. Applegate never fully committing to her art. If you're going to play an erotic dancer in an 'R' rated film, show your body to its fullest, DAMN IT. Rent this only to be frustrated, and then watch "Streets" again and pretend you see more than you really do.

Juliette Lewis in 4th Floor, The (1999)
rovingeye was written on July 13, 2000

Brief Flash

Just as Juliette is warming up the tub water, she is distracted. She gets up in her robe, and as she walks there are some very brief flashes of her small boobs. She's not the prettiest actress in Hollywood, but in some strange way I find her attractive.

Sandra Bullock in Fire on the Amazon (1993)
rovingeye was written on July 2, 2000

Disappointing, but not a 'zero'

The long 'lost' Sandra Bullock nude scene has finally been released and of course it's a disappointment...but what else would you expect from her? It's not a total wipeout, however, since by far it's Sandra's most risque scene and includes a shot of her riding Craig Sheffer backwards. There are side shots of both breasts and of her ass, but nothing more than what is routinely seen now-a-days in Prime Time. I'm sure it's the best sex scenes she'll ever do, so if you love 'America's Sweetheart', check out this film.

Farrah Forke in Kate's Addiction (1999)
rovingeye was written on February 24, 2000

Lesbian Love Scene

Farrah, best known as Alex on the Wings TV show, has a lesbian encounter with Kari Wuhrer. Kari kisses and fondles Farrah's clothed breasts, and at one point raises Farrah's nightgown, revealing her full breasts. Though clothed, the tops of her nipples can be seen as the nightie is moved around. Her left breast is also plainly seen in the next scene the next morning after the encounter.

Kari Wuhrer in Kate's Addiction (1999)
rovingeye was written on February 24, 2000

Not Fully Nude....But Wow

Beside the lesbian encounter with Farrah Forke where Kari remains clothed (what's with that??), Kari is seen in an earlier scene fully stretched out in a bikini and starting to masterbate before being rudely interrupted (DAMN IT!!). Not nude, but does she need to be in scenes of masturbation and lesbian sex??

Peta Wilson in Mercy (2000)
rovingeye was written on February 11, 2000

Rear Shot, Too

In addition to the brief topless scenes (shown on a TV monitor), Peta is shown from behind pulling down her panties. Nice rear shot.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
rovingeye was written on January 14, 2000


DirtyDanny is'a a very brief scene, and it's actually when she is getting up after falling down, but it is a nice glimpse of Sarah's breasts. It's mainly just cleavage...but what cleavage it is! I'm sure you'll need to view this with a DVD in order to see it...

Katie Holmes in Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999)
rovingeye was written on January 8, 2000

Not Quite

Katie takes off her top and is seen in her bra. You do see the outline of her nipples through the bra, but do NOT see her nipples. Some cleavage is seen as she presses her breasts against her boyfriend. One star only because it's Katie.

Rebecca De Mornay in ER (1994)
rovingeye was written on December 31, 1999

Network TV Nude!

In a rather risque scene for Network TV, Rebecca is topless in bed with Noah Wylie. She also sits on top of him. The scene is dark--this is TV after all, but she is completely topless in it. Hopefully, the barriers to Network Nudes are crumbling!

Kate Capshaw in Love Letter, The (1999)
rovingeye was written on December 3, 1999

Blurry Buns Shot

Kate is seen getting up out of bed and walking away into the distance. Since she is walking away, the shot of her buns is a blurry one. Since she doesn't do much nudity, however, not too bad...

Cloris Leachman in People Next Door, The (1970)
rovingeye was written on December 1, 1999


In this 1970 rarity, TV's Phyllis is seen getting out of bed nude. The camera is behind her, however, so all that is visible is her ass. The scene starts in the dark, but Cloris then turns on the light so that we get a better shot of her rear. Definitely NOT oe of the better asses in cinema history...

Linda Purl in Crazy Mama (1975)
rovingeye was written on December 1, 1999

Drops Towel

Linda Purl, better known as playing girlfriends of both Richie Cunningham and Fonzie on Happy Days, and later starring in TV's Diagnosis Murder, is seen in a bathroom when Donny Most (another Happy Days alum) kicks open the door. We then Linda's towel drop, showing very briefly her breasts and side of her ass. Definitely one for the pause button on you VCR. This exploitation flick also prominently features Linda in a pink bikini.

Deborah Winters in People Next Door, The (1970)
rovingeye was written on December 1, 1999

Few Scenes

Deborah is nude in a few scenes, most notably while she runs out into the street completely naked.

Jenilee Harrison in Prime Target (1991)
rovingeye was written on November 24, 1999


After refusing to let the star 'stud' in her house, the very next scene--CLICHE--is of Jenilee and the stud having sex. It's a brief scene, but there is a very clear shot of her breasts. And they don't disappoint....

Suzanne Somers in Magnum Force (1973)
rovingeye was written on November 24, 1999


Suzanne is in this flick just long enough to prance around topless and then get shot. She is first seen in a blue bikini, and then prancing around inside the pool topless. You'll probably want to view in slow motion, or use the pause button, but once Suzanne takes off the bikini top, there are some very clear shots of her bouncing, jiggling breasts as she jumps up and down in the pool. Shortly after, she gets a bullet planted beween her breasts. Short, but nice (the scene...not the bullet!).

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