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Valérie Kaprisky's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1994 Mouvements du désir 3 Reviews
1984 Year of the Jellyfish 1 Review
1984 Année des méduses, L' 3 Reviews
1983 Femme Publique, La 5 Reviews
1983 Breathless 12 Reviews
1982 Aphrodite 4 Reviews

nudity reviews for Valérie Kaprisky member submitted

Mouvements du désir (1994)
Cyclone was written on February 29, 2000

Several topless scenes

She has four different topless scenes in this movie, but only the final one is of a decent length. We see her topless in front of a mirror, then very briefly from the side in the shower, lying down with breasts exposed while masturbating, and then she has a decent sex scene. She was still an attractive woman in this movie, but she looks much better a decade earlier in films like Breathless.

jokeman23 was written on August 4, 2000

entire movie

In the first scene you can see her standing in front of a mirror naked with her cute tits. We later see her in the the shower but don't get a glimpse of the nipples. In the third scene she is in bed pleasuring herself, we see her hands in her silk panties and her exposed tits. In the final scene she sits on top of a table and has sex with a guy. He licks her and puts his mouth on her perky tits while she is sitting and later bends backwards to stretch her body, and we get to see another great shot of her body. No butt or bush though.

Stilicho was written on August 5, 1999

sex in the baggage car

After looking for an opportunity to get busy for most of a cross countrytrain ride, Valerie and her newfound boyfriend slip back to the rear and havesex. Pretty hot, you get an excellent view of her breasts (quite nice) butnot much else. The scene jumps from the baggage car to a view of the train travelling through the rockies, which is a bit annoying.Not bad at all, although the movie itself is rather dull.

Year of the Jellyfish (1984)
rounder was written on June 24, 2001

young and nude

Valerie Kaprisky plays a 15-year old girl, Chris, who is vacationing in the south of France with her mother. Chris tries to seduce her mother's lover, and when he resists she searches for other ways to both prove how desirable she is and to make him jealous. This leads to lots of sexual escapades on her part, and, more importantly for the viewer, to a whole lot of nudity. The scenes in which she appears topless are too many mention. One of my favorite is when she pulls up her shirt (no bra) in a crowded bar to show someone a tiny scar on her left breast. All these scenes show what nice, firm tits Valerie has. They are a bit small, but that is actually a plus in this case, because helps her easily pass 15, even though she was 20 when the movie was made.

As nice as the topless scenes are, there are even better scenes where Valerie shows everything - tits, ass, and bush. In one, she and a young friend are laying out by a pool topless, talking to Valerie's 60-something "uncle". He suggests they take a swim, and when they stand up Valerie tells her friend "no suits" and they both pull off their bikinis (the friend somewhat reluctantly), giving us a nice, clear shot of their pubic hair as they walk to the pool (the view is repeated when they get out of the water and walk back to their towels). In another scene, Valerie is on a boat, alone with her mother's lover. She again is trying to seduce him, in this case by doing a very sexy striptease. She eventually takes everything off, and we get to see nice, long, full frontal shot (clear view of her crotch) of her writhing around trying to turn him on. When she is unsuccessful, she pushes him overboard in a fit of anger. We then see a view from the water of her looking over the railing, which means we are looking right up between her legs. The scene unfortunately takes place at night, so it is a bit dark, but you can still clearly see her firm little tits and her neatly trimmed bush. A DVD player might allow you to see her lips, but I'm not sure. In any case, it is an incredibly sexy scene!

The whole movie is very sexy, with lots of four star scenes. Not just because Valerie has such a great body - tight, firm, smooth - but because she's playing a young, 15-year-old girl who loves to seduce men and strip off her clothes whenever she can! Strongly recommended!

Année des méduses, L' (1984)
Chuck was written on November 23, 1998

Hell, the whole movie

If you like beautiful beaches with beautiful women showing beautiful breasts, then this film is ecstasy. Valerie (and the stunning woman playing her mother) are topless virtually throughout this intense, erotic movie. Let us give thanks.

Condor was written on July 9, 1999

Great Nudity

This is a great film for nudity. Valerieis topless almost in all of the movie whule she is on the beach. but you get to see not only her tits!In thje first all nude scene sher is with an older guy in a room comletly naked talking to him while doing different stuff and sinaly watching TV you can see little of her muff but this scene is best for seeing her superb ass. another scene is when shes undressing completly on a boat great muff shots and everything else to. when the guy shes trying to seduce walks away from the boat (he must be an impotent!) she presses her body against the glass and yells at him. GREAT sceneshe got a body from heaven

fargalaxy was written on July 5, 1999

very good

several scenes of her breasts at beach then nude scene at boat

Femme Publique, La (1983)
Douglas was written on October 16, 1998

Entire film

She's naked in just about the entire movie.

BushLeague was written on November 9, 2002

The only show in the flick--original French version

1) Strips to nude in partial dark as photographer turns on lights. She then shows a shadowy bush, circular double buns, and cantaloupe shaped breasts during a wild gyrating, almost primitive dance that is showed with full length nudity and very few cuts until the end where the camera concentrates mostly on her upper torso. 2) While she is standing with a sheet wrapped around her, a guy gets mad and rips it off, she puts on some sunglasses and stands perfectly still there naked with perky tits and thick matted love triangle brilliantly displayed. 3) Brief left breast, then right breast during some very dark love making shown only at the top from a high angle. 4) Takes off clothes again and does another more sedate dance in much darker light. You can make out tits and public lawn, but only a half moon is seen. 5) Right breast, then left as she leafs through some photos. 6) Very brief partial booty while some guy talks to her (you may see more if you get a wide screen version) 7) Butt in dark and really dark left tit as she makes love to guy in hallway standing up (shown full length, but to dark to make out any "contact") 8) darkened nude photo session (very brief) 9) shows right tit while soaking in tub.

BushLeague was written on November 9, 2002

Two additional scenes

10) Well lit tits and bush after being smacked around by a broad in a dressing room then longer wlll lit tit shot. 11) Very dark tits being placed into bed.

zax1 was written on June 1, 2001

Incredible performance!

I don't remember all of the scenes, but will give some details of the best ones. First Valérie dances totally naked in front of a camera man who takes pictures of her. Later in the movie Valérie has a fight with her boyfriend. A couple of seconds later they're lying naked together in bed. She lies behind him while they talk till he rolls over her and starts to make love to her. She cries and moans very sexy, but you can't see much of her. Further into the movie Valérie takes off her clothes and stands naked (You can see her body from the side) and then the camera guy starts the music and she dances again. Also a great scene. Later she has sex with the director of a movie she's in. You can't see her until he rolls over and then she gets out of the bed, but you can see her standing next to it before leaving. The best scene in the movie is when Valérie stands in front of a mirror and looks at her beautiful, naked body. The camera is focused on her wonderful butt and the mirror reflects her front (It's perfect!) She turns around a little and then her boyfriend arrives. They have a talk in the shadows, and Valérie is still butt naked. She takes off his clothes and he lifts her up so she hangs on him. They start to move their bodies and Valérie gives some wonderful sounds before the scene ends. A great performance by Valérie. A great French movie, Valérie Kaprisky rules!

nakedbuns was written on November 29, 2000


There's really not much more I can add from the below review. Totally nude almost the entire movie...including a very long fully nude dance scene and an amazing scene where she looks at herself in the mirror giving us prolonged looks at her entire privates. Unbelievable set of cheeks. You gotta see it to believe it

Breathless (1983)
The Cleric was written on January 14, 1999

Removing Towel

Richard Gere removes towel from around Valerie.

Peter Perves was written on February 27, 1999


Lucky old Richard Gere gets to shower with the gorgeuous Valerie, and afterwards whips off her towel to leave her standing naked. Great shot, but youll have to like Jerry Lee Lewis to get much out of the rest of the film

sirspread was written on August 29, 2003


as its been said before this girl has it all..great looks oozing sexiness lovely small framed body with smallish magnificent it if you can you will not be dissapointed

ut1stgear was written on November 27, 2011

Multiple scenes

I happen to like Jerry Lee Lewis. Grew up on him and others of that era. So I watched the whole movie for the soundtrack.

I am definitely not a fan of Richard Gere. I personally don't think he can act. The character in this movie fits him though since there is no depth to it. As an actress I think Valerie leaves some to be desired but she sure knows how to
flaunt her triple B assets and there is no disappointment here. I wouldn't be surprised that this movie just barely made
the grade to be released in the US on censorship issues. Lucky for us it did. I read somewhere that this is the only US
film Valerie made and then went back to France to finish her career. The French have all the luck this time. The four
stars are for Valerie and I won't be reviewing Gere here. I can't act but sure would have loved to
trade places with him.

There is plenty of skin in this movie by both actors. Most of it involves both of them. r. At 00:23 we catch Valerie on a stool holding a blouse as she is getting ready to put it on. While doing so we a nice look at her left breast with a quick visible nipple. Most of the rest of the nudity involves both of them. We get our first glorious look at Valerie's beautiful breasts at 00:47-00:50 when Gere removes the towel tied around her. The lighting is very good and we get a clear look at both breasts complete with nipples. Of course Gere gets plenty of time to work on them, ondling, kissing and sucking on them. If her breasts aren't perfect they are as close as you get. I was very envious of Gere at this point. After being interupted by a phone call that stops the action Valerie moves to the bathroom and starts to take a shower. Gere gets over his anger and decides to join her. At about 00:52-00:55 Gere opens the shower door and we get a view of Valerie's right side including her fabulous butt. She turns showing her breasts and a clear
shot of her bush. Later we find them laying in the bed with Gere laying on top of her. As they roll over and switch positions we see Valerie from the left side full length almost giving up a shot between her legs. Later after being chased by the cops they take santuary in a theater behind the screen. The pink dress, having changed from the black one, has thin straps that fall down giving us another look at her breasts and nipples. After rolling over a couple of times Gere again gets some serious mouth to nipple action. The final nudity takes place at the 01:29 mark. It is the following morning and they have spent the night on top of a hill. As Valerie exits, jumps out of, the car the camera is positioned perfectly for an upskirt. Although out of focus it is a clear shot between her legs with them spread just enough.

I short Valerie is one of the queens of the Triple B in the industry.

soulman was written on July 17, 2002

What A Doll.

Kaprisky is a sexy little kitten. Cute as hell, nice body and a sexy accent. Very nice tits as that lucky S.O.B. Gere slips off her towel and nice butt in an overhead shot of her on top of him. The movie's boring as hell, probably his worst (along with BEYOND THE LIMIT and KING DAVID) so get the fast foward button ready.

zax1 was written on June 1, 2001

Hot & great!

After the sexy pool scene, with Valérie in a tight pink swimsuit she's wearing a towel that Richard Gere is removing. Then he puts her on a table and takes her answering machine and throws it out of the window. You can see her pubic hair while she looks at him. She puts on the towel and goes into the shower. Minutes later Richard gets the brilliant idea of entering the shower. When he opens the door you see Valérie full frontal and they start to get close, so close that they break the door to the shower. Then they're lying in bed together. Richard is on top, but they switch so Valérie gets over, exposing her incredible butt and slips of him to get dressed. There's one last look at her naked side as she picks out to dresses. Very good nudity of Valérie Kaprisky, she's fantastic!

nudity_elitist was written on June 30, 2002


This woman leaves ME breathless. She's got it all: GREAT breasts, nice, tight figure, sultry eyes, and, oh yeah, a nearly unparalleled backside that gives Charlize Theron a run for her money! Plus, she is a touch exotic, which is always a real bonus. Overall, she is very reminiscent of Nastassja Kinski in Cat People which, by the way, earned a *** 1/2 rating from me (very high for me.) We'll go ahaid and leave this one at a solid *** especially given the fact that we are forced to endure Dick Gere's vienna sausage. But those of you who are familiar with my reviews know that even three stars means a whole lot coming from me.

Bootydaddy was written on September 16, 2002


Valerie is a very sexy gal. When she is in her apartment with Richard Gere she gets completly naked showing us the 3 B's (breasts, bush, butt). She is a cutie.

crazy was written on February 21, 2000

Wow!!! Valerie oh how i'd love to pluck your branches!!

A few sex scenes with mainly breasts but she does have a few bush shots.

Brokencake was written on February 21, 2000


Alright, Valerie is so cute it hurts, and her breasts are just as cute as Richard Gere takes the towel off of them. Beautiful, mid-sized with perfect dark nipples. Fantastic.

schlitz40 was written on January 11, 2003

Valerie Naked

This Valerie girl is extremely hot. Gorgeous face and incredible body. Excellet, well done shots of her nice medium sized tits, a sweet ass, and even her bush. The movie isn't very good, fast forward to these scenes.

Cyclone was written on December 4, 1999

Shows some skin with Richard Gere

We get treated to a few good shots of her very nice tits while she is with Richard Gere, and from a number of different angles as well. She's awfully cute and it's a real pleasure to see her topless.

Aphrodite (1982)
Know-it-all was written on March 4, 2002

The leisurely standing bath: the best scene of her career.

Valerie, the Gallic beauty, was never, ever shy about on-screen nudity. This scene (there is one of those damn edited versions of the movie floating around, so be careful), is the acme of them all. Horst Bucholz is spying on her through a two-way mirror, while they are both on a yacht. (This is a period piece, set in the early 20th Century.) Before getting into bed, she decides to have an impromptu mini-bath. She has a pan of soapy water to wash with while she stays standing. She then doffs the loose white gown she's wearing, pins up her hair, and begins slowly and lovingly rubbing her body with a soapy sponge. Her breasts are completely magnificent. She even props up one leg at a time and caresses each one slowly and fully w/ the soapy sponge. One mild complaint: for whatever reason, she never really soaps her bush. It's on display the whole time, in all it's untrimmed glory, but she never actually touches it. Too bad. Nonetheless, this is an absolutely superb nude scene, one that you won't soon forget.

Mr_Manko was written on February 20, 2000

Full frontal and rear

I hate to disagree but Valerie is only nude in one scene near the start of the movie. She is being watched throught a one way mirror while she washes with a cloth, everything is on display, breasts, arse, muff. It's an excellent and long scene. She does keep her clothes on during the rest of the movie however (the near hardcore scenes at the end use a body double)so nude throughout? Sorry, no.

crazy was written on February 21, 2000

oh, Valerie Valerie how i love your branches!!!

I would have to second what Mr_Manko said. The movie can be quite tricky the first time you see it. Look closely at the face of the woman getting the long massage completely nude. The first time you watch it, you'll no doupt be so engrossed in her tits and pussy while the guy massages them, you'll miss her face - its not Valerie. And there are a couple of scenes like this. The almost hardcore orgies at the end of the movie have Valerie only watching the other people. At one point a guy does nearly rip her top off and there is an almost breast exposure and that's it! The one nude scene of her is in the earlier part of the movie while the captain is looking at her through a one-way mirror. She is standing up washing herself completely nude. Breasts, buns, and even bush are all exposed. The scene quite long and she does some bending over and back arching so she can see herself better in the mirror - all of which give us many multiple angles to view her wonderfully delicious body. Real tasty chews for the eyes her folks!

DBW was written on July 5, 1999

whole movie

Kaprisky's whole role in this movie is to be naked and beautiful, and she disrobes in sceneafter scene - you see it all, at length. Some video versions have extra scenes of explicit sex added in, but none of itinvolves Kaprisky.

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