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year title
1995 Down Came a Blackbird 2 Reviews
1990 Orpheus Descending 1 Review
1985 Steaming 1 Review
1979 Yanks 2 Reviews
1979 Agatha 1 Review
1975 Out Of Season 2 Reviews
1968 Quiet Place in the Country, A 1 Review
1968 Isadora 1 Review
1966 Blow-Up 1 Review

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Down Came a Blackbird (1995)
cybordemon was written on May 14, 2004

Police Room

The scene kinda sucks, but she is however nude in this scene with the police interrogating her.
Vanessa is strapped down on a table as the police are torturing her with a machine that gives her electric shocks, she is completely naked I think, I do remember her breasts were clearly visible.

dav345 was written on May 14, 2004


Somebody should check this guy's basement. I suspect he has several women tied up with tape on their nipples being electrocuted.

Orpheus Descending (1990)
Condor was written on April 2, 1999

Butt Shot

Well this is the last known nude scene of Ms. Redgrave (she was 53 at the time!)she once more desrobes and let us see her Ass walking to a guy then u can see a slluete of her breast behind a curtain.u cant see her face her but u can surly recognize her Ass its HERSThis lady realy likes to show off her butt

Steaming (1985)
Condor was written on April 1, 1999

Ass Shot

Vanessa is not takeing her cloths of the entire movie even that most of the other women are very naked in this British filmBut in the end when all the woman are stripping and plunging to the indoor pool, she finaly drops her robe and revils her Asswhile entering the poolAss shot of very famous british actress

Yanks (1979)
Condor was written on April 2, 1999

butt shot

In this movie we can see Ms. redgrave taking off her robe and getting into bed.in this scene you can observe her Ass and one breast seen from behindAnother Butt Shot of This famous british actress

sirspread was written on October 6, 2003

butt and side breast

as she gets in bed we see a shot of her backside which isnt very appealing you can also see her left breast from sideways (she only appears to be an a-cup judging by this view)

Agatha (1979)
Immy was written on January 3, 2006

Full backal (0:38)

Vanessa, as Agatha Christie, retreats to a health resort in 1920s England. She's fully nude laying face down while getting a massage. The therapist karate-chops down the right side of her back, including her butt cheek. Seen from the front end of the table. Various other (mostly older) women can be glimpsed bathing topless. Not bad for a PG film.

Out Of Season (1975)
vpup was written on August 27, 2002

Full frontal Enticing Lover

Didn't find the dressing scene mentioned by previous reviewer. Near the end of the movie, Vanessa came out under the bedcover tried to entice her lover by exposing her entire body. The lighting is somewhat dark, but her dark thick bush and her breasts are definitely visible. Possibly her best nude. Too bad no sex scene was shown, or a 4 star would've been given.

borisf_98 was written on November 10, 2000

dressing up

Presumably after lovemaking, Vanessa Redgrave stands up to dress. For about 5-6 seconds you can see her breasts until she puts her shirt on.

Quiet Place in the Country, A (1968)
muckster was written on March 11, 2007

Boob and bum, possibly doubled

It's difficult to know what to make of this one. Vanessa has a history of doing rather unsatisfactory nude scenes where she seems happy enough to bare some flesh on set but we only get dark or fleeting views of it. If this is genuine it would be one of her better efforts, but her scenes (and those of another actress) have been shot in a lurid and teasing way with deliberately disorientating continuity so it's impossible to tell if they were doubled or not.

The first scene is a dream sequence, disrobing full length seen from behind through frosted glass, then in a steamy bathroom kneeling by the bath stabbing her husband showing her buttocks, finally seen with her left breast in clear view together with her face from the side. This last bit at least seems to be her.

Next up is some nude lovemaking, seen from the foot of the bed through mosquito netting so it's not very clear. Vanessa is on top, lifting her bottom in the air and opening her legs a little, so it's quite sexy. Then she's onto her back, no breasts visible, cutting to a close-up just as her face comes into view. It could be her. We see her getting out of bed from behind, apparently fully nude but the view is clipped just above her bum cleavage.

Finally there's a quick flash of bum while keeling over in the shower, looks nice on slow-mo but it's the sort of thing you'd expect to be doubled.

As for the film itself, I was expecting an atmospheric ghost story, and while there is certainly some of that, the tone from the outset is of wild psychedelia and surrealism. Modern Italian artist Leonardo (Franco Nero) is showing signs of a breakdown, such as nasty S&M dreams of murder, and a growing addiction to jazz-mags. So he moves to a villa in the country to recuperate, but it seems to be haunted by a malicious spirit that is violently hostile to his wife Flavia (Redgrave). Interesting, but rather crudely done and the pace tends to drag. Might be worth a look if you're after something a bit different.

Isadora (1968)
borisf_98 was written on June 23, 2001

butt, butt and tities

She dances in the dark. You can not see perfectly, but it definitely her butt. She also disrobes on the stage, show her tits couple of time on the stage and gets busted by cops.

Blow-Up (1966)
braine was written on August 2, 1999

Topless meandering

Vanessa spends much of the film topless, but with her breasts covered by her hands. There is one scene, however, when she walks down stairs and one nipple is exposed. Not much, especially compared with the full frontals by the other girls

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