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2002 Playboy's Women of Enron 3 Reviews

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Playboy's Women of Enron (2002)
Buttcher was written on December 8, 2002

I wanted to see more

I must confess i expected much more since seems to exist only one official picture of her (as shown on the magazine and the web site). She wears a jacket and a white garter belt leaving her trimmed pussy and small erect tits exposed while poses on the desk. There is also shots of her in topless on the beach. Is still lesser than i wanted for but well enough to rate it good (not awesome, just "well"), in consideration this real-life corporate foxie is doing what many mainstream actress refuse to do.

jackbrim was written on October 20, 2002

Enron Nude Shot

While she may have been laid off from Enron her new acting career should be solid. A natural beauty that leaps off the page. Her movie career should be fantastic. Great tits and nicly manacured vagina area beg us to ask for more..

When and where will we see more?

Winchester was written on August 6, 2002

Playboy has made some points...

Finally PB has released her much publicited and awaited pictorial with former Enron's employees, 10 pages of pictures (slighly dissapointing since i wanted a bit more and better photos) and more of the same on DVD/VHS... well, just the same thing we see on pages (as some kind of featurette or making-pff from the photo session). OK. former web developer Vanessa Schulte is what you bargained for as natural beauty from a woman next door, fairy exciting by posing over the desk in a fetish picture, with her bra carefully removed to expose partially her tits and showing her bush. nice shot and cute girl.

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