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1994 Gutta på tur 1 Review

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Gutta på tur (1994)
Cobain was written on June 8, 2004

Naked in eppies when he was in Finland,Iceland and Norway

Ok this isnt an actor, its a athlete, but its worht mention since its actually out on dvd here in Norway. I just review all of his nudity in all the Gutta På Tur eppies. In Finland u can see him naked in the Sauna and when he goes for swimming(woth mention is that Bjørn Dæhlie does a clear full frontal in this scene!) The best nudity from him is when he is in Iceland, at first he covers himself with the towel but then he leave it down before going to a hot bath LOL, anyways u see him full frontal for 1-2 seconds its a distant shot BUT if u use zoom on the dvd remote control and pause it u should be able to see everything clear ! Nice uncut one of him. I didnt gave it 4 cause the scene is way too short and it would be better if u could see better. And in most cases u see his full rear CLEAR. Also on Voss(I think) when the "boys" goes there the camera is on Arne Hjeltnes and the all of a sudden shows Vegard Full frontal, he quickly covers his penis but too late haha we see EVERYTHING!! this was however cut from the original eppies showed on tv. Great for people who likes men naked outdors and embarressing moments.

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