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Kathy Shower
GuyMannDude was written on February 10, 2001

PAL version: sex in boutique, message scene, tied to tree

Reviewing three scenes in the European/PAL version
here. There are differences between this and
the American/NTSC version (American does not
have massage scene, has longer "tied to tree"
scene and has rape scene that Kathy actually
enjoys!). First scene has Kathy getting banged
in a fitting room in a boutique. She's on her back, her nipples
are as long and erect as ever and she's covered
with a sheen of sweat. However, her boyfriend
covers up a lot of her body. Second scene
features her being massaged by a black woman.
Similar to the boutique scene, she's sweaty,
has erect nipples and her partner is really
giving her a rubdown! But we're viewing the
whole thing from the side and she's on her back
again. Third is a short fantasy horse-and-buggy
sequence where her "master" has her tied to a
tree and molested by the carrage driver to
"teach her a lession". Her top gets pulled down
but that's about it. No (Kathy) bush in any scene.

xxzz was written on May 27, 2003

What Great Nipples

Playmate of the Year, Kathy Shower has the most amazingly erect nipples! As described, the lucky actor gets Kathy on a table in a boutique and really gets after her tits. This delectabe Playmate gets her tits squeezed and sucked rather vigorously by her aging costar. This guy even gets between her legs to work her over. Top viewing scene!

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Erect Nips

I think Farrah has her beat by a nip... but they sure are erect

00:18:00 Check out her eraser heads while she's fondled by some character in the women's changing room!

00:38:00 She gets a massage and develop's Jungle Fever! Tits, ass and a whole lot of oil!

00:48:00 She gets her shirt ripped, exposing her breasts. Not bad

zzxx was written on July 2, 2001


Kathy Shower is hot, hot, hot in Velvet Dreams. She made this shortly after being named Playboy Playmate of the Year and before she began to use breast implants. Her tits are bouncy, perky, and apparently natural. In fact, their naturalness is shown in the boutique scene with an aging Brett Halsey. When Halsey squeezes Kathy's left breast after laying her on top of a table, her tit POPS into the air. Kathy arches her, Halsey kisses her neck and ear, and he squeezes some more as Kathy's tit skies upward. Brett then kisses her erect nipples, and he works his way down to between her legs.

zzxx was written on July 3, 2001

tied to a tree

The video box to Velvet Dreams proclaims, "Playboy's Playmate of the Year, Kathy Shower, Really Turns It On" - and does she ever! Kathy seems to really enjoy her hot scenes with the young stud actor (who knows his name?). As his friend holds down Kathy's arms, the young guy fondles her tits, pushes up her dress, and pulls off her white panties. This young actor then takes off his shirt, unsnaps his pants, and settles between Kathy's legs. The scene ends with this guy and Kathy grinding away.
The second scene with the same young actor occurs in Kathy's dream fantasy when she is tied to a tree. After her blouse is yanked down to expose her bouncy, perky tits and her long, erect nipples, the young guy and his friend begin to work over Kathy. The scene is shot from afar so the viewing isn't so good. but this guy cups his hand over Kathy's right breast and begins squeezing her tit as the scene fades.

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