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2012 Creep Van 1 Review

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Made her screen debut in Creep Van (2012).

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Creep Van (2012)
Ghostwords was written on November 7, 2012

Girlfriend trouble

Ms Adkinson, who also appears to work as a nude model judging by her photos online, plays the girlfriend of the guy the central character is crashing with.

Around 35 minutes in, she walks into the lounge whilst the guest is waiting for a colleague to arrive; her shirt is undone and both breasts are pretty much on display. Shortly afterwards, she re-enters, this time wearing what seems to be a PVC or leather basque with black knickers.

There's more nudity from her circa the 55-minute mark: she's sitting on the couch in an uplift corset, with her breasts on full display. This is followed by a kind of montage in which she's also seen wearing just a pair of very skimpy black (PVC?) panties.

It's immediately after this that her character is killed. The corpse is shown from the rear, and you can see most of her butt, although it's now drenched in blood.

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