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year title
1997 Sparkler 1 Review
1989 Valentino Returns 1 Review
1985 My Man Adam 1 Review
1979 Alien 2 Reviews
1975 Inserts 6 Reviews

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Sparkler (1997)
Bluetick was written on June 16, 2000

suggested raunch a la strip act

Wanna see "The X-Files'" Mrs. Spender on a strip stage in titty tassels doing the bump and grind with a baton, shred metal blaring in the background? I thought so. Check out "Sparkler," a charming, low-key 1998-vintage rental starring Park Overall and Veronica Cartwright as a couple of middle-aged babes carving out a new life for themselves. I only saw "Sparkler" because I'm a fan of Park, who, unfortunately, lets Veronica steal the movie out from under her in this, the great Tennessee character actor's first leading role (that I know of). Cartwright is famous for displaying all her topography in the virtual-porn "Inserts" and, a decade later, topless scenes in "Valentino Returns." Now, she's, well, mature but still hot. Not that you'd call Cartwright sexy based on her role in "The X-Files" as Agent Spender's mother, the wheelchair-bound victim of the conspiracy's human-alien hybrid experiments. But, there she is in "Sparkler," playing a still-hot but over-the-hill stripper in the awful, back alley joint MC'd by her lesbian "boyfriend." ("That's right," she tells friend Melba (Park). "I'm a dyke's bitch!") Cartwright doesn't strip down completely, only to a thong and pasties. She is amazingly enthusiastic in this risky role and, that's still a pretty nice bod on the old gal. "Sparkler" is only slightly titillating when all is said and done. But it's sexy as hell to see that kind of bravery on screen by someone so far outside the superficial constraints set on beauty by the teenaged, big-booby mentality to which Hollywood panders.

Valentino Returns (1989)
ATL was written on July 27, 1999



My Man Adam (1985)
Immy was written on December 25, 2005

Right breast (1:09)

Veronica plays the mother of teen Raphael Sbarge. He sneaks into a room to steal some keys as she lays in a tanning bed topless, though only her right boob can be seen. Shot from about ten feet away.

Alien (1979)
BushLeague was written on June 1, 2005

Not her tits

After 25 years, someone finally caught this scene. It is not Veronica, it is Sigourney.

BushLeague was written on May 28, 2004

Opening sequence

I distinctly remembered seeing her bare breasts while in the "hibernation chambers" when it was shown theatrically, but censorship or cropping of the VHS seems to have this scene absent.

Inserts (1975)
Dante9703 was written on October 27, 2004

Explicit open leg shots

The film starts with the showing of a black & white stag film. Veronica stars in it and we see, first her breasts and then her pussy in an amazing open leg shots showing everything, except that her pussy is obscured by a very hairy bush. The remainder of the film is about how the stag film was shot. After 10 minutes we see her breasts again when she rips her top off and it stays off for quite a while. At about the half hour mark we see the stag film being shot and we see Veronica in all her glory once more but this time in full colour. Both the colour and black and white versions are full of short cuts so some bits need slomo or freeze frame to see properly.

Xeyes was written on February 19, 2007

Full frontal Ass Breast multiple scenes

There are several nude scenes in this movie.You have to see it and judge for yourself.

BushLeague was written on November 29, 2002

Stag Film and surrounding action

Before the credits roll, Veronica stars in a black and white stag film where the sex gets pretty rough. The guy rips off her panties and her tits are showing and the impact causes her to spread her legs and show her hairy crotch from top to bottom. (Frame by frame advance reveals the hairy outline of pussy lips). Later, in color and B+W they show how the film was made. Before shooting, she drops her camisole top for a few minutes (color) and shows her nice symmetrical 34c's (not an obvious silicone job). While filming the scene, she again gives 2 B+W hairy spread eagles and 2 color spread eagles (very quick, slo-mo reveals hairy lips) all the while her tits are bouncing around. Her triangle also appears in several shots. When she gets dressed, we get a brief ass shot.

thewatcher was written on September 29, 1999

full frontal and pretty explicit

Veronica Cartwright plays a doped up actress who does pron moviesand it true she's nude through much of the movie. But the best part is when she getting intoher role there's lots of spread leg action with full bush shots. This movie was originally rated x.

eaglespyharry was written on June 2, 2004

X-rated scene

Wow, Veronica really gives it up. This nice looking actress from the original "Alien" does some amazing scenes. There are a couple of very clear - but quick - wide open leg shots. There are also a couple of frames where you can see the actor's balls up against Veronica's pussy. It sure looks like his cock was inside her. You won't see a main stream actress do this any time soon.

Antman was written on June 25, 1999

Long nude scene

This movie may be hard to find, but offers a nice long look at Ms Cartwright's body circa 1976. Not too shabby.

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