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Lilly Tiger
rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Maid in heaven

Lilly displays her plump boobs & big puffy nipples throughout this short, but she also reveals her hairy vulva for looong periods of time, while she masturbates with a silver vibrater. You can see her p-lips and clit up close, but not spread very much. There's at least 10 minutes of continuous exposure !

Misty Mundae
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

Nude masturbation with Lily Tiger

In this short Misty discovers her French maid (Lily Tiger) masturbating in her closet. To punish her she makes her show her how to masturbate properly. Misty gets hardcore naked as the two girls lay on a bed and begin to masturbate. Misty kneels over the maid, who is diddling herself with a vibrator, and rubs herself manually. Pretty good short that ends with the maid using the vibrator on Misty.

rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Maturbating manually and electro-mechanically

Misty’s wearing a one-piece nighty whose shoulder straps just can’t seem to stay up. She plays with her breasts for a while before hearing her maid moaning. She shows user awesome butt in the abbreviated bottom of her nighty, as she walks towards the maid’s room. As she watches her maid use a vibrator, she masturbates herself, showing hairy bush and occassional hairy p-lips. The camera zoomed in prettty close for a few seconds, giving us a nice look-see. Her fingers dug pretty long and deep into her love-nest, so I think her moans were real ! This lasts for 10 minutes, then the maid turns the vibrator on her.

Misty plays with her boobs, while the maid slides the silver rocket in and out, and the mirror in the background gives us a nice look at Misty’s background as it bucks back and forth. Once again, the camera zooms in for a few seconds giving us a few seconds view of her hairy snatch and p-lips as she grinds away, though you can’t see very much. This scene lasts about 8 minutes.

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