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2011 Zombie Diaries 2 1 Review

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Her first two feature films were both zombie movies: Zombie Diaries 2 (2011) and World War Z (2013).

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Zombie Diaries 2 (2011)
Ghostwords was written on October 11, 2013


As a zombie-infested Britain spirals into chaos, a group of soldiers attempts to reach the coast and escape to mainland Europe. One of their number, Kayne (Ms Araico) is captured by a feral gang and raped, then stabbed to death. During this scene, her uniform is ripped open and her bra torn off, exposing both breasts. The final shot shows her upper body covered in blood.

This is yet another 'found footage' project, so the image quality isn't of the highest order. Ms Araico appears to have smallish breasts (although she is lying down at the time), with quite prominent nipples.

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